What Is Isaiah Garza Net Worth In 2023: Age, Family, Weight, Wiki, Height, Relationships And More

What is Isaiah Garza's Net Worth and Salary in 2023

Isaiah Garza is a 33-year-old American social media star who has taken TikTok by storm with his creative videos. He is also a fashion designer, philanthropist, and mentor to victims of human trafficking.

In this article, we will delve into Isaiah Garza net worth, salary, family, career, personal life, news in 2023, quick facts, and more.

Quick Facts

Popular NameYung Filly
Real NameCallum Airey
Birth DateMay 27, 1990
ParentsInformation not publicly available
SiblingsInformation not publicly available
Birth PlaceYakima, Washington
EducationFashion School in Los Angeles (Scholarship)
Marital StatusNot publicly disclosed
Sexual OrientationNot publicly disclosed
Wife/SpouseNot publicly disclosed
ChildrenNot publicly disclosed
DatingNot publicly disclosed
Net Worth$1-5 Million
Source of WealthEntrepreneurship, Sponsorship Deals, Social Media Influence
Height1.8 meters (5 feet 11 inches)
WeightNot publicly disclosed

What is Isaiah Garza’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What Is Isaiah Garza Net Worth In 2023 Age, Family, Weight, Wiki, Height, Relationships And More

As of June 1, 2023, Isaiah Garza’s net worth is approximately $1 – 5 million. Despite not receiving payment for his acts on TikTok or any other social media platform, he has managed to amass wealth through sponsorship deals with companies like KFC and his own entrepreneurial ventures.

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He also raises funds through GoFundMe and occasionally uses his personal funds for philanthropic purposes. His income is estimated at around $34.1K per month, based on his earnings per 1000 views.

Why is Isaiah Garza Famous?

Isaiah Garza rose to fame on TikTok due to his support of homeless people, speaking engagements in inner-city schools, and mentorship of victims of human trafficking. Currently, he has a following of over 5.1 million on TikTok alone. Isaiah is not just another TikTok celebrity; he uses the platform to showcase his personality, humor, and creativity. He has extended his social reach on Instagram, where he has gathered over 210k followers.

He is also known for his random acts of kindness, such as helping the homeless, which have garnered him immense respect and admiration from his followers. His jewelry brand has also gained recognition, being worn by celebrities like Cardi B, Rihanna, Janet Jackson, and Khloe Kardashian.

Isaiah Garza  also has made his mark as an entrepreneur, jewelry designer, philanthropist, public speaker, singer, and social media influencer. His journey from homelessness to becoming a renowned figure in the digital world is truly inspiring.

Isaiah Garza Biography

Isaiah Garza Biography

Early Life

Isaiah Garza was born on May 27th, 1990, in Yakima, Washington. He is of Mexican-American ethnicity and was raised in a Christian household. His family struggled with poverty and even experienced homelessness. Despite these hardships, Isaiah was determined to change his circumstances and find a way out of poverty.


Garza received a scholarship to attend a fashion school in Los Angeles. However, his journey was not smooth, as he spent almost a year being homeless in the city, using his car as a place to sleep and shower.

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Career and Awards

Isaiah Garza’s career took off when he started sharing his acts of kindness on social media platforms. His videos, which often featured him helping the homeless and other people in need, resonated with viewers and quickly gained popularity.

He also established a successful jewelry brand that has been worn by numerous celebrities. Despite his success, Garza remains committed to his philanthropic work, using his platform to raise funds for those in need and inspire others to do the same.

Fashion Designer

Apart from being a popular social media star, Isaiah Garza is also a renowned fashion designer. He founded his own label, Isiah Garza International, which is a global luxury brand focused on philanthropy with the goal of ending human trafficking. His work has been featured in various fashion magazines like Elle, Cosmo, Refinery 29, and Teen Vogue. Isaiah Garza won the Designer of Tomorrow award at FIDM.

Personal Life

Isaiah Garza’s personal life is marked by his commitment to giving back to the community. He has turned his past struggles into a driving force for his philanthropic work, stating that if he hadn’t experienced homelessness and suffering, he wouldn’t be doing what he does today.


Isaiah Garza is active on various social media platforms. You can follow him on TikTok (@isaiahgarza) and Instagram (@isaiahgarza) or Youtube to stay updated with his latest projects and philanthropic endeavors.

FAQs about Isaiah Garza

FAQs about Isaiah Garza

What is Isaiah Garza’s net worth in 2023?

As of June 1, 2023, Isaiah Garza’s net worth is approximately $5 million.

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Why is Isaiah Garza famous?

Isaiah Garza is famous for his philanthropic work and his influence on social media platforms, particularly TikTok.


Isaiah Garza’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the impact one person can make. From his humble beginnings to his success as a social media influencer and entrepreneur, he continues to inspire millions with his acts of kindness and his commitment to giving back to the community.
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