How To Use Headphone Microphone Combo Jack? Top Full Guide 2023

How To Use Headphone Microphone Combo Jack? Top Full Guide 2023
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Do you know Headphone Microphone include Jack? And How To Use Headphone Microphone Combo Jack? Keep reading the post, Hooke Audio will give you details on how to use it.

The microphone on your computer might not be powerful enough to record your voice. It might also pick up all sounds in the room like the sound from your hard drive engaging. Your speakers will broadcast all the sounds through your microphone if you don’t have headphones with a microphone that has one jack.

Tech Specs

A single jack allows for headphones with a microphone that connects to a PC. This is a significant improvement on the two traditional jacks. The TRRS jack (supports microphone and headphones) has a lower impedance signal and a superior signal-to-noise ratio.

The Benefit of Using a Microphone and the Headphone combo Jack

The Benefit of Using a Microphone and the Headphone combo Jack

A 3.5mm combo microphone/headphone port can be transformed into two separate ports: one 3.5mm mic port and one 3.5mm jack.

  • Allows you to use older audio accessories with your newer computer.
  • Stay in touch with your loved ones while on the road
  • You don’t need headphones to do your job or play games.
  • This adapter is compact and strong, making it ideal for mobile applications.

Sound Quality

Superior audio quality is one of the main reasons wired headphones with microphones should be used. The combination jack plugs into wired headphones for better audio quality than traditional dual jack input.

Reducing the wires in your PC

Two-jacks are traditional and require that you connect the mic cable to your mic input and the cable to your headphone input. This can sometimes lead to a lot of frustration.
One-jack can be used to reduce the number of wires connecting to your computer.


There are three main types of jacks available: TRS, TRS, and TRRS. Stereo sound and microphone are not supported by the TS port. This means that TS only supports mono sound. Both headphones can regenerate the same sound.
There is also the TRS Jack, which does not support mic sound but can do a great job supporting stereo sound. This means you can listen to other gamers, but cannot chat with them.
Two separate TRS jacks are provided with traditional gaming headphones. One is for the mic and one is for headphones. You can connect the microphone jack if you don’t have it. The TRRS jack supports headphones and a mic. This connector is most common and allows you to chat with other gamers.
The only connector is the one with newer smartphones, laptops, and MP3 players.
A TRRS connector not only connects to one jack on your computer, but it is also backward compatible and can be used with a laptop.
The best headphones are wired over-ear headphones with a microphone. They balance your game sounds with your voice chat and are made with maximum comfort in the mind.
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How To Use Headphone Microphone Combo Jack?

How To Use Headphone Microphone Combo Jack

New laptops are equipped with a single jack, 3.5mm 4-position (4pin) audio port that supports both audio input/output.

The adapter has two 3.5mm 3-position ports. These ports provide separate microphone and headphone connections that can be connected directly to the single audio port of your laptop.


Connect the headphone plug to the output port marked by the headphone symbol. The microphone plug can then be connected to the audio input port marked by the microphone symbol. You’re done! Plug the adapter into your laptop’s audio jack.

Connectivity to Microphones and Powered Speakers

The adapter can be used to connect your microphone and powered speakers directly to your laptop. Plug your microphone into your input port marked by the microphone symbol.

Then plug your powered speakers into your audio output port marked using the headphone symbol. Finally, connect the adapter with the audio jack of your laptop.

You can either keep the adapter with your tablet or put it in a case. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets that only have one audio port. Connect your device and microphone to the adapter, and you can start talking.


This adapter does not function as a splitter or Y cable for headphones. This adapter cannot be used for splitting the audio output into two sets of speakers or headphones.

Some external microphones will not work on some mobile devices and laptops. This is usually caused by an impedance mismatch of the microphone and device. This is caused by hardware incompatibility and not a limitation of the adapter.

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Integrating using headphones as a microphone is convenient for technology users. However, the connection of 2 functions at the same time can reduce the function instead of using 1 independent function.

Hooke Audio hopes the article How To Use Headphones As a Mic For PC is useful to you when you own such a cord.

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