How To Reset Samsung Soundbar 2024? Top Full Guide

How To Reset Samsung Soundbar 2024 Top Full Guide
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Here’s the answer to the question you’ve all been wondering: how to reset Samsung soundbar? You will only need to do this if the current settings are not compatible with your TV or other components.

You can find this best information in the user manual, included in the soundbar box when you purchased it. Resetting the soundbar will reset the surround sound settings, surround sound preset, surround sound mode, and timing mode. Check our article below.

Why Do We Need To Reset The Soundbar?

Why Do We Need To Reset The Soundbar

Resetting your Soundbar can be done for many reasons. Connectivity issues are one of the most common reasons. Sometimes Soundbars would not connect to the TV no matter what you do.

It doesn’t happen if you use a wired connection like an HDMI cable or RCA cable. However, it does occur when you choose to use a wireless connection such as tap Bluetooth.

This can also occur if your Soundbar is connected to many different devices. In the end, your primary device won’t connect Soundbars. To fix this problem, you should clear your connection list and start over.

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The Subwoofer that you are using with your Soundbar might be the reason. In this instance, an easy reset should resolve the problem. But. Before you attempt to Samsung q60r soundbar reset, we recommend troubleshooting the problem and seeing if it resolves the issue.

These issues can occur over time with a Samsung soundbar:

  • The Soundbars won’t connect to your TV.
  • It will not connect to the subwoofer.
  • It connects to a Bluetooth device, but it won’t play any sound.

Many people will think about buying a new soundbars or sending it in for RMA (return merchandise authorization) with the manufacturer. Having problems with the soundbars doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to shell out money for a new one.

In this case, these minor problems can be quickly fixed by performing a reset of Samsung soundbars.

There are two types: Soft reset and Hard reset.

What is a Soft Reset?

What is a Soft Reset

A soft reset is a process of resetting a device, such as a computer, back to its original state. It is usually done by pressing a reset button or by powering the device off and then on again. A soft reset is often used to fix minor problems or to prepare a device for a firmware update.

What is a Hard Reset?

A hard reset is when your device loads the factory resetting. This removes all settings and user data from your device. It also returns it to the state it was when it arrived at the factory. Also known as factory Settings, a hard reset can also be called factory reset.

Try These Before You Attempt A Hard Reset

The easiest way to resolve most soundbars problems, including connectivity problems, is to perform a hard reset Samsung Bluetooth soundbar. However, this will cause you to lose all of your settings. This is not very convenient. You might try less severe fixes first.

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Try connecting another device first. Try connecting a smartphone to your home TV or Soundbars if you are having problems. This will let you know if the problem is with your Soundbars or the paired device.

Try These Before You Attempt A Hard Reset

If the Bluetooth device is the problem, turn it off and then on again. These are very easy to do with any smartphone.

Third, do a soft reset. You won’t lose any configuration or data, so performing a soft reset is safe and secure. Follow these steps:

  • Turn off the Soundbar and disconnect the power cord from your power outlet for approximately 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Connect your power cord to the power outlet.
  • Turn on the Soundbars.

If none of these works, you will need to perform a hard reset.

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar Bluetooth

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar Bluetooth

Because your Samsung soundbar reset Bluetooth-enabled, you don’t need to be connected to your TV to listen to your favorite music. Furthermore, soundbars with a subwoofer, such as your Samsung Soundbar, create the clearest sound. If you lose Bluetooth connection with your Samsung Soundbar, you may quickly reset it.

Go to the App Drawer to reset your Samsung Soundbar and Samsung Soundbar Pairing. Then, go to Settings and choose Bluetooth. Choose Connections. Check that Bluetooth is turned on. Choose your Samsung soundbar Bluetooth wait.

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar Bass

Many folks who own a Samsung Soundbar like somewhat more bass while listening to music. You may do this by altering the bass level on your subwoofer. When contrasted to the sound levels of the other speakers, the bass level might vary from -6 to + 6.

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To reset your Samsung Soundbar and the Samsung Soundbar Bass, switch on the Soundbar and press On. Then, either on the Remote or the Soundbar’s Control Panel, hold and press the Power Button. Continue to push the Power Button until you see INIT OK on the display screen.

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar Pairing

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar Pairing

It’s highly aggravating when your Samsung Soundbar stops working unexpectedly because it’s having trouble associating with Bluetooth-enabled audio-playing devices like your Smart TV, tablet, or smartphone.

Fortunately, you can troubleshoot the issue by following simple steps to find the root cause and quickly resolve it. To reset Samsung Soundbar Pairing, follow the procedures below.

Go to the App Drawer to reset your Samsung Soundbar and Samsung Soundbar Pairing. Then, go to Settings and choose Bluetooth. Choose Connections. Check that Bluetooth is turned on. Choose your Samsung Soundbar.

You may also attempt another approach to reactivate Samsung Soundbar Pairing. Press the Source button on your Soundbar or Soundbar Remote many times until you see the message BT/WAIT/BT PAIRING.

Make certain that the device you are connected to is in pairing mode. Then, check whether your Samsung Soundbar’s firmware has recently been updated.

If the firmware hasn’t been updated in a while, download and installs it before trying to reset the Samsung Soundbar Pairing again.

You may also need to reset the device you’re attempting to link with. To do a hard reset, remove the device’s battery if it has one.

If the battery is not accessible, do a soft reset by turning the device off and then back on.

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How to Reset Samsung Soundbar WiFi

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar WiFi

If you have lost communication between your Samsung Soundbar and your WiFi network, causing you and your family to be frustrated, you will need to reset the Soundbar’s WiFi connection. This is most readily accomplished by installing Samsung’s SmartThing app.

The SmartThing app is the primary software designed by Samsung to control all of your home’s Smart Home Appliances.

Use the SmartThing app to reset your Samsung Soundbar and Samsung Soundbar WiFi. Download and install the SmartThings app on your smartphone or tablet. Follow the on-screen directions to add your Samsung Soundbar.

Alternatives for Resetting Samsung Soundbar

Alternatives for Resetting Samsung Soundbar

The easiest way to resolve most minor issues with soundbars, such as connectivity problems, is to perform a factory reset. However, you’ll lose your preferred setting after performing the hard reset. You might consider an alternative method.

You can also fix other connectivity problems. The Bluetooth connectivity that runs the Samsung speakers has limitations. It can sometimes stop working, and you will need to fix it.

You will need to restart the soundbar and all paired devices, such as subwoofers, TV speakers, smartphones, and gaming consoles. Try connecting it to another device if the connectivity problem persists. This will let you know if the problem is with your Soundbar or with the connected device.

Connectivity issues can occur when multiple devices have the Samsung subwoofer soundbar set at the same frequency. It’s recommended to delete devices that have the soundbar frequency set from the range.

You can choose to factory reset if all else fails.

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FAQs Resetting Samsung Soundbar

Where can I find the reset button for my Samsung Soundbar

  • Image of how to reset the Samsung soundbar
  • Let’s now look at the most popular way to easily reset your Samsung Soundbar.
  • Please turn on the soundbar by pressing and holding the button on the remote control or the soundbar itself.
  • Hold the power button down until the soundbar displays INIT OK.

How can I fix my Samsung Bluetooth Soundbar?

  • Samsung sound bar will not pair with Bluetooth device
  • Change the Bluetooth pairing mode to a soundbar.
  • Verify that the device you’re connecting is in pairing mode.
  • You should check for a firmware upgrade on your soundbar.
  • Do a hard reset of the device you are connecting. …
  • Pair other devices.
  • Request Service

What can you do if your soundbar won’t turn off?

Unplug the power cord from Sound Bar. After the Sound Bar is unplugged, hold the power button for five seconds. Connect the power cable and power on your soundbar.

How can I get my soundbar to work?

Make sure the ARC setting of your audio device has been set to ON or AUTO. After turning on the TV, turn on the audio device and verify that sound is being output. Check that the TV’s input is selected on your audio device. Check that sound is being output by changing the TV’s audio output setting from PCM to PCM.


This step should work for most Samsung soundbars.

If you’re not sure, go to the manufacturer’s website and search for a support page for your soundbar or television. Hopefully, if the user manual says to turn off and unplug the power adapter, you can use the step in this article to fix your problem.

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Hope you found this little guide helpful, and Hooke Audio also hope you found the time to read it through from beginning to end. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below or contact us here, and we’ll be sure to reply as soon as possible.


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