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How To Use Apple Earbuds On Ps4? Top Full Guide 2022

How To Use Apple Earbuds On Ps4 Top Full Guide 2022
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How To Use Apple Earbuds On Ps4? Read our guide below to find out more.

Wireless headphones are great for gaming, and Apple’s AirPods is a great set. It makes sense to combine them. The PlayStation 4 does not support Apple headphones. Because the PS4 is a Sony brand, they only allow the Sony headphones to be used with PS4 directly. Don’t worry. It is simple. We are here to help you.

How To Use Apple Headphones As A Mic On Ps4

Apple AirPods are extremely popular and one of the most loved wireless earbuds. AirPods are so popular that many AirPods owners want to use their earbuds in conjunction with a PlayStation 4. Wireless headphones are great for gaming. With AirPods’ lighter design, they can be easier to use while gaming than traditional headphones.

It’s not as simple as plugging in the AirPods to your PlayStation 4. Although Apple’s AirPods provide excellent wireless audio, the PS4 console doesn’t support Bluetooth audio like other devices.

How To Use Apple Headphones As A Mic On Ps4

There are workarounds because Sony’s PS4 doesn’t make it easy for third-party headphones and headsets to be connected to the console. While some options may be more difficult than others, there are still ways to pair AirPods with a PS4.

A Bluetooth transmitter is one of the easiest ways AirPods can connect to a PS4. There are many Bluetooth transmitters available on the market, and prices vary widely.

Dual operation means that these devices can be used in both a receiver and transmitter mode. It is easy to use a Bluetooth transmitter. Please turn on your PS4 and plug the Bluetooth adapter into its USB port.

Next, please read the manual and set it into pairing mode. Next, press and hold on to the pairing button at the back of your AirPods charging case. The PS4 will automatically pair. After pairing is completed, you will receive a pop-up message confirming the connection between the AirPods charging case and the PS4.

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Other ways to connect AirPods to the PS4

If the TV supports Bluetooth, a Bluetooth transmitter can route audio to a PS4 from a TV. The HDMI cable can connect the television and the PS4; then, plug the transmitter into its headphone jack. Once again, switch to pairing mode by pressing and holding the pairing button on your AirPods.

The transmitter and AirPods will automatically link to one another, allowing audio to be transmitted from the PS4 to the AirPods and the TV to the transmitter.

Other ways to connect AirPods to the PS4

Remote Play for Android and iPhone is another way to connect Apple AirPods with a PS4. This app allows gamers to access their PS4 via WiFi from any location.

This app is only compatible with Android version 5.0 or higher and iPhone models running iOS 13. After the app has been downloaded and activated, you can connect the Apple AirPods with your smartphone via Bluetooth settings.

Any gamers who prefer wireless headphones to the standard stereo earbuds or television audio will benefit from the ability to pair Apple AirPods and a PS4. Apple AirPods can be a great choice, and even though it is not simple to connect them with a PlayStation 4, there are many ways to do so.


The PS4 doesn’t support Apple Airpods. A third-party Bluetooth adapter is required to connect your AirPods with the PS4. This is the best way to connect AirPods to your PS4. Leave a comment to let us know that you found this guide helpful. Thank you for spending your time at We are grateful for your support.


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