Jlab Earbuds Review: Top Full Guide 2023 For You

Jlab Earbuds Review 2023 Top Full Guide For You
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The JLab is the first pair of headphones I have ever used. The sound is fantastic, and they stay in my ears even when I am jogging or doing other activities. They also come with a lifetime warranty, so you can get them replaced for free if they break! You can’t beat that. Good quality headphones at an affordable price? Yes, please!

They are perfect for anyone looking for high sound quality on a budget. They’re durable, comfortable, and stylish too – what more could you ask for?

This JLab earbuds review will help guide your decision-making process by presenting the pros and cons of each option. You’ll be able to make an informed choice before buying!

Pros And Cons


  • IP55
  • Auto-connect
  • Value
  • Fit
  • Wind noise is minimal
  • Integrated USB charging cable in the Jlab case.


  • Bulky
  • After an hour, you feel uneasy
  • Only AAC and SBC
  • Only taking calls is only in one ear

JLab JBuds Air review

Wireless earbuds have ushered in an era of wireless audio. They also set new standards for pricing. The best pairs of earbuds have so far been very expensive at $150 and higher. The $50 JLab JBudsAir true wireless can be a reason to be excited.

They offer superior audio quality and a boost in lows, which will appeal to bass lovers. The buttons are difficult to use, and the earpieces won’t always connect when docked. You won’t find better earphones at a lower price than this pair.

Who Should Receive The JLab JBuds Air Earbuds?

  • Athletes. Thanks to JLab Audio being the official audio sponsor for Major League Soccer, these earbuds were designed for athletes. These earbuds are virtually indestructible thanks to their IP55 dust and water resistance.
  • True Wireless listeners that work on a budget. These earbuds are worth the money, even though there are cheaper wireless options. Although the accessories are limited, you can choose from three modes to customize your experience and enjoy three-hour battery life of listening before needing to recharge.
  • Commuters. These earbuds can effectively block out background noise from the surrounding environment without the aid of noise reduction software.


Is it available with accessories?

The JLab JBuds Air includes two pairs of Cush-Fins, three pairs of earbuds, a charging bag with an integrated usb cable, and true wireless earbuds.

The packaging’s interior is very user-friendly. It displays the advanced controls of the earbuds. The on-ear controls are divided in function between the left and right ear. which I often used when learning how to use them.

How Was The JLab JBuds Air Built?

Plastic is a popular material, and everything in the 500mAh case and the earbuds is made from it. It included silicone ear tips that seal the outside world out well and included Cush-Fins effectively keep the large earbuds in place during vigorous movements.

Although this reduces the overall look and feel of JBuds Air true wireless earbuds, it also allows for an IP55 durability rating.

The trade-off will depend on the listener. However, if you don’t mind putting these earbuds in the weight room, then embrace the all-plastic look.

Let’s start with the most significant drawback: the size. These earbuds are not as big as the Bose SoundSport Free wireless ‘buds, but they are still quite bulky. Each earbud is only 6 grams in weight.

The JLab JBuds Air true wireless earbuds are slim in style but have excellent functionality. The included earbuds are comfortable and stable, so they can be worn while running, biking, weight lifting, rock climbing, or running.

Although the nozzles have been angled to provide an ergonomic fit, this doesn’t alleviate the discomfort that can be felt after only one hour of wearing. This would be unacceptable for studio headphones, it’s par for the course when it comes to workout earbuds as most of us don’t spend more than an hour at the gym anyway.

The included charging case provides an additional five hours of playback on a single charge, and the earbuds charge automatically when they are holstered.

Although I was skeptical at first about the durability of the integrated USB charging cable, JLab claims it has been tested to endure at least 10,000 bends before showing signs of wear.Sound Quality

Playback Controls, EQ Options

By double-tapping on the left earbud, the earbuds can be used for more advanced control, such as volume adjustment or access to your virtual assistant, Siri or Google.

You can cycle through three EQ presets, including Jlab signature, balanced, and bass boost, by double-clicking on the left or right earbud button. You can also download JLab’s app to make the same adjustments.

My voice becomes distorted when speaking through the JLab JBuds Air mic. This is due to low-end attenuation. It’s not pleasant to take phone calls in a quiet environment. It sounds almost like you are speaking 10 feet away.

If you want better microphone quality, you will need to spend more on premium earbuds such as the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus and Apple AirPods.

JLab Go Air Review

The JBuds Air Headphones Are Fabulous For Working Out

The JLab JBuds Air true wireless earbuds are sweat-resistant and dust-resistant with an IP55 rating. The in-ear fit is lightweight and secure. The bulky build is a bit annoying, but the Cush-Fins that come with them make it almost impossible to remove the earbuds unintentionally.

These Jlab true wireless earbuds are not only gym-appropriate; you can also run outside with them. The earbuds are good at isolating noise, so it’s essential to stick to designated paths and sidewalks to remain safe. The snug fit blocks out more ambient noise, which is good for commuting

How Long Can The Battery Last?

Battery life is lower than average for truly wireless headphones. Our objective testing showed that the earbuds could play for five hours when subjected to a constant 75dB(SPL).

This isn’t a remarkable result, but it’s enough for most commutes and workouts. The 500mAH battery charging case gives you an extra 10 hours of battery life, so running low on juice is not a concern.

JLab Epic 2 Review

We found that the claimed battery life was about right when listening to a mixture of music and podcasts at a medium volume.

Connection Strength Can Be Fine

The JLab JBuds Air Class 1 Bluetooth 2.0 support allows for a 10-meter range. However, it does not provide aptX support. This is a minor drawback that can be easily overlooked with its sub-$50 cost. AAC support is available for iPhone users. This helps to reduce any audio-visual lag Android users may experience.

The earbuds’ auto-on/off feature is flawless and works every time they are taken out of the portable charging case. The truly wireless earbuds are pleasant to listen to, with only occasional connectivity stutters.

Unfortunately, there’s no prompt to indicate which preset you’re on but there are voice prompts for pairing and battery life information when first powered on.

Do These JLab Sound Good?

These are truly wireless headphones that cost less than $50. The emphasis is placed on the low-end frequencies, which can be great for keeping you motivated during your workouts.

However, clarity and perception of midrange frequencies suffer. If you aren’t planning to use them beyond the gym or trail, the sound may be acceptable. However, if your goal is to make a master of all trades with the JLab JBuds Air, you will need to look into wireless alternatives.

All songs will review products balanced EQ preset to ensure consistency and consistency throughout testing. It is evident that switching between sound profile or balanced to bass boost makes a big difference.

The JBuds Air’s microphone has an okay recording quality. Voices sound thin, the sound muffled and lacking in detail.

However, it cannot be easy to distinguish the differences, especially when listening passively. However, signature amplifies the bass frequencies and treble frequencies while balanced reproduces a more neutral sounding track.

Lows and Mids Highs

Pynk is Janelle Monae’s song. The song opens with a synthesized, snapping bassline. From the beginning, the low-end is highlighted, although not overly so. The JBuds Air is less clear than the Sony WF1000XM3 due to auditory masking.

Monae singing the word pink is a clear example of how bass emphasis affects midrange frequencies. Skip ahead to 0 to 21. The bass masks the -nk, consonant sounds of Monae singing pink.

Confessed audiophiles avoid this, but those who use them for exercise will love the balanced bass boost. Although it’s not overpowering, the bass-heavy sound profile in the balanced mode is very noticeable. You can also choose the bass boost mode to get even more power. It was too overemphasized for me, and it severely reduced clarity.

The performance of Youth by Daughter is well-known for its ability to evoke solemn, ambiguous feelings in listeners. It isn’t easy to hear the minor notes plucking from the guitar above the drum beats during the chorus.

Although the fundamental frequencies can be heard, the delicate harmonic resonances that Daughter fans are familiar with are lost to the kick drum.

This may seem a shame to analytical listeners. However, gym-goers do not tend to think about the harmonic resonance of an Am chord as they finish their set of rows.

Sound signal

JLab Audio Go Air Review

Good Looks

Unlike many low-cost Amazon purchases from unknown vendors, the Go Air excels with fit and polish. That’s not surprising; JLab has earned its reputation for providing some of the greatest goods for the money, serving as a low-cost alternative to other, more costly headphones.

For example, the JLab Air Sport competes with the more expensive Beats Solo Pro (8/10, WIRED Recommends) in our Best Workout Earbuds guide. JLab even offers golf-tee-style buds that outperform the AirPods for a fraction of the price. However, unlike its earlier wirefree variants, the new Go Air has a unique design. The little rectangular buds are the tiniest that the firm has ever produced, and they are among the lightest and most pleasant I’ve used.

They’re magnetically secured within an open-topped charging case, which is the first “convertible” case. It looks good, and the magnets that keep the earphones in place are powerful, but I was afraid of putting them in my pocket or purse, where the case collects lint and other rubbish.

I appreciate that the lid-less charging station includes a USB-A cable that folds up flat with the bottom, so you won’t have to go looking for one when the buds need charging. The case also carries enough capacity to power the earphones for another 15 hours.

Solid Performance

The Go Air doesn’t provide the same amount of noise cancellation, call quality, or slightly longer battery life as much more costly wire-free earbuds, but they accomplish everything we expect contemporary headphones to do.

They include raised touch controls incorporated into the logo on the exterior of each bud, making it less likely that you would accidentally halt your music when changing one earbud. It’s also nice that they have a true IP rating, so you don’t have to think twice about washing them off after a hard exercise.

They do a good job with the audio. The Go Air sound warm and lively, but they lack some of the top-end clarity seen in more costly models like the 1More Stylish (another sub-$100 pair we adore), but they demolish it in the bass area.

Big, boomy bass makes these a delight to work out with, and the supplied silicone eartips effectively keep off the outside world. That bass does take its toll on some of the tiniest elements in your music; I wouldn’t select these headphones if I wanted to relish every aspect of the New York Philharmonic, but for blaring MF Doom while doing 100 burpees? Absolutely.

If you want audiophile-quality sound for less than $30, you’re searching in the wrong place. The Move Air is intended to be a simple gadget that lets you listen to music comfortably on the go without breaking the bank, and it does it admirably.

Low Cost, Low Stress

What I like most about the Go Air is how little stress I feel carrying them about with me. I’m often fumbling about with costly buds from well-known brands, yet I still feel nervous wearing them in town. Because they’re so little, I’m afraid I’ll leave one someplace or drop one on the pavement.

The Go Air provides peace of mind since they are around the same price as a big pizza bought via Postmates. I can afford to purchase a pie now and again. Particularly now. Remember that if you lose an AirPod, you’ll have to pay $69 to replace it.

Are they significantly worse than the hundreds of thousands of dollars more costly buds? In terms of everyday usage, no. Anyone who isn’t concerned with the finest possible audio quality should seriously consider Go Air.

If you already have AirPods and are looking for a good set of affordable exercise headphones, these may be a good addition. After all, even Apple’s far more pricey buds lack silicone eartips and an IP certification.

With the Go Air, I no longer have to tell everyone who asks for simple earphones that they need to pay more than $50.

What Is The Difference Between JLab JBuds Air And JLab JBuds Air Icon?

The JLab JBuds Air wireless earbuds are well-known. If you are happy with the information you have read, the JBudsAir Icon has a longer battery life and a smaller housing design. The upgrade to touch-capacitive controls is up or down, depending on your preference.

I found the touch controls less reliable than physical buttons. Both IP rating headsets are IP55-rated. However, the JBuds Air Icon vastly improved over the original model thanks to its dual connection system that improves stability.

I believe the JLab JBuds Air Icon is worth the $15 extra. The upgrade is more difficult if you already have the JLab JBuds Air.

How Does The JLab JBudsAir Compare To Other Wireless Earbuds That Are True Wireless?

Edifier TWS1 is another option if you have a tight budget of $50. These earphones can support aptX and Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus, which is rare at this low price point. The technology creates two independent connections from the source device, one to each earbud.

This allows for less latency and better connection strength. These earbuds are IPX5-rated, but they don’t provide as secure a fit for exercise as the JBuds Air truly wireless earbuds. These are the best cheap true wireless earbuds for $50 if you value audio quality above other same-level earbuds.

The JBuds Air is not as old as the Bose SoundSport Free. For those looking for durable workout headphones, the JBuds Air is a great value and offers unique JLab features.

The JBuds Air is the best value for money if you have a limited budget. It is a low-risk option for a little more money. The Creative Outlier Air is one of our favorite pairs of truly wireless headphones. They support AAC and aptX, are IPX5-rated, and have fantastic 8-hour battery life.

You might have some spare cash; if so, you should consider the Apple AirPods Pro and Beats Powerbeats Pro. The H1 chip in both sets of earbuds is Apple’s. It improves battery life and allows hands-free Siri access.

The AirPods Pro, Apple’s first noise-canceling earbuds, has been completely redesigned since the AirPods (2019). Beats’ headset has an ear hook design which provides additional security and allows you to move by your workout.

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What is the maximum amount of time I can charge for this charging case?

Officially, the JLab JBuds Air charging bag is rated to extend the better battery life by 18 hours (or two charge cycles). You may need to charge your earbuds and the charging case more often if you listen to high volumes.

What is the Bluetooth range?

The JLab JBuds Air wireless headphones have a wireless range of up to 10 meters.

Is JLab worth it?

The earbuds feel light and comfortable. The range is excellent, the controls are easy to use, and the charging box is small/handy. The charging cable was well-placed and functional. They are pretty loud, and there are three settings for the equalizer.

Are you able to use it individually?

Yes. You can pair them separately by turning them off and holding the button for about 6-7 seconds.

Why is my JLab constantly disconnecting from me?

Check that your Bluetooth headset is charged with enough power. Low battery Bluetooth headphones can sometimes disconnect. You can try unpairing your headphones, then re-pairing them using your smartphone.

How can I connect my JLab headphones to my smartphone?

Android. Turn on Bluetooth in Settings. Click Pair new device in Bluetooth. Tap the JLab headset or headphones to pair with your phone.

Which earbuds are better, JLab or JBL?

JBL headphones are more durable, comfortable, and feature greater noise isolation. Their out-of-the-box sound profile is more balanced, yet certain listeners may prefer JLab Audio’s bass-heavy sound profile. Unlike the JLab Audio, the JBL has a parametric EQ and presets for customizing the sound.

Which is better, JLab or Skullcandy?

Skullcandy Sesh Truly Wireless headphones are better for mixed usage than JLab Audio JBuds Air Truly Wireless headphones. Although they are both completely wireless in-ear headphones with a bass-heavy sound profile, the Sesh is more balanced.

Are Jlabs better than AirPods?

The Apple AirPods Pro Truly Wireless is superior to the JLab Audio JBuds Air ANC Truly Wireless in terms of true wireless headphones. The Apples are more comfy and well-made. They also feature a more balanced sound profile and can isolate more noise with their ANC.


If you’re looking for a great new pair of earbuds that will help improve your listening experience, we highly recommend the Jlab brand. These pair of earbuds are comfortable to wear and produce high audio quality with deep bass tones.

Jlab comes in multiple colors to match any outfit or mood, plus they have tangle-free wires, which is an excellent feature if you spend hours on end using them. It is a good choice for the listening experience.

Whether it’s music, podcasts, audiobooks, or movies, these decent pair of earbuds offer something for everyone! Hooke Audio hopes this specializes in reviewing audio products was helpful to you.

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