How To Untangle Headphone Cords? Top Full Guide 2023

How To Untangle Headphone Cords Top Full Guide 2023
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The number of gadgets that we have every day (phones and tablets, etc.) is staggering. Tangled earphones can be a common problem, but How To Untangle Headphone Cords?

I find myself untying knots more often than I would like to admit. It can be frustrating to reach for your headphones only to find them tangled, especially when you’re trying to make a call. You should not panic or try to untangle them quickly.

This will only make matters worse. Keep reading this article of Hooke Audio, you can easily untangle headphone wires by following the steps below.

Why do Headphone Cords Get Tangled?

Why do Headphone Cords Get Tangled

Researchers wrote that it is well-known that jostled strings tend to become knotted. However, the factors governing the formation of different knots spontaneously are not clear. Experiments in which a string was tossed inside a box revealed that complex knots could often form within seconds.

Tightening a string causes it to be more tightly packed in a box. This reduces the possibility of knotting and allows the headphones to move freely.

I was interested in how cords became tangled and came across a paper written by two scientists at the University of San Diego. The scientists thoroughly studied the behavior of strings, and they came up with some interesting results.

Their study revealed that the strings tie themselves according to the laws of physics. The three main factors that lead to knotting are:

  • Stiffness
  • Length
  • Agitation

They shared three valuable pieces of advice while describing the theory behind knots.

A soft cable is less likely to get tangled because it moves easily.

A longer cable length allows for more complex tangling cable twists. Also, more material can be interwoven.

Third, the more space between the agitation and the object being twisted, the greater the chance of it happening. Large containers and headphone boxes are ideal for twisting.

How to stop headphone wires from curling

How to stop headphone wires from curling

Method 1

It’s tempting to throw your headphones wires away when they are in a tangled mess.

You are a Cable twists problem, follow these steps to untwist a cable. You’ll be able to untangle your earbuds in a matter of minutes and save money on purchasing a new pair of headphones.
  • Place your headphones on a flat surface that is clutter-free and unplug them. This will allow you to see the knots and untangle your headphone wires faster.
  • Start by untangling the knot closest to the plug. You can pass the plug through all knots by starting at the bottom and then untwist the cord.
  • You must first loosen the twists to be able to move your plug through tight knots. To push the outer cord upwards, pull on the knot’s outermost cable or use the tip of a pen.
  • Once you have created a small loop and loosened the knot, move the plug through it with the wire. Continue repeating steps 2 through 4 until your earbuds are completely untangled.

Method 2

  • Use a pencil or pen to untangle the knot.
  • Keep the pen under the knot’s edge. Slowly lift the pen, and you will see the knot slowly loosening.
  • Pull the wire out with your fingers. Keep your pen or pencil close to you until the whole knot is removed.

Method 3

Way to stop headphone wires from curling

  • Spread the tangled wires flat on a flat surface. This will allow you to see exactly where the cord is.
  • You can pull the loose end out through the tangle just like you would sew a cloth.
  • Continue pulling the loose end out of the tangle until it is free from tangles. While this may take some time, it is very effective when trying to untangle complex knots.

Method 4

  • Wrapping the wires with one of the binder clips is the easiest way to untangle headphones.
  • Binder clips are useful for holding wires in place and preventing them from becoming tangled after being put in the bag.
  • Clip the cord near your earpiece, and wrap it around the metal arms.

Method 5

  • You can also untangle the wires by wrapping the cord first and then storing it.
  • Grab hold of the ends and wrap the headphones around your four fingers. Once the headphones are three inches long, you should stop wrapping them. Slowly take it out of your hand to ensure that the wrapping doesn’t fall apart.
  • Wrap the remainder of the chord towards its middle and place the end in the wrapped portion. It should be secured tightly. Wrap the headphones securely in a container or jar. It is easy to untangle them by simply pulling the loose ends out. Never worry about tangled headphones again.

It is important to remember that headphones should not be left in your bag. Otherwise, it could get tangled. To protect your headphones from damage, you can buy a storage case for headphones then store your headphones. You could also use an old mint bag to store your cables. You can easily untangle the cords by wrapping them securely in a case.

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Why is a Case Necessary?

Let’s store your headphones in case. Although the case usually comes with the headphones, I have ignored it every time, even though it was there for a reason. The good news is that you can use any small container to do the same.

Prescription bottles, as unlikely as it sounds, are an excellent choice. Don’t just insert the cords in the case. This will not work. Instead, you can use the untangler to store your earphones.

How to keep headphones from tangling: Simple Tips

How to keep headphones from tangling Simple Tips

Learn the over-under method

  • Loop: Hold the plugin in your left hand. Your right hand should hold the wire loosely and make a loop. The loop should fall on the opposite end of the plug.
  • Under loop: Hold the loose end with your right thumb facing away. Make a loop, flip it and make sure your right thumb points towards you.
  • Make another loop. It should be to the right of your previous loop.
  • Continue these steps and tie or wrap a piece of velcro around the wire. This can prevent the wire from coming off.

Use a clipper to help you organize your binder

A medium-sized binder clip can be used to not only organize your papers but also to keep your earbuds untangled.

  • Then, thread the wire through the metal binder so that the buds touch the clip’s body.
  • Wrap the wired headphones around the pressing levers of the binder.
  • To prevent the coil wire from coming loose, insert the headphone jack into the levers.

A small compartment is available for your earphones

Instead of stuffing your earphones into your bag with other things, coil them properly and place them in a container. You can use a small pouch, a small box, or even a spare purse to store your earphones. This will ensure that your keys, pens, and other items don’t get caught up in the cords.

Wrap Your Headphones In An Old Credit Card or ID

Wrapping your headphones in an old credit card or ID is a creative way to prevent them from tangling and getting damaged. Here’s how you can use this method:

  1. Take an old credit card or ID that you no longer need and clean it with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. Hold the card or ID horizontally and place your headphones in the center of the card, with the earbuds facing one end and the cable running down the center of the card.
  3. Take one end of the cable and wrap it around one end of the card, leaving a little bit of slack in the cable.
  4. Continue wrapping the cable around the card until you reach the other end. Again, leave a little bit of slack in the cable.
  5. Once the cable is wrapped around the card, tuck the earbuds into the space between the card and the cable.
  6. Finally, slip the card and the wrapped cable into a headphone case or pouch for safekeeping.

When you’re ready to use your headphones, simply unwrap the cable from the card and your headphones should be tangle-free. This method not only helps prevent tangling but also protects your headphones from damage and extends their lifespan.

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Use yarn or embroidery threads to wrap the cord

You can protect your headphone wires with a few materials and some creativity.

  • Buy a pair of scissors and some yarn or embroidery threads.
  • Then, tie the threads to the jack.
  • Tape the jack to a flat surface to keep it in place.
  • Wrap the threads around the wire.

Tie the threads once you reach the neck area of the earpiece

  • It can be wound around an old card
  • You can recycle an old credit card or shopping card if you don’t own binder clips, yarns, or small containers.
  • You will need a pair of scissors, a puncher and an old card.
  • Cut a half-moon or curved strip along the length of the old card.
  • One hole at one end, two holes at the other.
  • Each hole should have a slit.
  • Place your earbuds in the two slits. Then coil the wire around the card’s narrow center and slide the jack through the remaining slit.

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How Do I Untangle Earbuds?

Similar to headphones, you can gently shake and straighten out the cord, pull on one end to unravel it or use a straight pin or toothpick to untangle any knots in the cord.

How Do I Fix A Twisted Headphone Cord?

To fix a twisted headphone cord, you can try untwisting it manually by rotating the cord in the opposite direction of the twist. You can also try using a hair dryer on low heat to warm up the cord and make it more pliable, then straighten it out.

Can I Use A Comb To Untangle My Headphone Cord?

Yes, you can use a fine-toothed comb or a specialized cord detangler tool to gently work out any knots or tangles in the headphone cord.

Can I Use Olive Oil To Untangle Headphone Cords?

While olive oil may help loosen knots, it’s not recommended for untangling headphone cords as it can damage the cords or affect the sound quality of the headphones.

How Do I Prevent My Headphone Cord From Knotting Up?

To prevent headphone cords from knotting up, try using a cord clip or cable organizer to keep them neat and organized. You can also try wrapping the cord loosely around your hand or a small object, such as a pen, to avoid tight knots.


Tangled cords can cause damage to the internal wiring if they are not addressed. To prevent wire damage and tangles, ensure how to straighten headphones correctly.


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