What is Jenna Owens Net Worth In 2023: Wiki, Age, Beauty, Family, And More

What is Jenna Owens Net Worth In 2023 Wiki, Age, Beauty, Family, And More

Step into the dazzling world of radio stardom and prepare to be captivated by the remarkable success story of Jenna Owens.

With a powerful voice and a friendly personality, Jenna has made a name for herself in the entertainment business. Because of her quick wit, infectious laughter, and undeniable charm, she has become a common name and a much-loved radio personality.

Beyond her undeniable talent, Jenna Owens has amassed a fortune that echoes her unparalleled success.

As we study her life, we’ll discover Jenna Owens net worth and the lucrative ventures that made her rich. Get ready to be inspired by Jenna Owens, a true entertainment force.

What is Jenna Owens’ Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

Full NameJenna Owens
Popular NameJenna
Birth DateMay 9, 1984
ParentsMother: Candy
Birth PlaceCincinnati, Ohio, USA
EducationUniversity of Miami in Ohio, USA
Marital StatusSingle
Sexual OrientationStraight
DatingRumored to have dated Juan Snow (2019)
Net Worth$1 to $6 million
Source of WealthEntrepreneur and radio host
Height5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m)
Weight62 kg (136 lbs)

In 2023, a renowned American radio host, Jenna Owens, has an estimated net worth of around $1 to $6 million. Her salary and income sources primarily come from her successful career in radio presentation. Jenna is best known for her work on the Dallas, Texas-based radio show, The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

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Why is Jenna Owens Famous?

Why is Jenna Owens Famous

Jenna Owens is a well-known radio host in Dallas, Texas, thanks to her work on The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. She gained popularity for her fashion sense, witty personality, and love of animals.

After 12 years as a radio host, she left radio to focus on her business, Fitish. Fitish started out as an exercise program when it came out in April 2017. Since then, it has grown into a successful skincare line with CBD which is known for its calming and nourishing effects.

Products from the brand are sold on the Fitish website and at big stores like Neiman Marcus and Urban Outfitters. Jenna’s journey from radio star to CBD beauty founder has made her a well-known figure in both the entertainment and beauty fields.

Jenna Owens’ Overview

Early Life

Jenna Owens, born on May 9, 1984, in Ohio, grew up in Cincinnati and was an avid soccer player during her childhood. She attended Miami University in Ohio and began her media journey by working for a local college television station.


Jenna Owens began her career as a radio personality on the Dallas, Texas-based radio show, The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. Known for her fashion sense and charisma, she quickly gained popularity among fans.

However, her passion for fitness and wellness led her to create Fitish, an athletic and CBD skincare line, in 2017. Fitish was designed to address the needs of those who wanted to look radiant within minutes after a rigorous workout.

Due to the success of her brand, Jenna finally quit her well-paying job as a radio host to focus on her growing business.

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Due to Jenna’s hard work, dedication, and high standards, Fitish, which symbolizes balance, is one of the most popular CBD-based skincare brands.

Her strong social media profile, with almost 300,000 followers on Instagram, helped her make sales and connect with customers.

Even though the outbreak caused problems, Jenna doubled her sales from the year before while still giving back to the community.

Jenna Owens is a female founder and entrepreneur who successfully changed jobs and overcame uncertain times. She inspires many because she shows that taking risks and welcoming change can lead to amazing opportunities and success.

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Personal Life

Jenna is known for her fashion sense, witty personality, and love of animals. In her personal life, she has two siblings and her mother’s name is Candy.

Jenna was once engaged to her longtime boyfriend Alex Perry, but the engagement was called off in 2017. She is also expecting her first child at age 37 and is excited about the flexibility her career as a founder allows her to manage her new role as a mother.

FAQs about Jenna Owens

FAQs about Jenna Owens

How old is Jenna Owens?

Jenna Owens is 38 years old (as of 2023).

What is Jenna Owens’ height and weight?

Jenna Owens is 1.78 m (5 feet 10 inches) tall and weighs 62 kg (136 pounds).

What happened to Jenna Owens?

Jenna Owens left The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show to focus on her athletic and CBD skincare line, FITISH Beauty.

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Who was Jenna Owens engaged to?

Jenna Owens was engaged to Alex Perry, but they broke off their engagement.


In conclusion, Jenna Owens has enchanted us and built a remarkable business that solidified her radio star status. She has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, from her captivating voice to her unmatched charisma.

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