JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 Subwoofer Review: Best Choice For You 2022

JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 Subwoofer Review: Best Choice For You

If you’re looking for a subwoofer that’s small, but packs a punch, the JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 Subwoofer Review might be perfect for you. Packing a shallow, 10″ long-throw woofer and a 10″ square passive radiator at 600 watts RMS power handling and an easy-to-use crossover, this subwoofer will provide you with great bass and good sound quality.

But Is it really perfect? Keep reading our JL D4 to learn more details about this sub.

JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 Subwoofer Reviews

10W6v3-D4 Subwoofer Review

Jl Audio‘s W6 series is the best-selling Subwoofer in the line. JL D4 will satisfy your needs if you’re looking for high-quality subs with a robust and thumping tone. This Subwoofer is made from the same high-quality materials as the W7AE.

To provide linear compliance across the entire excursion range, the suspension design of the Subwoofer includes a large diameter progressive roll spider and rubber surround to increase durability. The cones are injection-molded with polypropylene to give the Subwoofer a stylish and classy look. They are enclosed in a satin silver alloy with a silver accent.

This shallow mount subwoofer is designed with a mounting depth is 6.89″ (124mm) and mounting hole diameter is 9.02″ (230mm).

Although the W6v3 can run on 200 watts, an amplifier with 400-600 watts is recommended for the best car audio performance. The JL audio subwoofer W6v3 can be used in either sealed or ported enclosures needing only 0.55 cubic feet of air space in a sealed box and 0.75 cubic feet in a ported/vented enclosure. Refer to the user manual that came with your subwoofers for more information and figures.

In Miramar, Florida, the W6v3 Subwoofers are manufactured with precision and care. They are proud of their overall build quality workmanship and extreme accuracy. Car Audio products are distinguished by their superior performance because of this attention to minor details.


  • Subwoofer 10 inches in diameter with two 4-ohm voice coils
  • Patented Cooling Technology
  • Rubber surrounds mineral-filled polypropylene cone.
  • High-quality, accurate sound
  • DMA optimization
  • Very Long Linear Excursion Capability: 0.74 In / 18.8 mm, One-Way
  • Floating Cone Attach Method


  • Quite expensive

JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 Subwoofer Features

JL 600 Watt Subwoofer Kit

JL Audio’s XD600/1 and 10W6v3 packages feature products from two of JL Audio’s most popular product lines. The W6 delivers powerful, punchy bass that will make you feel the “Kick-drum in your chest” type output. JL Audio professionals love the XD series amplifiers for their exceptional output, sound quality, and thermal management.

This package is the top subwoofer package. This is the package I would choose if you told me that only one subwoofer can be installed in your car audio and that it must be at least 10 inches.

Patented Cooling Technology

A bullet-shaped structure inside the center of the magnet structure increases air velocity and directs airflow to lower voice coil temperature. It is located inside the pole-vent. The original Frame Cooling figure delivers cool air that enhances power and sound quality by reducing power compression and minimizing dynamic parameter shifts.

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Monstrous Bass

The 10W6v3 is made with rigid, high-quality cones filled with polypropylene. This provides incredible strength and low noise without having to add weight that can slow down subwoofer response. The JL Audio product delivers exceptional accuracy a mighty low-end and hard-hitting thump. They are passionate about providing high-quality products to their customers. They have done an extensive research to create a highly efficient motor and can deliver strong bass, even at 600 watts RMS.

Accuracy-made low end

Your W6v3 Subwoofer can control huge-time power with no distortion thanks to its cast-alloy solid container. The suspension system is high-tech and allows for movement of the linear cone. This gives you greater control. It also features a simple terminal jumper wiring scheme that will enable you to adjust the sub’s impedance to create multi-sub setups or draw maximum power from your amplifier.

Linearity and control

The sub has the Dynamic Motor Analysis system from JL Audio, which helps improve motor behavior. The W6v3 motor is linear in an extreme range of excursions and maintains a stable, fixed magnetic field with the DMA optimization. This leads to vastly reduced distortion and faithfully reproduced transients… or put simply: tight, clean, articulate bass. The Ultra-Long Voice Coil allows for phenomenal power and extreme linear excursion, which results in a subwoofer with a high-quality sound.

Loaded Enclosure Version

This kit is for customers who either have an existing subwoofer enclosure that meets the required parameters, or those who plan to build a custom box. The JL Audio W6 loaded subwoofer kit is for those who don’t already have a box and aren’t planning on building one. Although the components are the same, the loaded enclosure subwoofer kits use the same components.

However, the subwoofer is pre-installed inside a box that was designed by the same engineers who optimized to operate the 10W6v3. The pre-installed subwoofer and voice coils are pre-terminated to a terminal plate on the exterior of the loaded enclosure, making it easy to install.

JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 10" Subwoofer Review


Are JL Subs Worth It?

JL Audio is a top-tier audio company in terms of price and quality. This is an excellent deal for the price. The majority of customers have praised JL Audio products. You won’t be disappointed.

Is JL Audio Superior To Kicker?

Although the Kicker speakers cost less, the JL speaker sounds better. The 8″ speakers are more prominent in size and can handle more power than the 6.5″ speakers. A larger cone area and more fantastic power handling mean that 8″ speakers are louder and provide more mid-bass than 6.5″.

Which Is Better, 4-ohm or 2-ohm?

A subwoofer that has a lower electrical resistance produces louder sounds than one with higher electrical resistance. 2ohm Subwoofers sound louder than their 4ohm counterparts. Subwoofers with 2 ohms are louder but have lower quality sound because of their power consumption.

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Are 10-inch Subs Good?

If the Subwoofer is positioned correctly and sufficiently powered, it can deliver optimum performance and sound quality than a larger one.

How Many Watts Does A 10-inch Subwoofer Need?

The Comp 10-Inch Subwoofer is greatest used with a sealed enclosure or ported enclosure, and 150 W recommended power.


The JL D4 Subwoofer is ideal for building systems with efficient, dynamic performance. If you are looking for a subwoofer with a variety of custom settings as well as an impressively high efficiency, the D4 Subwoofer is sure to suit your needs.

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