How To Reset Airpods Pro 2023? Top Full Guide

How To Reset Airpods Pro Top Full Guide 2023
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Resetting is one of the most common solutions to problems with wireless earphones, including AirPods. One day, You feel other things can cause your AirPods not to work correctly. If you find that the AirPods won’t turn on or connect properly, here’s is an excellent place for you to learn how to fix it. In this article, Hooke Audio will show you how to reset AirPods pro and other versions.

How To Reset Your Airpods and Airpods Pro

  • Place your Apple AirPods into their earphone charging Airpods case and seal the lid.
  • Wait 30 seconds until light flashes white
  • Your charging case’s lid should be opened.
  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Press the “i” icon next to your earphone. If you don’t see your AirPods under Settings > Bluetooth, go to the next step.

Go to factory Settings (1)

  • Tap Forget this Device and then tap again to confirm.
  • Once the lid open, press and hold on to the setup button at the back of your earphone case for approximately 15s until the status flashes, then turn it led light off.

hold on to the setup button on the back

  • Connect your Apple AirPods. Open the lid and place your earphone near your device. Follow the instructions on your device’s screen.

Resetting Your AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max does not have a power button on the back, unlike the AirPods Pro. You can’t power cycle them as you would with an Apple device. Resetting the AirPods Max is your best option if you are experiencing connectivity issues or other problems.

There are two ways to reset your Apple AirPods Max.

  • Direct Reboot
  • Factory Reset

We recommend the best option, mainly because it is more convenient and less intrusive.

You can reset your AirPods Max on all of your devices, not just the one that is causing problems. Repairing your Apple AirPods Max on other devices will take you longer.

A reboot does not always fix all glitches. If the best option doesn’t work, then you should try the earphone reset.

Direct reboot

You can reboot your AirPods Max by holding down the Digital Crown button and the Noise control button for between 5 and 7s until the status flashes amber.

After rebooting, your AirPods Max should be repairable.

Factory reset

Your iCloud account can be used to unpair the AirPods Max.

The factory setting is achieved by holding down the Noise Control button, Digital Crown, and the Digital Crown for at least 15s. The status light will change from flashing amber into flashing white.

You should be able to re pair the new device to your iOS device after you have reset it.

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How to Factory Reset AirPods without a Phone

Are you out of reach of your phone? It’s not a problem. It is easy to reset your product from your phone without having to unpair them.

  • Here’s how to factory Settings your AirPods or AirPods Pro with no need for an iPhone.

how to reset your AirPods or AirPods Pro with no need for a iphone.

  • Place the devices in the Apple charging case. This should be opened.
  • Find the Setup button at the back of the product case.

setup process by the power button back of the case

  • For 15s, press and hold the Setup button on the back. The status should change to white from flashing amber back of the case.

new Airpods Close the lid

  • Close the lid. The earphone have been fully reset.

When Should You Reset Your Airpods?

AirPods are not designed to be reset for every problem. Resetting your earphone is a good idea for sticky situations. Resetting your AirPods will relieve you of the frustration and wasted time trying to fix it.

These are the most common problems that can be solved with a simple reset.

Syncing Problem: The AirPods charging case should automatically pair to the nearest device when it is opened. Sometimes they might not sync, despite repeated attempts.

Charging Problem: After charging your device for a few minutes, the power does not come on. This could be a problem with your AirPods’ power management firmware.

Batteries: Are your AirPods dying too quickly because of a battery issue? This could be due to the battery management or the small battery inside the AirPod stem.

Apple products have a high resale price. We often sell older models to make way for newer models. Before you sell your AirPods, unpair them from iCloud. This will allow you to unpair all of your AirPods, preventing confusion when you pair earphones with the same name.

You can also remove your AirPods’ iCloud accounts and reset them before you sell them. This prevents anyone buying them from having access to your iCloud. It gives the AirPods a fresh start to their new journey with their new owner.


Resetting your product can be as easy as pairing them. However, even if you pair your earphone to the same device (your iPhone), they can still be reset to fix problems. We hope that our guide can help you learn more ways to reset your AirPods.

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