How To Upgrade Car Speakers 2022: Top Full Guide

How To Upgrade Car Speakers 2022 Top Full Guide
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Speakers are one of the most important aspects of any car but are also the least expensive. However, the cost is irrelevant when sound quality is more important to you. Fortunately, if you can’t find a great price on some new speakers, there are many ways to upgrade the ones you have, which will also save you some money! Keep reading our article; Hookeaudio will show you How To Upgrade Car Speakers. Follow these easy steps to ensure the process is as painless as possible.

How to Tell if Your Car Audio Needs an Upgrade

There are some things you should keep in mind when upgrading your vehicle’s audio system. It all begins with the weakest point of the system. Too little volume? A lack of solid bass response You can identify the problem and formulate a plan.

A new car? Try the turn-it-up test.

You have just purchased a new car/truck and love it. It’s beautiful, smells great, and drives like a dream. There is not one M&M or runaway French-fry underneath the seat.

If you haven’t done it before, here are two things to consider:

  • We are not here to make you feel bad or tell you what you do not know.
  • You are not the only one. The truth is that every new car or truck comes with a less-than-impressive audio system. Premium sound systems can, however, be improved upon.

Good news! It won’t cost you a lot or cause damage to your car’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) appearance. We’ll get to that in a moment.

An older car? Do not perform the turn-it-up test.

Your car is like a second family member. It’s still a great car, even though it is old.

Note: Eddie Van Halen is 62. Aretha Franklin, 75. Both are still able to give down the house.

We are pointing out that, no matter how old your car may be, you can still get that car buzz with a great sound system.

  • You can replace components of your sound system (amplifiers, car audio, touch screens, etc. You can do this without affecting the OEM look of your car.
  • Go all-in with a car audio system that is more about entertaining than keeping your eyes open.

Whether your car is new or old, there’s one thing sure: a car audio upgrade is in order if your music doesn’t sound the best.

How to Choose the Right Speakers for Your Vehicle

How to Choose the Right Speakers for Your Vehicle

Shopping for the best car audio can be daunting, especially if it’s not something you are familiar with. There are many options for speakers and so many details to consider.

Brands, materials, sizes of components, prices, etc. It would help if you were focusing on what is most important to your life. Is it safe? Is it worth the price? Is it price?

Although we recommend consulting an expert, the following is a list of things you should know before upgrading your vehicle’s sound system.

How to Choose the Right Size Speaker

You can keep the OEM look of your car by replacing the old sound system with another car speaker that is the same size. Have 6.5″ speakers installed in your Honda Civic’s front doors? Replace the car sound system with 6.5-inch speakers.

Are you unsure of the size of your car audio? Measure across the speaker’s widest point. After you have measured the speaker, you can determine the size you require by comparing the dimensions to the available sizes. Round sizes for round speakers can be 3 1/2″, 4″, 5/14″, 6-1/2″ or 8. Oval size speaker sizes are 4×6″, 4×10″, 5×7″, 6×8″, and 6×9.

Do You Want a Two-way or Three-way Car Speaker

Do You Want a Two-way or Three-way Car Speaker?

The two- or three drivers that make up each speaker are called “2-way” and “3-way car speaker“. You can have woofers and tweeters as well as mid-range drivers and super-tweeters.

Many people replace the existing speakers with a comparable-sized but superior car sound kit. You can also replace the speakers in your car with better speakers designed to fit all of the same spaces.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the correct car speaker kit specifications.

Power-handling: While there are many options, you should look for continuous (or RMS) power handling. You must ensure that the power source, whether car radio amplifiers or car radios, has enough RMS to power the car audio. You don’t need to match exactly, but you should try to match as closely as possible.

Sensitivity is a measure of a speaker’s efficiency. Car sound systems rated at 90dB and higher need only low power to operate well. Speakers with sensitivity ratings lower than 90dB require stronger. You might consider buying car amplifiers to give them the power they need.

Mounting depth: The amount of space that the sound kit takes up when mounted in your vehicle. To hold any speaker, you can add brackets or spacers. If you do not wish to measure the mounting depth of the audio system, make sure that the better sound systems are the same or slightly less.

Measure car speaker from the back end of the mounting bracket (the metal ring around the speaker, where the screws are located) to the farthest point of your speaker. Not sure how deep you need to measure? Round up, never down.

Speaker Materials Matter

It is essential to use the correct components in your vehicle’s audio system.

Woofer cones, which are the pieces that provide a bass response and some middle-range, are typically made from paper or polypropylene. However, exotic materials such as Kevlar(r) or flax can be used.

Tweeters, which produce a high-frequency response, are usually made of synthetic materials, metals, or fabric (like silk). Although exotic materials can sometimes be substituted, these are the most common. Tweeters are known for pushing fine details, such as solo violins and voices, so you want something that sounds natural to you.

Although metal tweeters provide excellent clarity and detail, some may find them too harsh. Although silk dome tweeters sound very natural and lifelike, they are not always capable of producing as much clarity as metal tweeters.

Although there are many car speaker brands, each brand has its way of doing things. However, all of them will provide a better, richer, and more profound audio experience than your car’s original system. Some are more expensive than others, while some are more affordable. Don’t be overwhelmed!

Step by Step Guide on How To Upgrade a Car Speaker 2022

Step by Step Guide on How To Upgrade a Car Speaker 2022

Here are the steps to upgrade your vehicle’s audio kit. You should ensure that you have purchased a brand new speaker.

Step 1: Get your tools.

You should have all the necessary tools to complete this task.

We have already spoken of the tools, Tape rule, Panel removers, Screwdriver and Paper, and pen.

You can borrow them from friends or go to the market if you don’t own any of these items.

Step 2: Measure the factory speakers

You can measure the original speaker’s width and diameter with the tape ruler. Also, measure all lengths, widths, and heights.

Measurements should be recorded somewhere safe after you have completed them. It will be helpful when you purchase a good car speaker for bass.

Measurements are essential to determine the size of your other speaker.

This is so you don’t have to purchase a larger or smaller sound kit than the one supplied by the manufacturer.

Step 3: Disconnect the Factory speaker.

To loosen the screws that hold the original speakers together, use a screwdriver.

You will need the screws to tighten your audio kit. If they are misplaced, it can make it challenging to get another one.

All the energy and speaker wires should be disconnected.

Step 4: Mount your new speaker

Once you have purchased the good speaker, connect all wires. First, connect the audio wire, then the better wires.

To ensure that your sound system works perfectly, make sure you have the correct connection.

Step 5: Check to make sure that the functionality is fully functional

Turn on the speaker, and play your favorite music or video. If it doesn’t work correctly, contact an expert.

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade Car Speakers

It can be expensive to upgrade your vehicle’s audio system. Before you spend any money, it is essential to determine how much you can afford. A car audio expert can help build your perfect car stereo system.

Depending on your budget, you can either make incremental, minor improvements to your system, such as replacing the front speakers or purchasing a better head unit. Or, you can completely replace it.

Commonly Replaced Components

Commonly Replaced Components

There are many components upgrades to your vehicle’s audio system. These are the most popular.

Head Units

A head unit is the heart and soul of your vehicle’s stereo system. It allows you to listen to the radio and play music.

Before you buy a head unit, it is essential to understand what features you require.


The quality of your car’s stereo sound reproduction will depend on the quality of its door speakers and tweeters. There are many different sizes of speakers from different manufacturers. If you do not plan to change the size manually, the speaker size must match the OEM hole size.


Powered Subwoofers, which are speakers that cover the lower frequencies of your music, come in three key sizes: 8′”, 10″, and 12′.

Suppose the subwoofer is installed correctly and paired adequately with a premium amplifier or head unit. In that case, it will reveal a level of depth and realism that an original car stereo system cannot reproduce.


Without the right amount of energy, you won’t have a car stereo that sounds amazing. This is why you need a quality amplifier.

It can be challenging to find a suitable amplifier for you. You will need to determine how many channels your amplifier should have and match the RMS power rating with the speaker or subwoofer you intend to energy.

How to Upgrade Car Audio System FAQs

How to Upgrade Car Audio System FAQs

How do you upgrade a car with better speakers and subwoofers?

Choosing the right sound system upgrades your car can be a difficult task. Manufacturers compete fiercely on the latest technologies, so if you aren’t careful, you might get stuck with an outdated system.

One of the most important aspects of any system is the sound system. You can find everything from woofers to tweeters in this category. Some of the most common choices are 6×9 6.5 inches and 5.25-inch car speakers.

These more extensive choices are easier for installation than the smaller sound system and tend to be more expensive.

Is it worth upgrading factory car speakers?

This article could help you to decide whether to upgrade the factory car sound system. This article could help you to decide whether or not you should upgrade the factory car sound system.

This is a difficult question to answer. Original car speakers are cheap and often low quality, to begin with. Upgrading your factory car speakers will not necessarily improve the sound quality of your music.


Is there any way I can make my car speakers louder?

With the proper speaker placement and the use of different brand electronics, it is possible to make your car audio kit louder without having to buy or install an amplifier.

If you are looking for the best way to make your speaker louder without an amp, we can help:

Will new speakers make my car sound better?

Many people have a false belief that the latest speakers will make their car sound better. In truth, however, the best way to improve sound quality is to get the latest audio system.

The sound system used in most cars today is a small, inefficient driver. Even if you upgrade to a high-quality speaker, the rest of the audio system in your car will not be up to snuff, and you will be disappointed with the results.


About anyone can upgrade car speakers, but it takes some time and effort. Be sure you have all the equipment you need before you start. If you are trying to replace your factory sound system with aftermarket speakers, you will have to drill holes in the door panels to install them. However, if you are using aftermarket speakers in place of your old sound system, they will likely already come with the holes drilled out. We hope that our guide can help you learn more ways to upgrade your car speaker.

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