How To Turn Off Headphone Mode – Still Work (Guide 2023)

How To Turn Off Headphone Mode? Top Full Guide 2023
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Sometimes, your Phone will get stuck in headphones mode even when you have taken out the headphones. Do you know How To Turn Off Headphone Mode on android? Your Phone may think your pair of headphones are connected even though they are not.

Your Android Phone will display a headphone icon every time you turn on your device. This indicates that your headphones are connected. Although it may seem minor, being stuck in headphone mode will mean that you cannot make important calls without reaching your pair of headphones.

You can’t play music, videos, or other media quickly using the speakers on your Phone. You have a headache because of this situation forever. Keep Reading our article, Hooke Audio will give you some solutions to turn off headphone mode on Android.

What is the headphone setting on a phone’s handset?

Your phone switches to a headphone mode when you connect your headphones, earbuds, or headphones wirelessly. This instructs the Phone to listen to the connected device’s audio and not through its speakers.

Why does my Phone stay in the headphones mode?

Why does my Phone stay in the headset mode?

The Phone automatically switches to headphone mode when you connect an external audio device. Sometimes phones can get stuck in headphone mode because the software thinks the external device is connected.

It could be either a hardware problem or a software issue. You can follow the instructions in this article to disable the headphone mode.

Here are some common reasons why a phone can get stuck in headphone mode.

  • Software error
  • Jacks can collect dirt, dust, and moisture.

How To Turn Off Headphone Mode on android?

How To Turn Off Headphone Mode?

Removing your headphones from your phone is a good idea

It is possible to simply plug the headphones into your phone again and then unplug them. Your Android phone should stop recognizing headphones.

  • Plug the headphone cable into the audio jack.
  • Gently, but firmly, rotate the plug in the jack.
  • Take out the plug.

Although it seems obvious, your Phone could recognize that the headphones are unplugged and take them out of headphones mode. This is a common fix and can be used many times.

If your Phone plays music, you have solved the problem. You might consider other solutions.

Turn off your phone Bluetooth

If you have been listening to Bluetooth headphones, your Phone might think that your headphones are still stuck to Bluetooth, even though they have been turned off. You can disable Bluetooth from your Phone using the Settings or Control Panel.

Clean the headphone jack

This problem can be caused by either one of the following:

Your Phone stuck on headphones may be fooled by debris stuck in the Lightning port or jack.

The Lightning port or headphone jack is damaged by liquid or physical force.

Your Phone may not be able to get out of the headphone mode due to excessive debris in the audio jack. Dirt, dust, and even lint may build up in the audio jack.

Lint can build up if you carry your phone around in your pocket. The lint will settle further on the bottom of your jack when you plug in the headphones. If the lint has conductive properties, headphones are not plugged in but the Phone may register it as a pair plugged in.

If you are wondering how to turn the headphones off, you might want to look stuck inside the jack using a flashlight. Follow these steps to remove any debris.

Take a standard BIC pen, remove the Compressed Air or Tweezers cap, and then remove most cotton swabs from one end. The pen should be small enough to fit in the audio jack. A toothpick or paper clip can be used.

  • Place one of the tools above into the jack until the bottom.
  • Once it is at the bottom, rotate it gently while pressing down.
  • Take it off. You should now remove all debris from the bottom of your jack.
  • Continue repeating steps 1 through 4 until all debris is removed.
  • Attach a piece of double-sided tape to the end, and it should work. Once you take the Q-tip off, any debris should stick to the tape.

This should turn off the headphone mode. Play some media to verify.

Restart your phone

Sometimes all that is required is a restart. All apps running in the background on your Android Phone will be closed when you restart it.

  • Hold the Power button down. It is often located on the right-hand side of your Phone.
  • Choose Restart if your Phone offers it. Tap Power Off if your Phone does not have a Restart option.
  • To turn the phone back on, you can press and hold the Power button once more if it doesn’t have Restart.

Wait for your phones to turn on, and then check if the icon appears. To confirm the problem, you can play some music.

Water damage

Although you may believe that your iPhone hasn’t been dropped in the sink or toilet, the phone is still water damaged. Check your iPhone’s LCI, or liquid contact indicator, to see if moisture is a problem. It will turn red if it comes in contact with water.

The Phone’s headphone jack is the most vulnerable area and can also be damaged accidentally. Running or exercising while listening to your favorite tracks can cause sweat to get on the jack, causing water damage. Your Phone can be damaged even if it is in your pocket.

You can solve this problem by draining your Phone and checking for water damage. You can place silica gel humidifiers on your Phone or store them in a container of unwashed Rice.

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Do a soft reset on your phone

How To Turn Off Headphone Mode?

A soft reset is a method of restarting your phone if it doesn’t work. Soft resets are minor reboots that close all apps and erase data from random access memory (RAM). However, it does not erase your personal information.

It is quick and easy and can often be the first step to resolving many software issues on Android phones.

  • Your phone should be turned off
  • Remove the battery and wait 30 seconds.
  • Reinstall the battery.
  • Restart the phone.

To override audio controls, you can use an app

Android users can root their phones to gain access to its administrative controls. Some apps grant root access that allows you to run commands not available on the standard OS.

It is a one-click solution, making it an excellent option for those with little technical knowledge.

  • Do the diagnostics
  • Examine the problem
  • Let the app solve the problem

If your problem is with the headphone mode, you can use these tools to fix it.

Do a reset a hard

This process may take some time. After it is complete, the phone will reboot and be as good as new.

The new iPhone 7, 8, and X includes a dongle that allows you to connect your old headphones with the Lightning port of your iPhone. Apple has discontinued this dongle in the iPhone XS Max, XS Max, and XR.

Your Phone will stay stuck in the headphone mode if it believes headphones are connected to the Lightning port or headphone jack. An issue often causes this with the Lightning port or headphone jack. It’s usually a hardware issue and not a software problem.

Eliminate the possibility of a software problem

Reset a hard is more secure than soft resets. They delete all of your settings, files, apps, and files. This restores your Phone to the state it was in when it arrived at its factory.

Warning! Never do a hard reset without first backing up all your data. Without creating a backup, all data on your phone will be lost.

These are the steps to perform a hard reset.

  • You must ensure that your phone has enough power to complete the task.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select System
  • To expand the menu, go to Advanced
  • Click on Reset Options.
  • Tap to erase all data
  • This confirmation will be required by the system. Tap on Erase All Data once more.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • To erase all data, confirm

How to Turn off Headphone Mode for Apple iPhones?

This is a list of steps that you can take to disable the iPhone’s headphone mode.

1. Plugin & remove the headphone

This problem can be solved by first unplugging your headphones from your iPhone. After 30 seconds, you can re-insert your headphones into the audio jack. Take the headphones out and then re-insert them into the audio jack.

2. Restart your iPhone

If the first step does not work, then restart your iPhone. The software will reboot, and most bugs are fixed immediately by continuing your iPhone. After the phone has been restarted, you can check to see if the problem is fixed.

3. Use the Airplane mode

All cellular, wifi, and Bluetooth connections can be disabled by using the Airplane mode feature on your phone. It is most commonly used while flying but can also be used to fix this problem. The Bluetooth is turned off by turning on the Airplane Mode. If you have wireless headphones, this will fix the problem.

After turning on airplane mode, ensure that all wired devices are removed from your phone. Finally, turn off the Airplane Mode. You should now turn off your phone’s Headphone mode.

4. Select the audio source

These are the steps to follow if you use wireless devices.

  • Turn on your iPhone Bluetooth
  • You can find a Bluetooth audio device, such as headphones or speakers that isn’t yours.
  • These can be paired to your iPhone to test the audio. This is similar to the pairing Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker
  • Now, disconnect the iPhone from the device
  • Turn off Bluetooth and switch off your iPhone.
  • This should disable the headphones mode

5. Reset Network Settings

Resetting the Network settings is another way to disable the iPhone’s headphone mode. This will fix the problem by resetting all connections to the factory settings.

  • Go to Settings on the iPhone
  • Navigate to Reset by selecting the General option
  • You will find the option to reset your network settings in Reset.
  • Choose that option and let the phone do all the work
  • After the process is completed, verify that your phone has gotten out of the headset mode

6. Reset the iPhone

This is the final step. It is highly recommended that you make a backup of your phone before performing a complete restore. These are the steps.

    • Click on General to open Settings
    • Choose your Backup and Reset settings
    • Select Now to Erase All Content and Settings

How to tell if your phone is stuck in the headphone mode?

How to tell if your phone is stuck in headphones mode

1. Your Android phone will display an icon (or the headphones symbol) at the top of the screen if it is in headphones mode. Even after you unplug the headphone, the symbol will still be visible at the top.

2. If you don’t hear any sound, your Phone is in headphone mode. If you can hear any sound through headphones, it means that your Phone is in headphone mode.

You can increase the volume of your iPhone’s sound. A bell symbol with bars and bars will appear. If there are Headphones, it means that your iPhone is in headphone mode.


The headphone uses the regular status phone, constantly thinking that the phone thinks headphones are plugged in, so how to make sound only comes out of headphones. That may be stuck in headphones mode.

A device that is never used regularly is likely to be downgraded. Determine another device and invest in a new one if it is irretrievable. HookeAudio hopes you are a smart technology user.

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