Kanto Speakers Review: Top Full Guide 2023

Kanto Speakers Review 2023 2023 Is It For You
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Kanto Speakers Review is a two-way wired loudspeaker that is crafted to create an authentic audio experience. This speaker has 2-inch woofers that provide high-quality sound, even at high volumes. This Kanto Yu6 includes a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether this is the speaker for you. Let’s start. 

Kanto Yu6 Reviews

  • Power: 200W
  • Frequency responsiveness: 50Hz – 20,000 Hz
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm AUX jack, RCA phono preamp switch, Bluetooth
  • Remote control, buttons
  • Dimension: 13.98 6.89 inches x 10.71 inch
  • Weight: 17.64lbs
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Kanto Yu6 Review

Accessories & Packaging

The remote is the main accessory. This remote control is an upgraded version of the one that came with the Kanto YU6 wireless speakers. We think it’s fantastic. You can adjust volume, stereo input, and EQ with this remote control.

It’s simple and made of silicon and plastic, but we believe it does the job. It is undoubtedly a vast improvement over remotes with higher-end speakers like the KEF LSX.

The accessories and packaging are standard. The package includes a set of cables (including the active one that links the powered speakers), rubber feet, and two pairs of magnetic grilles. They will not be used if you are a psychopath or a boring audiophile and have children.

High-Quality Build and Looks

We are sorry for bringing back the AMT twitterers. Here’s another benefit. They are incredibly cool. These tiny accordions are not something we like.

They stand out from regular silk dome tweeters and add a classy touch to the TUK. The silk dome tweeters didn’t overstate the prominent cymbal smashes on “Rock and Roll.” Instead, they filled in the low end to make it sound less detached. The silk dome tweeter added a needed sense of smoothness and clarity that is lost on cheaper crossovers.

High-Quality Build and Looks

The overall design of the wireless speakers is solid. Kantoaudio has moved away from the YU6’s wood effect and adopted a more modern design. The housing is set back from the primary drivers with a power cable.

This aesthetic extends to the rest of the invention. These powered speakers will easily be compared to the Audioengine HD6. The build quality is also excellent with solid construction. They aren’t heavy or bulky – the master speaker weighs 11 pounds and the slave 9 lbs – but they feel solid.

The remote control most of the functions, but there is also an RCA stereo input selector and volume knob on the front panel control knob. This was not something we used, but it worked well.

You can put the YUs on speaker stands for better midrange, and even plug in a sub woofer to boost the low end. The speaker stands will help keep your speaker system more stable. This can be a handy feature and real help to your speaker’s sound, especially in live music or recording use.

Inputs and outputs

You’ll find a wide range of optical inputs and outputs if you turn the master speaker upside down. You can connect these speakers to a TV, a computer, or tablet via a USB cable. There is also a connector and a phono input to connect to a turntable directly.

Inputs and outputs

These all work well, and we didn’t expect to find anything else. These powered speaker systems have a lot of versatility thanks to the inclusion of the phono input and options such as a sub woofer outside. Cables connecting the master and slave speakers include pre-attached banana connectors.

These powered speaker systems also include a headphones amp with a 3.5mm connector on the front. It’s not an important feature. It’s better to have a standalone headphone class D amplifier.

Although the included amp sounds excellent, buying these Kanto YU6 wireless speakers to be used with the headphone amplifier is like purchasing a Ferrari to take your children to school.


The Kanto YU6 speakers have a significant advantage: they can be paired to a Bluetooth device so you can play music.

This feature is very welcome, as it’s also found on the YU5 speakers. This allows you to connect wirelessly with the YU6 speakers, which significantly improves their functionality.

Below is reviews of the overall sound quality. However, it plays well via Bluetooth. Some reports suggest that it is not as simple to pair different devices with these great speakers as with the YU5’s. This is a great feature, which we love.


Bluetooth isn’t the only way to set up the Kanto YU6 powered speaker system and receive great sound. There are many other connections available.

These include a standard 3.5mm minijack aux inputs and an RCA with Phono Switch. There are also 24-bit/96kHz optical inputs connections.

If you want to increase the quality and hear deeper bass, there is an out port for subwoofers.

The charging port is located on the back of the Kanto yu6 peaker. Although it is only for charging, it is beneficial as it allows you to connect a phone, tablet, or Chromecast device.

For example, it seems a little like an opportunity missed to add a USB input connectivity for a laptop. It is the same as the YU5 speaker, and a different connection method would have been excellent.

These Kanto YU6 speakers have many connections, so there should be something to suit everyone.

Easy to Set Up

To properly set up speakers, you don’t necessarily need to be an expert.

We mentioned that the connections are clearly labeled on their backs. It doesn’t matter how you set them up, analog or digital; it shouldn’t be a problem.

Bluetooth pairing can sometimes be challenging. It might take a few tries to get the Bluetooth devices paired correctly, but it should not be difficult.

These Kanto YU6 speakers are powerful in both sound quality and connectivity. However, they can be set up quickly by anyone.

Sound Quality

Speakers must have clear and crisp. These speakers deliver the perfect balance between bass and treble. These speakers have excellent clarity and can produce clear vocals. These will make you feel like you have a high-end system in a small or medium-sized room or dorm room.

These speakers will not let you miss any of the details in the shows you are watching, thanks to their 5.25-inch Kevlar drivers. They did a great job relaying the true stereo sound design details from different songs and performances.

Remote Control

This feature was also transferred from the YU5’s. We are happy that the remote control remained in the YU6’s.

It also allows you to place the speaker’s inaccessible places and still maintain control. This is an excellent option if you don’t have much space for the speakers. They can be placed on top of shelves and controlled with the remote.

The remote also has a Bluetooth pairing button, so you don’t need to access your speakers to pair up a Bluetooth gadget.

Value for money

This speaker is a significant investment. This speaker delivers a high-quality sound experience that is comparable to higher-end speakers. With all the features included, it shouldn’t matter if you don’t pay the right price.


The warranty is what makes electronic items so reassuring. This warranty comes in two years. That alone should be enough to convince you of the speaker’s durability. You can have them repaired if something happens internally within two years.

Pros and Cons


  • These speakers are top-of-the-power cable in sound quality. A well-balanced sound between bass and treble is achieved. You also get crisp, precise mid frequencies.
  • You can feel the quality of a high sound system in a small room. You don’t need to move much with the remote-control operation. You can sit down and control all the speaker functions. You can adjust volume, music, and switch between audio sources.
  • This will ensure that you don’t have to worry about connectivity. You get RCA, AUX, and Bluetooth connectivity to ensure better compatibility.
  • This one is compatible with all types of turntables and will produce better sound from vinyl records.
  • The port allows you to charge your phone without worrying about it dying.
  • You can choose from a variety of colors and designs to match your room’s style.
  • You get a two-year warranty on the speakers if that is not enough. What could be better?


  • This one is no exception. It has its flaws, and here they are.
  • Sometimes, Bluetooth doesn’t connect at all. For some, this cannot be very pleasant.
  • The remote is not as beautiful or appealing as the speakers, but it does have them. It doesn’t look perfect.
  • This drawback could be personal preference. It lacks some bass. It won’t satisfy those who are passionate about bass music. Subwoofer output can be purchased to add bass to your system, so this is not an issue.
  • It has top-notch connectivity, but it does not have the basic connectivity for USB storage. Although it has a USB port, it doesn’t allow for playback via storage.

If you want to see the more outstanding speakers, let us how you several popular products on the market now:



How Do the Kanto Yu6 Speakers Perform?

We’ve reviewed the specs of the YU6 speakers, as well as their core features. But how does it perform?

We were impressed by the sound quality, just like other Kanto speakers we have reviewed before.

The quality of the sound was excellent even when you were listening to music via Bluetooth. These speakers produce a balanced sound, no matter what music genre we play through them.

These speakers are perfect for those who want a precise and refined sound. You can add a subwoofer output if you need deeper bass (the subwoofer out connector is on the YU6’s). The standard setup is sufficient for most people who use these on a casual basis.

It can sometimes be difficult to connect a Bluetooth device. Although this can affect the speaker’s performance in terms of setup, the sound quality is excellent when it works properly.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Fluance Ai60

Fluance Ai60

Fluance Ai60 bookshelf speaker has a beautiful dark design that would look great with modern setups.

They are excellent in sound quality, with a frequency range of 35Hz to 20KHz. These speakers are easy to use with a variety of music styles.

The speakers provide a clear and precise. Although the bass could be a bit better, these speakers are still great for bookshelf speakers.

These bookshelf speakers are also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, which rivals the YU6’s. These include RCA L/R and Micro. Fluance Ai60 speakers have the advantage of playing music from a USB device, as it’s an input connection.

They are almost as affordable as the YU6’s in terms of cost. They are very similar in terms of price. If you are looking at them as an alternative, it will be down to a few minor preferences.

Kanto YU5

Kanto YU5

The YU5 speakers will suit anyone who wants to keep Kanto but is looking for a more affordable model.

These devices have many of the same functionality as the YU6. These include Bluetooth, a remote controller, and a variety of other connections.

You also have the option of a variety of attractive color schemes and designs because they are Kanto products. They will fit seamlessly into any style of home.

The successor to the YU5’s, the YU6’s are (not surprising given their names!) You can get the Kanto YU5 speakers a little cheaper if they are still available.

They don’t have much in common. Both have good sound, although the YU6 is a little better. However, they are a great way to stay with Kanto if money is tight.

Do you the way to make all speakers work on surround sound? if not yet, let us show you how to do it:


Kanto Speakers Yu6 Reviews: FAQs

Kanto Speakers Yu6 Review FAQs

What is the difference between Kanto YU4 and YU6?

The YU4 and YU6 are a family of high-voltage insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) devices. The main difference between the two is the power they can handle.

The YU4 can handle up to 4,200 volts with a maximum current of 10 amps. The YU6 can handle up to 6,300 volts with a maximum current of 20 amps.

Does Kanto TUK need a sub woofer?

The Kanto TUK speakers produce excellent sound in the mids and highs but don’t pack enough punch in the low end for most users. If you like to hear music with clear vocals and instrumentals but want it to be more bass, you will need a sub woofer.

Does this support USB?

You can say yes to this question with a good heart; USB is supported with various USB 2.0 ports. This is a USB port. It can be used to connect devices such as a mouse, keyboard, and flash drive. This is not for charging or data transfer.

Final Thoughts

Kanto Yu6 is an excellent product that provides people with the opportunity to use their cellphone without worrying about battery life. With this product, you can do all of your favorite activities like surfing the internet, playing games, and making videos without worrying about your phone’s battery. Hookeaudio hopes that our review can help you decide if this is an excellent product for you.


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