JBL 3.1 Soundbar Review: Top Full Guide 2022 For You

Jbl 3.1 Soundbar Review 2022 Is It For You

The JBL 3.1 soundbar is an excellent choice for those looking to surround themselves with a sound experience without the hassle of a true surround sound setup. Sound bars are quickly becoming a standard piece of kit for many smart TV owners, with modern televisions often not even having speakers inside for a simulated surround sound experience.

JBL 3.1 soundbar review will provide readers with a detailed analysis of the product, including a list of the pros and cons to help them decide whether this amazing soundbar is right for them to buy.

Pros & Cons


  • With deep bass and clear highs, this audio system is robust.
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Adjustable bass levels.
  • Support Dolby Digital


  • A highly sculpted sound signature may benefit from a more midrange presence.

jbl bar 3.1 soundbar review

JBL 3.1 Soundbar Review Of 2022

Many sound bars on the market cost more than the JBL Bar 3.1 at $499.95 but don’t come with a subwoofer. JBL Bar 3.1 has a subwoofer, and it’s wireless. The system’s audio performance will please bass lovers.

However, the lows can be adjusted to a reasonable level that isn’t too loud. Bar 3.1 is an excellent value for money, with a good balance between the lows and the highs. It also won our Editors’ Choice award.


The Bar 3.1 soundbar element measures 2.3 inches by 40.0 inches by 3.1 inches (HWD) and weighs 5.1 pounds. The speaker’s metallic grille covers the top and front faces.

An LED display shows the source of your great sound and is visible through it. There are six 2.3-inch drivers behind the grille and three 1.3-inch tweeters. This totals 450 watts.

The power, volume, volume up, and volume down buttons are located on the top panel. There are many connectivity options. There are connections on the Bar 3.1’s rear panel for HDMI output and three HDMI inputs (cable is included), a digital optical input (a cable not included remote), a 3.5mm aux in (a line it is), and a USB port to play music from USB devices.

jbl bar 3.1 soundbar Design

You can also stream audio via Bluetooth. JBL Bar 3.1 also includes mounting brackets for the speaker and a guide on how to soundbar wall mount.

The wireless black subwoofer measures 12x12x17.3 inches and weighs 26.7 pounds. It houses a 10-inch driver internally. It is not something that everyone will like, but it does deliver some severe rumble.

The power cable is connected to the rear panel. There’s also a pairing button that connects it to the soundbar. Although this process should be automated, we had to manually pair them using a series of button presses on our TV’s remote. This is described in the manual.

It is large enough to fit comfortably on a couch and has a variety of controls.

The buttons include power, sound source, and audio sync (plus/minus buttons to adjust the delay with the video), mute and sound mode (choose from Standard, Movies, Music, or Voice), Bluetooth, tough shift (which allows you to quickly instantly switch between good sound sources when a Bluetooth phone is paired), surround speakers (a virtual surround effect), surround (to reduce transient louder sounds), dim display (which makes LEDs less bright), and night mode (to decrease the volume of a mix).

You can also control play/pause, volume, and track navigation from the central playback pad.


The Chapter 13 Blu-ray Pacific Rim Bluray features explosions and huge robotic stomping noises that offer an excellent opportunity to check out the subwoofer and Bar 3.1 bass depth. The standard model has intense audio with a lot of bass rumble. Movie mode gives the subwoofer even more power.

The soundbar’s high-mids and highs provide excellent clarity, keeping things balanced. The bass was boosted beyond level 15, resulting in a rumble that shook the walls of our test space. Bass lovers won’t be disappointed. This ability is thanks to Dolby Digital.

Bar 3.1 delivers the explosive punches, gunshots, and explosions of Chapter 3 of Casino Royale Bluray with great power. The bass is set at 20. The rumble is excellent and does not overshadow the clarity of the highs. The same can be said about the height layer also. Since there are no Dolby Atmos-enabled drivers, the top layer feels empty and one-dimensional.

jbl bar 3.1 soundbar Performance

Voice mode can enhance dialogue, but Standard and Movie sound modes are best for movies at home. Speech clarity was also never an issue.

Smart Bar 3.1 is ideal for stored music tracks with many sub-bass, such as Silent Shout by The Knife. It delivers a strong bass response and a noticeable subwoofer presence.

The audio sounds very powerful, with the bass set at 15. Bass lovers will be delighted to hear that the sub can produce even more power at 30 dB.

The sub could shake the walls even with the volume set at a low level. Although it has a lot of basses, almost too much, the sub still produces a lot of thunder when dialed down. We recommend keeping the bass at 15 or slightly higher if you need more power.

Bill Callahan’s track Drover has a much deeper bass and gives us a better idea of Bar 3.1’s overall sound signature. The drums sound modes are more reserved when the sub is 15; they are complete and rich but not as powerful as the sub can make them sound. The drums sound more raucous when boosted to around bass level 20, but not too loud.

The soundbar is excellent at keeping everything clear and crisp, regardless of whether the sub is used. Vocals, guitar strums, and register percussive hits are all delivered with remarkable brightness.

Some may find the overall sound a bit too distorted in the middle. There is more treble and bass than there are mids. This is a valid criticism, but most listeners will find smart Bar 3.1 balanced and vibrant.

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s No Church in the Wild have the perfect amount of high-mid presence for the drum loop, which allows it to attack the mix with sharpness and cut through the layers. The sub-bass synth hits which punctuate the beat are thunderous, even at 15. We heard our walls rattle once again.

The lower register instrumentation is excellent for orchestral tracks like the opening scene of John Adams’ The Gospel According To The Other Mary. It can be set to a reserved level or amplified to an over-the-top status.

The lows are somewhere in the middle. They sound full and rich and complement the bright presence of the brass, strings, and vocals at the higher register.


The JBL soundbar comes with a wireless sub, which adds to its overall rating. Our experts confirmed that the sub delivers powerful and impressive sounds great to bring the cinema experience to your home.

jbl - 3.1-channel soundbar system with 10 wireless subwoofer review

Although the build quality of the subwoofers is excellent, the small size can be a problem. Although it is a complicated design, a sub with a large woofer will require a more extensive profile.

With the JBL 3.1’s best bass module, the customer will get the most value for their money. The sub will bring life to your wireless music streaming and movies at home with a robust rating and 103 decibels of fantastic sound.

Connections On The JBL 3.1

Like the Samsung HW KM36, the JBL 3.1 center channel features wired and wireless connections. Our experts recommend that you use the HDMI input whenever possible. The JBL soundbar features multiple HDMI ports and HDMI  ARC for video frequencies.

To make installation easy, the HDMI cable comes with your buy. The Soundbar 3.1 can also connect to analog and digital optical connections on TVs that don’t have an HDMI ARC port.

Read more about how to connect soundbar to TV without HDMI

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth streaming is the best option for wireless setup. You can stream content wirelessly using Bluetooth device from other external devices. You can enjoy great quality sound from an external device and not just your TV input.

Bluetooth can be used to connect your soundbar, depending on the Samsung TV speakers you have. No messy cables are required to run along the wall. You can also join the sub wirelessly by turning on your sounding board.

It is a good idea to keep your soundbar and streaming device as close as possible. This will not only save space but will also ensure a reliable Bluetooth wireless connection. Our experts recommend that you limit your distance to 30 feet.


There is nothing worse than a problematic soundbar to set up. Our team has verified the 3.1 as an easy-to-use sound bar. You will save time by using great definition inputs like HDMI. This type of single cable connection is easy to use and requires only one cable.

jbl - 3.1-channel soundbar review Setup

The versatility is another aspect that contributes to the JBL 3.1’s high rating. Although the sub is larger and heavier than the soundbar, it still provides good bass. The high-power sub should be close to your setup as it requires power.

The soundbar is much thinner than the sub. It can be wall-mounted or placed on a flat surface, as with most other designs. Our experts recommend that you do not remember your speakers in a cabinet that has its doors closed. Cabinet doors can significantly reduce the sound quality and negatively impact your listening experience at your home theater.


We’ll start with the JBL Bar 3.1’s features. To begin, this is a 3.1-channel soundbar, which means it has two front-firing channels (left and right) and a center channel for voices. A wireless subwoofer covers the low-end bass frequencies as well.

The 10-inch subwoofer gives a wireless method to add bass power to your music, video, or gaming. Furthermore, the whole system has a total power output of 450W. In addition to this strength, Dolby Digital and JBL Surround Sound system provide a significant level of sound immersion.

JBL Bar 3.1 provides Bluetooth, HDMI, and other standard sound system ports for communication. HDMI allows you to connect up to three 4K devices (1 HDMI ARC output). JBL SoundShift may also be used to swap between multiple streaming devices swiftly.

JBL also offers a remote for controlling your soundbar. You can, however, use your TV remote control to adjust the volume on the soundbar, eliminating the need to swap remotes repeatedly.

Sound Quality

The JBL Bar 3.1 is a 3.1-channel sound bar that can be converted to a 5.1 system by adding a rear speaker kit, such as the Samsung SWA-8500S. However, as our experts verified during our JBL 3.1 soundbar review, it can still provide a large sound stage with incredibly realistic sounds.

Dolby Digital is responsible for this capability. Even though it lacks the industry-standard 5.1 channels that characterize real surround sound, this sound bar has JBL’s proprietary sound function. The client will still enjoy the fantastic sound with this technology.

Dolby Digital is responsible for this capability. Even though it lacks the industry-standard 5.1 channels that characterize real surround speakers, this sound bar has JBL’s proprietary surround sound function. The client will still enjoy the fantastic sound with this technology.

This JBL system, even as a mid-range soundbar, would bring your music and movie material to life. The JBL 3.1 sound bar has sound modes. A sound mode is a predefined audio format that optimizes your audio for certain content. For example, movie mode on the 3.1 soundbar would bring movie sounds to life for the greatest cinematic experience.

JBL 3.1 Price

The JBL 3.1 sound bar is a more affordable, simpler version of the 5.1. It is still powerful and has a good build. Despite the high price range, the soundbar comes with everything you need for easy use. The remote control, cables to connect and the manual are included.

The price range is reasonable for a soundbar with impressive bass tones and simulated surround sounds using JBL technology. This combo soundbar has powerful acoustic capabilities.



Is JBL a soundbar that is worth its weight?

Yes, JBL system can be a great soundbar. The 3.1 comes with a bass module and a dedicated center channel for the middle to deliver great sound. It is simple to use and produces impressive sound. The cable box also includes a remote device.

Are 3.1 soundbars worth the cost?

Are 3.1 soundbars worth the cost

Yes, soundbars with 3.1 are worthwhile. This is especially true for those with limited space. The dedicated center channel boosts onscreen dialogue, and the bass module delivers low, rumbling tones. Soundbars with 3.1 sound can provide immersive sound.


JBL 3.1 audio return channel sound bar system review overall conclusion will be a relatively summary of the pros and cons, which should help readers decide whether to buy the JBL 3.1 or not.

Overall, the JBL bar 3.1 provides a good value for money surround sound experience. The design is pretty basic and not that stylish, but it is a great product to bring a home theatre feel to the living room. It does not come with many extra features, such as a voice control button, but it is relatively cheap compared to some other models. Overall, the soundbar does deliver a great surround sound experience.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the JBL 3.1 soundbar, feel free to leave a comment below. Feel free to ask below or comment on the Facebook page for any other questions. If you have any content that you would like to see on reviews, then please let Hooke Audio know.

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