Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds Review 2021: Is It For You?

Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds Review 2021 Is It For You

How frustrating is it when your earbuds constantly fall out of your ears during intense workouts? When listening to music while running, it’s nearly impossible to have a wire trailing from your ears to your phone.

This can easily cause a bunch of hassle and a dangling wire to the ground.

Lucky for you, there are wireless earbuds. The Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds are designed to fit securely and comfortably in your ears, so you never have to deal with the hassle again.

Jam Wireless earbuds will help you listen to your favorite tunes while still being active. To learn more about these earbuds and whether they’re worth the investment, go ahead and read our full Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds review below!

Pro And Cons


  • Very light and comfortable
  • Noise-canceling
  • Great battery life
  • Clear sound
  • No wires


  • Low sound quality
  • No bass in these buds
  • Annoying charge timing

Who Is The Jam Live True For?

The Jam Live True Wireless earbuds are ideal for athletes. The devices are small and lightweight, so they will not impede your ability to compete. They also come with a waterproof case so you can wear them in the rain without any worries.

Finally, the earbuds are sweatproof, so you can wear them when you’re working out and not have to worry about damaging them.

Who Is The Jam Live True For

General consumers should take advantage of the Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds. They will make an excellent gift for someone concerned about their fitness and their environment.

People will like that the earbuds are sweat-resistant and waterproof, so they won’t break when they’re in the rain or sweat. They can also get 6 hours battery, so users will have plenty of time to listen to their music while they are working out.

What’s Inside?

The Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds come in a sleek, black box. They are neatly packaged to avoid any damage during shipping. The package includes the earbuds themselves, a charging cable, and a carrying case.

The charger is Micro USB, and the earbuds have a 3.5mm audio jack to connect with.

Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds Review


Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds are made of durable materials that are textured, making them comfortable to wear. The inlaid buttons are also easy to find, helpful when not looking at the buds themselves. The earbuds are available in black or white, with both colors having a sleek design.

Both earbuds house inlaid buttons, so it is easy to find when not looking at the buds themselves.

The Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds are light in weight and compact in size, making them great for traveling or an active lifestyle that includes workouts or other physical activities.

In addition to charging, they can also be used to hear the sound of songs. One drawback to their linear design is that it is slightly less comfortable when running or working out since the wires might cause discomfort by poking into your ears.

The charging case stands as the highlight of Jam Live True

Wireless Earbuds, since it is a slim and compact charging case that can be used to carry extra earbuds in your pocket or gym bag.


Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds are wireless headphones for music lovers who are seeking isolation from outside noise.

These earbuds are specially designed to provide optimum sound quality, allowing the listener to enjoy the music without any outside interference. The earbuds are small and compact, making them easy to carry around.


The earbuds fit tightly in the ears. This creates an effect that blocks all outside noise so that the sound of the music is more prominent.

When this happens, the listener will be able to hear the sound of music clearly and far away, even if it is obstructed by a noisy environment such as outside traffic or a crowd.

Battery Life

The Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds are small, but they sound surprisingly good. They’re the kind of earbuds you might take to the gym or use at home to watch TV.

With 8 hours of battery life, they’re not long-lasting enough for an international flight, but they’ll work well for everyday life.

The only downsides are that the buds are a little tight and don’t have excellent noise isolation. Jam Live True Wireless Ear boasts longer battery life than traditional earbuds.

Battery Life

To top it off, these earbuds have long battery life compared to other competitors in their price range. The Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds feature eight hours of battery life when playing for five hours straight.

Of course, you have to consider that these earbuds have a smaller battery, so you won’t be able to use them for a full day.


The connectivity of these earbuds is excellent because they are long-range, which makes them perfect for use with your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It also offers extra security by allowing you only to connect the earbuds with one device at a time.

These earbuds have a Bluetooth version of 4.1, compatible with most smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This includes your iPhone, iPad, tablet, Mac, or PC.

With these earbuds, you can enjoy calling or chatting with your friends or family members without having to worry about any wires that might be hanging out.

With the Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds, you can connect to your devices from up to 33 feet away from the base. This means that you won’t need to be sitting directly in front of your TV for a solid Bluetooth signal, and you can use the earbuds while sitting on the couch or standing around the kitchen.


The comfort of Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds is designed to bring the best in sound quality and fit the ear for an affordable price. The earbuds offer many healthy options, including four pairs of ear tips in small, medium, large, and XL sizes.

With the right earbud fit, you’ll be able to enjoy all your music and podcasts without any outside noise coming through and affecting your experience.

Construction of Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds is made from a combination of plastic and rubber, making them lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Ease of Use

Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds are easy to use thanks to their rapid Bluetooth connectivity. For sports earbuds, a clever wireless design is essential. This includes support for voice assistants such as Siri.

The battery life is the real highlight of the ease of use. Live True Wireless Earbuds can squeeze out so many additional charges that you can toss the charging case into your gym bag without worrying about it dying every night.


The removable ear gels are washable. Sports ear tips will eventually smell like a gym bag, let’s face it. It’s essential to make the task easier to clean if you don’t want it to take half an hour.

The Jam True Live Wireless Earbuds are water-resistant and can be rinsed under a tap. However, it’s best to follow Jam’s instructions and use a damp cloth.

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Sound Quality

The sound quality of Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds is loud and clear. The frequency response on the earbuds provides excellent bass and full sound.

The volume can be adjusted with the volume control located on the right earbud, and the microphone on the left earbud allows the speaker to be muted when needed.

The frequency response of the Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds is evident at all levels, creating a great listening experience.

Sound Quality

The volume control on the right earbud is easy to find and adjust as needed. The volume can be adjusted as low as 30% and as high as 80%.

The microphone on the left earbud allows for the sound to be muted when needed. The button size is similar to other wireless earbuds and can be used with a single hand without taking off or adjusting any part of the earbuds.

Lows And Mids

Although the bass guitar is quite loud in Fleetwood Mac’s song Rhiannon, it is still apparent. It sounds like the song is missing much of its charm and character, particularly when it comes to Stevie Nicks vocals.

The drums and keyboard completely mask the harmonic resonance of Stevie Nicks’ raspy vibrato when she sings life at 1:00.


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Little Shadow song shows how highs are reproduced even more and with less emphasis. The song’s hits remain constant throughout, but what should have sounded like an intense, defined crash of drumstick and cymbal sounds more like an underwhelming hit.

The harmonic frequencies that echo from the opening guitar pick are surprisingly well-replicated in comparison to hi-hats.

Calls Quality

Headphone manufacturers claim that their phone calls are crystal clear. Of course, this description is often exaggerated. A single microphone can be configured to block noise in many different ways.

However, a multi-microphone configuration is the best way to eliminate noise problems.

The second microphone is capable of a more sophisticated, more efficient noise cancellation. These two microphones can be used together to cancel out background noise in extremely loud environments such as airport terminals.

This technology is used in the most acceptable business headphones and headsets used by military pilots.

Calls Quality

A multiple-mic design is the best way to measure call clarity. Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds feature a dual microphone design. This is undoubtedly their most distinctive feature.

You can’t get better business quality or call clarity for this price, and you have to give up the waterproof design or charging case.

Additional Considerations

Like nearly all other Jam Audio products, they allow you to answer your phone without having to disconnect your earbuds. To answer a call, you don’t need to interrupt your exercise routine.

Live True will stop music at the first ring and resume it once the call is finished. Live True will call someone by simply dialing.

Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds are great for many things, but if you want a pair that does everything, they won’t be the right choice.

You can watch a movie or binge-watch Netflix for a while without having to charge the earbuds. These earbuds were made with athletes in mind and call clarity at the top of their priority list.

This kit also includes the USB charging cable and quick start guide. Although the quick start guide can be challenging to follow, it might be helpful for someone who has never used Bluetooth earbuds. Jam Audio provides a 1-year warranty on all earbuds.

Should You Buy The Jam Live True?

These are truly wireless earbuds that are very affordable if you are committed to Jam or attracted by the fabric wrap design. Listeners can expect more than just suitable and acceptable listening needs, but less than $100.

There are much better-sounding, comparably priced options available.

Should You Buy The Jam Live True

The dual-purpose charging case is a great idea, but you may not like its unreliable fit or general sound. The $139 price includes a Qi Wireless charging device, dual-purpose charging bag, and touch-capacitive earbuds.

As of publication, the Ascent Charge+ is available with an additional $20 discount.



Are Jam Earbuds Worth It?

Jam Live True headphones offer a lot. They are affordable, well-designed, and come with tons of accessories. The downside is that the headphones are not fabulous in terms of sound quality.

Is Jam Audio A Good Brand?

We were, however, very impressed by the Jam Heavy Metal’s offerings. We gave it five stars and praised its impressive bass reach. It was a well-made, attractive slab of metal that we praised.

What Can You Do To Fix Wireless Earbuds That Only Work One Way?

Diagnosing the Problem

  • You might also like to try another pair of earbuds.
  • Connect to another device
  • Restart the device.
  • Check Audio Settings.
  • Reset your Earbuds.
  • The halfway point issue.
  • Broken Wire.
  • Cleanse the Earbuds

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Who makes jam audio?

JAM Wireless Audio is owned and operated by HoMedics, a well-known company that makes massage products. At the HoMedics headquarters, I was met by Marty O’Gorman, president, and John Mikkola, director of product development.

JAM Wireless Audio was founded five years ago.

Are Jam Headphones Bluetooth?

Jam Audio Bluetooth wireless earbuds allow you to rock and roll without having to worry about wires. We have a pair of headphones for every occasion, from over-ear to in-ear.

Are Jam Earbuds Equipped With A Microphone?

These black HMDX Jam Buds Earbuds With Microphone are a great companion to any mobile device. … They are versatile and can be used to make phone calls without removing your phone from your pocket.

 a microphone


The Jam Live True headphones are relatively inexpensive, nicely designed, and come with many accessories. If you’re looking for truly wireless earbuds that offer quality sound in an attractive package, then these may be worth the investment. Give them a try!

How have they worked out so far? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments, or head over to our Facebook page to get more information on what other people say about their experience with this product. Hooke Audio hopes you find this helpful article!

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