Jaybird Headphone Review 2021: Is It For You?

Jaybird Headphone Review 2021 Is It For You

Jaybird Vista, the upgraded version of Jaybird Freedom, is an excellent choice for people looking for sweat-proof earbuds at an affordable price. The wireless earbuds have built-in Siri-compatible technology, so users can text or call without reaching for their phones. The earbuds also feature a behind-the-neck design, so users can put them on and forget about them.

If you consider investing in these earbuds, this is an excellent place for you; in this jaybird headphone review, Hooke Audio will let you why you should buy them?

Jaybird Headphone Reviews: Jaybird Vista Earbuds

Jaybird Headphone Reviews Jaybird Vista Earbuds

  • Weight: 6 grams (0.2 ounces)
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX7 waterproof, sweat-proof and crush-proof
  • 6 hours of audio on a full charge, plus 10 more from the charging case
  • USB-C charging
  • A 5-minute charge gives you an hour of playtime
  • Take phone calls in stereo or use each ear bud independently
  • Redesigned 6mm drivers
  • Customizable EQ using Jaybird app
  • No video latency

Jaybird Vista Review Pros and Cons


  • IPX7 rating
  • Reliable connection
  • Secure fit
  • Compact USB-C charging case, compact charging case
  • Quick auto-connect
  • Up to Six hours of playback


  • No high-quality Bluetooth codecs
  • Pain after less than one hour
  • No passthrough audio mode

Design and Build Quality Vista

Design and Build Quality

Jaybird Freedom and Freedom+ are available in five color options: black, white, grey, blue, and pink. The headphones are made of rubber material.

Vistas are lightweight at 6g each, can be played independently, and have in-app sound profiles and settings.

These units are made from SportFit’s silicone gel ear tips and fins. A thumb-print-sized piece of silicone that includes both the traditional information and a shark-shaped protrusion is attached to the unit. The top one-button controls are not covered. There are three sizes available.

This goal is to have a secure fit that will not move even when you kick like Mo Farah. The Vistas are crushproof, so they should be able to withstand any falls and subsequent trampling. They feel sturdy in our hands, but we don’t want to stamp on them.

The Vistas feature new 6mm drivers. They will provide six hours of playback from a full charge and an additional 10 hours with the included charging case.

You can get 32 hours of playback if you change the earbuds from left ear to right ear. However, we find it difficult to listen to one bud at once, especially for such a long time.

Jaybird vista claims that a five-minute super-charge will give you one hour of playback. It may be due to the faster and more efficient USB-C port than the micro-USB used in most charging devices.

This case is simple and functional. The rubberized, brushed plastic gives them enough grip to not slip from our hands. The chord loop on the small bag is handy, and the interior is neon yellow. Everything was designed with runners in mind.

There is only one light in the quick charging case. The case pulses when you open it or signify charging. However, there is no visual indicator of battery life. A soothing voice will tell you how much charge you have left.

Jaybird’s app makes life easy. The Jaybird’s app guides you through Bluetooth pairing (with a soothing voice announcing a successful link), and then it sorts you out using personalized EQ settings.

The app plays six different sound tones, and depending on how quickly you hear them, it adjusts the sound field for you. You can change the preset manually or save it to your headphones by closing the Jaybird’s app.

You can also manually adjust the functions of each bud’s central button. Vista uses this method to avoid the complicated Morse code of pressing or swiping quickly to adjust the volume control on multiple buds. A single press can be used to pause a track or lay a favorite playlist.


It is not just sound here; it’s also about to fit securely. Vista pairs its wireless buds with an expandable cable that fits snugly into the earcup. The cable can be unclipped and used as a necklace, too.

Despite the name, these wireless buds don’t stay in your ear. I found that they fell out easily unless you push them deep into your ear. They’re much better for casual use than for exercise.

The sound quality is also relatively weak, with tinny highs and no bass-heavy (which was surprising given the price). They don’t make up for their weaknesses with portability; unlike some other wireless buds, these are bulky and stick out quite a bit from your ears.

The lighter size and slimmer profile make wearing the Vista feel almost like wearing nothing at all, except for the fact that you can’t hear much of the outside world when these are nestled in your ears. Al in all, it is very comfortable to wear.

Jaybird Vista Sound Quality

Vista wireless headphones put a light emphasis on bass notes to give it some extra oomph. Midrange notes (that range from 700-2000Hz up) get the most attention. Although this is not the typical workout earbud sound, it makes Vista more versatile.

These in-ear headphones are great for walking and cooking. It doesn’t make sense to label them as workout earbuds when their frequency response is suitable for mainstream music.

These earbuds don’t have active noise-cancelling capabilities, so isolation is quite good. This is great for exercising in controlled environments such as a gym companion.

If you are running or cycling outside, you should leave one earbud in your case to allow you to hear the surrounding sounds. Jaybird offers three pairs of earcups to help you find the perfect fit. However, it is almost impossible to find third-party functional earcups when using proprietary sleeves.

Lows, mids, and highs

The bass is emphasized for this earbud model, which is not ideal for some people. The upper midrange range is also quite dominant, which tends to lean towards the “cheesy” end of the spectrum.

The upper midrange tends to have a “pinging” or metallic-sounding effect that is rather grating on the ears. Basshead listeners will be better off with the Jaybird Bluebuds X, which has more punch in the mid-bass range.


Some runners prefer a physical volume rocker to adjust the sound on their earbuds. In the end, it’s a matter of preference whether you go for in-ear or over-ear headsets.

If you are new to the sound industry, then go for over-ear headphones. You can also consider buying both types of headphones for different purposes.

Jaybird app

The Jaybird app is an attractive option to control the music on your smartphone. This app also offers you detailed information about your wireless headphones and how it works.

You can also send commands via the app for things like playing/pausing music or taking calls. The app is free for Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

Battery life

We subjected the Vista true wireless to the same conditions as all wireless products that come our way, a constant 75dB output, and measured 5 hours, 37 minutes of playback on a single charge. Although this is slightly less than Jaybird’s six-hour battery, it is still enough to get a few workouts.

These devices can be charged quickly: just five minutes with the USB-C charging bag will allow 60 minutes of playback. The case can be fully charged in two hours, and you will get additional 10-hours of battery life.

Mic and Speaker

The truly wireless headsets have a built-in mic to take calls, as well as a secondary audio speaker. Jaybird says the mic is sensitive enough to eliminate background sound from ambient noises so that it can be used without an amp or headphones.

The microphone also blocks out the wind sound. You can toggle between these with a button on the case or by pressing and holding for two seconds.

But when we test this mic, my voice sounds unnatural and a little garbled. This true wireless earbud with a great fit is due to the low-end microphone response.

Even though the microphone has a neutral frequency response, it still picks up almost all background noise. Your surroundings will distract the person on the other side of the call, no matter where they are.

Who should get the Jaybird Vista

Who should get the Jaybird Vista?

These true wireless earphones can be purchased to do a variety of things, including helping people hear better. One primary application of the Vista is for hearing aids.

These devices work with an audio processor to provide audio output for those who are attending impaired. Audiologists recommend the Vista to patients after they have purchased new hearing aids or if they are unhappy with their current device.

This device provides adjustment options, making it easy to pair the Vista with hearing aids. It is suitable for athletes and runners.

How Do You Connect the Jaybird Vista to Your Phone?

Many activities and workplaces can benefit from having a wireless headset. This is why we’re tackling this question that we’ve seen several times about how to connect the Vista to your phone. The Jaybird Vista has Bluetooth capabilities and can be connected via Bluetooth to your phone, tablet, and laptop devices.

Follow these steps to connect the Vista to your device: Turn on Bluetooth 5.0 on your phone or tablet.

  • Turn on the Vista and sync it with your device.
  • Enable sound on your phone or tablet.
  • You will then be able to pair the Jaybird Vista to your device.

What's the Difference Between the Jaybird Vista and Jaybird Vista 2

What’s the Difference Between the Jaybird Vista and Jaybird Vista 2?

Jaybird Vista is getting ready to introduce the Vista 2. The new headphones can connect to five devices simultaneously, while the first Vista could only connect to two devices at the same time.

This change will make it easier for users to connect to their current devices while maintaining a connection to other devices. Jaybird is introducing the next generation of their best-selling Vista headphones with the Vista 2.

This update allows the user to connect to five devices simultaneously and includes new features that were not included in the first version.

Here are the differences between the Jaybird Vistas and Jaybird Vistas 2: The new version of the headphones includes the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to allow up to five devices to be connected simultaneously.

Jaybird Vista 2 true wireless headphones have a longer life span than the original Vista. They also have an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance. Jaybird has replaced the Vista’s smooth plastic panels with a cloth cover that reduces wind noise. However, it is not as effective as we had hoped.

The battery life of the Vista 2 with active noise cancelling turned on is 5 hours, 20 mins. However, it should provide more playtime than the Vista 2. You can disable noise canceling to get better battery life.

The Vista and Vista 2 true wireless earbuds are generally very similar. You can read the alternatives section below if you need noise cancellation but don’t want durability.

Jaybird Vista Review FAQs

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Should I get these or the Jaybird Tarah Pro?

The Jaybird Tarah Pro features a traditional wireless design, which means that the earpieces can be joined together by a flexible cable, just like the original Jaybird Tarah.

Although it doesn’t offer as much freedom as true wireless earbuds, this has its advantages, such as longer battery life. The Tarah Pro can run for up to 14 hours on one charge and supports fast charging.

The Tarah Pro is IPX7-rated, just like the Jaybird Vista. Magnetic earbud holders keep things tidy when not in use. You can also wrap the cable around your ears to make them more secure. Both retail for USD 99, but the Tarah Pro is a better buy if you value battery life.

Is the Jaybird Vista more superior to the Jaybird Tarah?

The Jaybird Vista isn’t necessarily more efficient than the Tarah and vice versa. It all depends on your preference in terms of secure fit and battery life. Some may find the Vista earbuds more uncomfortable than the Tarah due to their blockier shape.

Some athletes may be bothered by the Tarah wire connecting the earbuds. In this case, however, the Vista’ buds will work better. The Jaybird Tarah is an excellent option for those on a budget. It offers much the same functionality and features as the Jaybird X4 or Vista earphones.


If you’re tired of feeling your earphones slowly falling out of your ears when out running, the Vistas are a great solution. They’re much more expensive than the other models at this price but also offer much more functionality and better features.

If you decide to purchase these headphones, you can pair them with various music services such as Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. We hope that our jaybird vista review can help you have a better decision.

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