What is Kevin McDonald Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family And More

What is Kevin McDonald Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family And More

Wondering about Kevin McDonald net worth in 2024? You’re in the right place!  In this article, Hooke Audio will dive into the world of this talent and unveil the figures that make him one of comedy’s best-kept secrets. 

Get ready for a laughter-filled journey as we explore the financial side of this talented performer!

Quick Facts

Real NameKevin Hamilton McDonald
Popular NameKevin McDonald
Birth DateMay 16, 1961
Age62 years old (as of March 02, 2024)
ParentsSheila McDonald (mother), Hamilton McDonald (father)
SiblingsSandra McDonald (sister)
Birth PlaceMontreal, Quebec, Canada
EducationHumber College
Marital StatusDivorced
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseTiffany Lacey (m. 1993–1995)
DatingNot Available
Net Worth$2-5 million (as of 2024)
Source of WealthActing, voice acting, comedy
Height6 feet 0 inches (1.82 m)
WeightApprox. 183 lbs (83 kg)
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What is the Net Worth Of Kevin McDonald 2024?

What is Net Worth Of Kevin McDonald 2024

According to public sources, Kevin McDonald’s net worth is estimated at around $2 million to $5 million as of 2024. With this figure, he is one of the highest earning comedians in the world.

This versatile Canadian comedian, actor, and voice artist has built a successful career in the entertainment industry, earning both fame and fortune through his various talents and contributions.

With a diverse portfolio spanning acting, voice acting, and comedy, McDonald’s financial success reflects his enduring popularity and his ability to entertain audiences across different mediums.

Kevin McDonald Overview and Wiki

The Early Years

Kevin Hamilton McDonald, popularly known as Kevin McDonald, was born on May 16, 1961, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His journey to stardom was not without its challenges.

He attended Humber College, where he honed his comedic skills, but his path to success wasn’t always smooth.

In a surprising turn of events, he was kicked out of drama school for excelling primarily in comedy. This early setback, however, did not deter him from pursuing his passion for making people laugh.

A Comedy Revolution

Kevin McDonald and The Kids in the Hall A Comedy Revolution

One of the defining moments in his career was the founding of the legendary comedy troupe, The Kids in the Hall. Alongside his friend Dave Foley, McDonald co-founded this group that would go on to change the landscape of comedy.

The Kids in the Hall’s eponymous television series, which ran from 1988 to 1995, showcased McDonald’s versatility as he portrayed various memorable characters, including the King of Empty Promises and Sir Simon Milligan.

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Other Ventures

While The Kids in the Hall catapulted him to fame, his comedic talents extended far beyond the sketch comedy show.

He graced television screens in popular series such as That ’70s Show, Friends, Seinfeld, and Ellen. He also starred as a co-pilot in the 2011 web comedy series Papillon.

The Voice Behind the Laughter

His voice acting credits are equally impressive. He lent his voice to notable characters such as Agent Pleakley in the Lilo & Stitch series, Waffle in Catscratch, and Almighty Tallest Purple in Invader Zim.

His distinctive voice brought these characters to life, earning him recognition in the world of animation.

Silver Screen Success

Kevin McDonald Silver Screen Success

This 1960s comedian appeared in films like Galaxy Quest and Sky High, further showcasing his comedic talents on the big screen. His performances in these movies added to his growing list of accomplishments.

Nominations and Recognition

His contributions to comedy have not gone unnoticed. He has received multiple award nominations, including three Primetime Emmy nominations, which attest to his comedic prowess.

Furthermore, The Kids in the Hall received accolades, including a CableACE Award nomination in 1993, highlighting the impact of the troupe’s work.

Behind the Scenes

Beyond his on-screen appearances, McDonald has been involved in writing and producing comedy. He contributed his talents to Saturday Night Live and co-wrote the film Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy.

As a producer, he played a role in the revival of The Kids in the Hall TV series, demonstrating his versatility in the world of entertainment.

Personal Life

While he embarked on a successful career in comedy and entertainment, his marital journey saw a divorce from Tiffany Lacey, to whom he was married from 1993 to 1995.

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Despite not having children of his own, McDonald’s life has been enriched by his comedic pursuits, close friendships with fellow entertainers, and the joy he brings to audiences worldwide.

Social Media Accounts

All about Kevin McDonald Latest News

McDonald’s contributions to the film industry have been significant, with his collaboration with Plan B Entertainment and Oscar-winning documentarian Kevin Macdonald (not to be confused with Kevin McDonald) to produce unscripted films and TV shows.

Plan B Entertainment, co-owned by Brad Pitt, has an impressive slate of upcoming movies, including Beetlejuice Beetlejuice (2024), Wolfs (2024), and Mickey 17 (2025), showcasing the company’s dynamic range in the cinematic landscape.

FAQs about Kevin McDonald

How did Kevin McDonald accumulate his wealth

How did Kevin McDonald accumulate his wealth?

He accumulated his wealth through his career as a Canadian actor, voice actor, and comedian with around 100 acting credits, including being a cast member on the television series The Kids in the Hall and voicing characters in various TV series and movies.

What are some of his notable roles?

Notable roles include his work on The Kids in the Hall, voicing Agent Pleakley in the Lilo & Stitch series, Waffle in Catscratch, and the Almighty Tallest Purple in Invader Zim. He also had recurring roles in That ’70s Show and other TV series.

Has McDonald won any awards for his performances?

Yes, he has won Gemini Awards for The Kids in the Hall and has been nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards for the same role.

Who is Kevin McDonald married to?

He is married to Tiffany Lacey. But they divorced in 1995.

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How many units of NexTier does McDonald’s own?

He owns over 100,000 units of NexTier as part of his investment portfolio.

Who is the pastor on That 70s Show?

He played the character Pastor Dave in That ’70s Show.

Who voiced tallest purple?

Tallest Purple, a character from the animated series Invader Zim, was voiced by actor Kevin McDonald.

Was Kevin McDonald in Friends?

Yes, he made a guest appearance on the popular TV show Friends. He appeared in Season 10, Episode 12, titled The One with Phoebe’s Wedding.

How old is Kevin McDonald?

As of 2024, he is 62 years old.

How tall is Kevin McDonald?

He is approximately 6 feet tall, which is equivalent to 1.82 meters in height.

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In conclusion, Kevin McDonald wealth is a testament to his enduring comedic genius and the lasting impact he’s had on the world of entertainment.

His wealth reflects the rich laughter he’s shared with audiences worldwide, reminding us that humor can indeed be a rewarding treasure in more ways than one.

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