Klipsch Cinema 800 Soundbar Review 2022: Is It For You?

Klipsch Cinema 800 Soundbar Review 2022 Is It For You

Klipsch has been in the business of affordable and high-quality audio equipment for years. The Klipsch Cinema 800 Soundbar is no exception, giving an immersive home theater experience without breaking the bank. Find out what we found in our review. The Klipsch Cinema 800 Soundbar is a premiere soundbar that provides an immersive, theater-like experience for a price point that won’t break the bank.

Klipsch cinema 800 soundbar review will help readers determine whether to purchase the cinema 800 or not by discussing the pros and cons of the product.

Klipsch Cinema 800 Review

Cinema 800 shares many similarities with Cinema 600 and is just a few centimeters larger than its little brother. A 3.1 speaker setup consisting of left, right, and center channels is very similar. The 800 model comes with additional mid-woofers. It also has identical subwoofers as the 600 model, specifically the Sub 10 with a 10-inch woofer.

The Cinema 800, unlike the Cinema 600, can decode and reproduce Dolby Atmos audio tracks. This object-based audio format creates a stunning surround effect and is increasingly used in new productions.

It doesn’t have height channels built-in. Instead, it uses acoustic tricks for almost the same effect. Cinema 1200 is the best soundbar to get Dolby Atmos sound and dedicated speakers that reflect sound from the ceiling.

Pros & Cons


  • Klipsch provides a stunning surround sound system with solid bass from the subwoofer.


  • The sound quality isn’t significantly different from Cinema 600, despite Dolby Atmos support.


  • HDMI: 2x In, 1x Out (eARC).
  • Digital input: Optical
  • Network: Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Wireless: Spotify Connect, Spotify Cast, Bluetooth
  • Voice control: Google Assistant compatible
  • Analog in: 3.5 mm minijack
  • Subwoofer: 10′ Wireless
  • Dolby Atmos audio formats
  • Dimensions of soundbar: 122×7.3×8.6 cm
  • Dimensions of subwoofer dimensions: 36.8×47.1×36.8 cm
  • Finish: Black speaker fabric with imitation wood veneer

Klipsch Cinema 800 Specs

Klipsch’s hi-fi speakers and home theater speakers are well-known and highly regarded. With their dynamic and rocking playing style, the classic Reference speakers with copper-colored woofers have a warm appeal to sound lovers. The American manufacturer tried to replicate the same DNA in a new series of soundbars. We have been impressed so far.

Our previous group test of soundbars was a success, and Klipsch Cinema 600 performed well. The time has come to test the larger and more powerful Cinema 800. Expectations are high.

The Cinema 800 is larger and more potent than the Cinema 800, supporting Dolby Atmos surround sound. This promises a richer sound experience. The question now is whether Cinema 800 lives up to its promise

Masculine design

Klipsch is not afraid to show its design skills. Although they could have gone for a more minimalistic look, it wouldn’t be Klipsch.

The design is a little too angular and raw. We are not impressed by the vinyl finish used to represent wood veneer. However, the overall quality is comparable to the price.

We think the Cinema series would look best in a basement living room with brick walls, a Stressless armchair, and an old sofa, rather than a penthouse apartment furnished with designer furniture.

The Tractrix Horn

Cinema 800 inherits, as we have already mentioned, the Klipsch spirit in its acoustic architecture. The Tractrix Horn tweeter adapts the Klipsch speaker design through the wooden cabinet. This configuration allows the Cinema 800 to maintain high sound quality and sound diffusion.

Klipsch Cinema 800 Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos review

The Cinema 800’s driver unit configuration is three-way, with three Tractrix Horn tweeters (1 inch). The monomer’s opening angle is 90degx90deg. Kapton is a unique material that gives the frame strength and lightweight. This feature allows the tweeter’s sound to be reduced by vibration. It also provides a high sound wave diffusion angle, sound efficiency, and sound quality.

The Woofer

Four 3-inch diaphragms of composite fiber material are used to control the sound range of the low- and mid-frequency fields. They can produce a full, solid mid-range sound.

The subwoofer used in the accompanying video uses a 10-inch speaker. It can be used to restore sound effects from movies and low-frequency audio reproductions of music.

The wireless subwoofer is one of the largest in the Klipsch Cinema Series. It has a 10-inch woofer that emits low-frequency sound energy and creates intense bass.

The Sattelite Surround

Surround three wireless surround rear channels are included with Cinema 800. This satellite speaker is made from a wood cabinet similar to Cinema. It uses a 3-inch full-range unit as the sound element.

The device can be wirelessly paired with Cinema 800 to produce sound through audio decoding. It can also be used with wall mounts or tripods.

Ease-of-use and Features

Klipsch Cinema features two HDMI inputs to connect video sources and one HDMI eARC (audio-return channel) that help the soundbar connect directly with the TV. This allows you to download audio from streaming services like Netflix or HBO Max.

The smart bar is equipped with Wi-Fi to be connected via the Klipsch Connect app. Spotify Connect allows you to access music. Another option is Bluetooth for live music playback.

Ease-of-use and Features

The Klipsch soundbar was very easy to set up. After enabling eARC audio output on our LG TV, the Klipsch soundbar was visible as an Atmos compatible device with visual support for, e.g., Netflix.

Klipsch Connect makes it easy for you to download firmware updates. Klipsch also suggests that the app will eventually allow you to adjust equalizer settings. We found it easy to use the remote control with backlit buttons. This remote control can change the volume, input selection, and sound settings.

Sound quality

Before we began testing the Cinema, we did a small rehearsal with the Cinema 600 that we still had. Klipsch’s smaller bar has a rich, accessible, and energetic sound image. It also features a beautiful sparkle in the bass and treble.

It can play music and film loud and deep, and it can also be very empathic. There is no Atmos sound. This makes the sound front-focused without any surround effects.

We had high expectations for Cinema 800’s sound bubble to be more comprehensive, credible, and compelling when it entered the arena. The sound effects are also more dynamic in this configuration. Formula 1 cars speed past us, sound effects and voices have greater resonance, and the soundscape is more fluid.

Cinema 800 review Sound quality

The Cinema is not able to provide the wow factor. It’s smaller than Atmos soundbars such as the Samsung HWQ960A or Sonos Arc. Comparable to other soundbars, the Cinema 800’s height, width, and size are somewhat limited.

It sounds very much like my little brother …Geir, he says. Audun also agrees, I don’t get the great wow effect of the Atmos effects.

Klipsch is having some problems with this, as the Cinema 600 is an excellent value for money, but the Cinema is significantly more expensive at 9,000 Kroner and 5,000 Kroner respectively. This, however, does not give Klipsch any sound enhancement.

We also tried Cinema with music. However, it didn’t make any significant difference. The treble is strong, with a clear and powerful midrange and many emotional excesses. Not to mention aloud, punchy bass. The Cinema 600 is a much more affordable option that offers all of this but considerably lower price.


In conclusion, the Klipsch Cinema 800 is a premiere soundbar that provides an immersive home theater experience for an affordable price. The sound quality is fantastic, and the price makes it an excellent buy for those who have limited budgets.

The Cinema 800 is a bar that anyone would be happy with. Hooke Audio suggests this smart product for those who want a fantastic home theater experience without having to spend an arm and a leg. So, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below.

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