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How To Wire Car Speakers To Amp Diagram 2022

How To Wire Car Speakers To Amp Diagram 2022

If you have ever had to deal with wiring car audio components, you know how difficult it can be. With so many wires involved in the process, mistakes are made frequently. Luckily, you can find a collection of diagrams online for wiring head unit power and speaker terminals. In this blog, Hookeaudio will show you the basics of building the custom harness you need to efficiently on How To Wire Car Speakers To Amp Diagram. 

Materials Required to Wire Car Speakers to an Amp

Different car audio system requires other instruments. A single amplifier system will require a pair of speakers and a subwoofer, while a 4-channel amplifier will need two speakers, a subwoofer, and a mono amp. Other tools include:

Materials Required to Wire Car Speakers to an Amp

  • Hand tools for wire and cable handling
  • Slotted and Philips Screwdrivers
  • Soldering iron or solder
  • Drill bits and electric drill
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Ratchets and sockets
  • Heat gun
  • Utility knife
  • Tape for Electrical Use
  • Crimping Tool
  • A splice connector

Now, follow these steps to install car speakers to your amp manually.

Know Whether to Use Parallel or Series Method

Begin by determining the maximum and minimum impedances of the amplifier that you will connect to the speakers.

The amplifier will be damaged if the load exceeds the minimum impedance. It is essential to ensure that your bag does not exceed the limit.

The manual and the label can give you information about the amplifier’s impedance.

Add the impedances of both speakers to determine how many you need to connect to one channel. Connect them in the series circuit if the impedance of each speaker is within the amplifier’s limits.

If you have two speakers, each speaker is 4-ohm. You know that when we connect in series, power is added together. The sum of the forces will equal 8-ohm. If your amplifier can handle 8 ohms per channel, it is okay to connect in series.

If the speakers are not compatible with each other, they can be connected in parallel.

Multiply two speakers’ impedance and divide it by their sum. If the answer is within the limit, the speakers can be connected parallel.

You cannot connect the two ways if the impedance is not within its limits.

After you know which method you will use to connect them, follow the steps below to wire them.

If you want to choose the right amp for your car speaker, you should know the consider things before purchasing:

How to Wire Car Speakers to AMP Diagrams?

How to Wire Car Speakers to AMP Diagrams

Step 1: The Negative Wire From the Battery Should Be Disconnected.

This is the first step in any car audio installation. First, disconnect the negative cable from the battery cable. This will prevent sudden short circuits.

You can easily remove the negative wire from the latest model without tools. For some models, however, you might need a radio code to activate the radio.

Step 2: Select the Best Location for the Installation

The placement of the system is crucial. The amplifiers and car speakers must be mounted at least three feet from the chassis to prevent static, buzzing, or humming.

The car speakers can be attached to the subwoofer box at the back, under the driver, or behind the dashboard. It doesn’t matter where the speakers are placed; you need to mount them in a tight spot.

The Wiring of the Battery (1)

Step 3: The Wiring of the Battery

Once you have chosen the location, an amplifier wiring kit that fits your needs is required. To protect your amplifier, the equipment should have exact gauge wires and a fuse holder.

This is the cation. To crimp connectors, don’t use pliers. You can substitute the pliers with a crimping instrument that makes it easy to attach the connectors. A crimping tool is more valuable than the fliers.

Connect the positive wire from the car to the engine bay. Next, attach the wire to the rubber hole in the vehicle. To feed the positive wire, the vehicles come with rubber holes. You can drill a hole, but only if you have the kit holes. It is the last stage of preparing the vehicle to attach the wire.

Attach the positive wire to the fuse box after you have inserted it into the engine bay. Crimp the other end of this positive wire. Connect the crimped end of the positive wire to the battery.

Notes: Do not try to connect the negative wire to the batteries. It will cause system destruction.

Step 4: The wiring of the amplifier

You need to know the basics of connection for every audio system. Follow the steps to connect the positive and negative wires to the battery.

Attach the negative wire to your car frame by pulling trim until you find a suitable bolt. To ensure good contact, you can use either wax the wire or sand the area.

To connect the remote wire, however, you can use a splice connection. It is also the best way to control the amp’s power. It will drain your battery.

Next, wire the speakers. Depending on whether you use parallel or series connections, you can use one or more speakers. The way the speakers are connected will determine how much resistance they produce.

To attach the battery to the amplifier, you must use a capacitor. The capacitor controls the flow of electricity from the amplifier to the speakers.

An RCA cable may be required to connect an aftermarket radio to your amplifier. It is also helpful to attach existing indoor speakers to the radio.

Step 5: Wiring Placement

Hiding the wire is the most essential and most straightforward task in-car audio installation. People make many mistakes here. You should invest in a door panel removal tool that helps you remove as much trim as possible, lift the carpet, and remove the removable seats.

To be able to work comfortably, you may need to take out the dashboard. Next, connect the power cables to the RCA and place them on the opposite ends of the car.

This helps prevent distortion and sound hum. RCA cables should be run under the carpet to the speakers. Binding on the wires can cause you to fall if you run them on the mat. Finally, wrap the cables in plastic wrap to conceal them from view.

Connecting Speakers to the Amplifier

Step 6: Connecting Speakers to the Amplifier

After connecting the amplifier to each speaker, you can test whether or not it works. Connect the amp output jack to each speaker and start playing music.

For the subwoofers, you will need speaker wires that are 16-gauge. Connect the speaker wires’ opposing ends to the battery terminals. Sound quality is dependent on the connection.

After each connection has been checked, reconnect it to restore power. The car radio will play music if all settings are correct.

And if you need a new car speaker with goos bass, our best list below can help you find the most suitable car speaker for your vehicle:

Tips For Wiring 4 Speakers To 2 Channel Amplifier

  • Do not overload your amplifier. It will only cause irreparable damage.
  • The power of your amplifier will determine the sound quality. You cannot increase the speaker volume to make it more powerful. You should also upgrade your amplifier with speakers if you desire more sound.
  • If you want your system to last a long time, don’t forget to check impedance.
  • To get clear bass and sound, keep your amplifier’s load below the limit. Overloading or full load can cause distortion that will kill your joy.
  • You can connect four speakers to a 2-channel amp by following the instructions. This will not damage any equipment and won’t affect sound quality.

How To Wire Car Speakers To an Amp Diagram FAQs

How To Wire Car Speakers To an Amp Diagram FAQs

The Benefits Of Upgraded Speakers And Amplifiers

No matter what you’re listening to, upgraded speakers and amplifiers can make your favorite songs sound even better. Speakers and amplifiers are a great way to get the best sound quality possible.

The newer products available today come with innovative features that take your listening experience to the next level. There are many different types of speakers and amplifiers, but one thing is for sure – there is a perfect option for any person, no matter their budget.

Do You Need Two RCA Cables For A 4 Channel Amp?

If you need two, and you do not have any, you should go out and buy them now. Do you need one more long snake for your 4-channel amp? You should go out and buy them now if you need two and you do not have any.

The two-way electrical cord is meant to send the power from the dual power system of your receiver or amplifier to your speakers.

An excellent two-way cable is an inexpensive solution to keeping your speakers working at their best performance. You can buy them separately, or you can buy them in sets.

What Is the Purpose of a Monoblock Amplifier?

A monoblock amplifier is designed in which two amplifiers, usually of the same power rating, are mounted on a single heatsink and powered by a single input voltage.

The purpose of a monoblock amplifier is to reduce the number of heatsinks necessary to operate a set of amplifiers. These amplifiers are powered by a single input voltage, which also reduces cabling complexity.

How do you hook up car subwoofers without an amplifier?

Car subwoofers are very hard to install if the person does not have a lot of technical knowledge. It is also hard to install them without an amplifier.

These devices make it easier to turn up the bass and make the car more enjoyable. I have a car that I would like to hook up a new set of subwoofers to. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to do this.


Can you link speaker wires to aux leads?

The speaker wires can be linked to an aux lead to allow for stereo sound. Speaker wires are typically connected to the audio jack on the audio output of an audio device. The audio jack will send audio through the aux cable, which plugs into the audio input of the audio receiver.

What are stereo wiring diagrams used for?

Stereo wiring diagrams illustrate how to connect a receiver or amplifier to other components in a stereo system. A stereo wiring diagram is a helpful guide for installing their stereo system and should include component placement and color codes for speaker wires.


We hope that this article will help you find a suitable installation kit for your car stereo and then show you how to wire it to an amplifier. Car speakers are not wired directly to an amplifier. A battery eliminator is used to do this. An installation kit for this type of speaker will typically have wiring, cables, and terminal connectors to fit the speaker wiring. All the connections are made with the wires and terminals.

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