What is JesssFam Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More.

What is JesssFam Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More.

In the vast world of YouTube, there are countless creators who have captivated audiences with their unique stories and perspectives. One such creator is JesssFam, a channel that has gained immense popularity for its heartwarming content centered around family life.

In this article, Hookeaudio will delve JesssFam net worth, personal life, and the incredible journey that has led them to success.

Quick Facts

Full Name:Jessica Jean Skube
Popular Name:JesssFam
Birth Date:March 7, 1992
Parents:Not mentioned
Siblings:Not mentioned
Birth Place:Fresno, California, USA
Ethnicity:Not mentioned
Education:Not mentioned
Marital Status:Married
Sexual Orientation:Not mentioned
Husband/Spouse:Christopher Scott “Chris” Skube
Seven (Lilia Jean, Kyson James, Kaden John, Landen Joseph, Addelyn Jade, Caden Joseph, Tommy Rae)
Dating:Not currently dating as she is married
Net Worth:$3 Million (as of March 25, 2024)
Source of Wealth:YouTube vlogging
Height:Not mentioned
Weight:Not mentioned

What is JesssFam Net Worth in 2024?

What is JesssFam Net Worth 2024

When it comes to the financial aspect of her success, their net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. However, some predictions suggest that their net worth could be even higher, reaching up to $6.05 million.

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The channel’s earnings primarily come from ad revenue, with an estimated monthly income of $72.01 thousand and an annual income of $1.08 million.

It’s important to note that these figures are based on YouTube viewership data and may not account for additional revenue sources such as sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales, and speaking engagements.

Jessica is a well-known YouTube channel that covers People & Blogs and has 1.37 million subscribers. It was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in the United States.

JesssFam Salary

he earns her income from YouTube advertisement revenue, sponsored content, and merchandise sales. According to Social Blade, she makes an average of $2.3K – $36.9K monthly and $27.4K – $442.8k yearly from her YouTube channel alone.

JesssFam Wiki

JesssFam, also known as Jessica Skube, started her journey on YouTube as a teen mom. Her story is one of resilience and determination, as she navigated the challenges of motherhood at a young age. Over time, her channel grew, and she now has a massive following of 1.37 million subscribers.

Her content revolves around her blended family, which consists of her husband, Chris Skube, and their seven children aged 6 to 13. This beautiful family is a result of Jess’s four children from previous relationships, Chris’s two children from a previous marriage, and their one child together.


Jessica Jean Skube was born on March 7, 1992, which makes her 31 years old as of 2024.

Height and Weight

There is no exact information about JesssFam’s height and weight.


There is limited information available about JesssFam’s parents.

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There is no information available about her education.

JesssFam Career and Awards

JesssFam Career amd Awards

Jessica Jean Skube, popularly known as JesssFam, is a renowned American family vlogger who began her journey on YouTube back in 2009. She started documenting her teenage pregnancy and has since been uploading videos consistently.

Jessica’s channel, initially named GabeandJesss, has grown into a platform that showcases the life of her big, beautiful blended family. The family comprises Jessica, her husband Chris Skube, and their seven children, all of whom have J middle names. Their births were all recorded and posted on YouTube for the world to see.

Over the years, she has gained significant popularity, amassing over 280 million video views and more than 850,000 followers. The channel’s content ranges from daily vlogs to special moments in the family’s life, such as birthdays, holidays, and vacations.

In addition to YouTube, the family also shares their life on Instagram, where they have over 220,000 followers. Jessica also runs a separate channel for herself called Just Jesss and another one for her kids named JesssKids.

Throughout her career, Jessica has received several accolades for her work. One of the most notable awards she received was the Shorty Award for Best in Parenting and Family in May 2019. This award recognizes the best content creators and producers on social media platforms, honoring those who have made significant contributions to the digital world.

Aside from her successful YouTube career, Jessica has also made appearances in other media. Her voice was featured in Chapter 22 of the TV show Jane the Virgin, where a woman is heard screaming in pain during childbirth. This voice clip was taken from one of her vlogs where she gave birth to her twins.

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Moreover, two of her children, Kyson and Kaden, were once featured on a show for their video Twins Notice Each Other For The First Time.

In conclusion, Jessica’s career as a family vlogger has been marked by her dedication to sharing her family’s journey and her ability to connect with her audience. Her work has not only earned her a large following but also recognition in the form of prestigious awards.

As she continues to document her family’s life, Jessica remains a prominent figure in the world of family vlogging.

JesssFam Personal Life

Her personal life is widely documented on her YouTube channel. She has been in relationships with GabeandJesss and Drake Roque before marrying Chris Skube. JesssFam has five children, all of whom have J middle names. She also has two stepsons from her husband’s previous marriage.

JesssFam News 2024

As of 2024, JesssFam’s YouTube channel continues to grow, and she has been releasing new content regularly. Her videos feature her family’s everyday life, milestones, and parenting.

Social Media Accounts

FAQs about JesssFam

FAQs about JesssFam

What type of content does JesssFam create?

JesssFam creates vlogs and videos that offer insights into her daily life as a mother and the experiences of raising a large family. She shares moments from her family’s activities, milestones, and challenges.

When did JesssFam start her YouTube channel?

Shestarted her YouTube channel in 2011. She has been vlogging about her family’s life for several years.

Is JesssFam’s content family-friendly?

Yes, Jesss Fam’s content is generally family-friendly, as it revolves around her experiences as a mother and the interactions with her children. However, like with any content, it’s a good idea to review her videos to ensure they align with your preferences.

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Does JesssFam collaborate with other creators?

She has collaborated with other family vloggers and creators on occasion. Collaborations can bring a fresh perspective and dynamic to her content.

Does JesssFam share parenting advice?

Yes, Jesss often shares parenting advice, tips, and insights based on her own experiences as a mother of a large family. Her content can be relatable to other parents and caregivers.


JesssFam’s journey is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the importance of family. From humble beginnings as a teen mom to becoming a successful YouTube creator, Jessica Skube has inspired millions with her story.

Through their channel, hr continues to spread positivity, love, and the joy of family life. As they navigate the challenges and triumphs of everyday life, their unwavering bond serves as a reminder that family is truly a treasure worth cherishing. Thank you for reading.

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