Klipsch R-10SW Review: Best Choice For You

Klipsch R-10SW Review: Best Choice For You

The Klipsch is an outstanding, almost breathtakingly powerful speaker. The sound is incredible and worth every penny. However, this subwoofer also comes with some drawbacks.

In this Klipsch R-10SW Review, Hooke Audio will look at the highs and lows, the features of this masterpiece.

Klipsch R-10SW Reviews

Klipsch r-10sw subwoofer

Klipsch is the name that people think of when they think about top-of-the-line audio equipment. The American brand is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and was founded in 1946. It is known for its high-fidelity sound system. Owning a Klipsch product is still considered to be a high-ranking position.

The Reference R-10SW subwoofer is a popular Klipsch product. It’s a 300W subwoofer released in 2014 and driven by an all-digital amplifier and motor. It is smaller and lighter than other subwoofers on the market. This subwoofer is engineered to give you a dynamic, deep, and detailed response like nothing before. It also offers phase and low-pass crossover.

Klipsch’s “Reference” line includes subwoofers in a variety of sizes and output power. Although the R-100SW is the newest addition to the ever-growing range, the R-10SW remains the most preferred choice. That’s because, despite it being a budget-priced and entry-level product for and by the company, it’s widely considered pretty hard to go wrong with any Klipsch loudspeaker.

The Klipsch Reference is a high-output subwoofer and uses a motor, and a strong amplifier, and is compact and light in comparison to other subwoofers on the market. It is designed to produce deeper, more detailed bass. The main function of the subwoofer is the phase switch and crossover control options. However, it can also be used at higher frequencies.

The R-10SW subwoofer is an excellent choice for budget-minded audiophiles because of its substantial price difference.

The settings of the Klipsch Reference offer great flexibility and performance. You can blend the subwoofer’s low-frequency and other Klipsch speakers with its back-panel volume, low pass crossover and phase control.

The Klipsch is an entry-level subwoofer that you may have seen. This is why you’re here to find out whether it’s still worth purchasing seven years later. This Klipsch reviews guide will help you find the answers.

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  • It is a black and copper design that can be used in many settings
  • The case is not too large and allows for subwoofer flexibility
  • For versatility, a removable grill
  • The R-10sw delivers a powerful, accurate and deep bass response and a strong kick.
  • The 10-inch produces a powerful, seismic-level bass that can be used with low-frequency volumes.
  • All Klipsch audio systems are compatible with the R-10sw.
  • The R-10sw is durable when you invest in Klipsch speakers.
  • They are a significant long-term investment because of their impeccable build quality.


  • This set is a companion set, not a complete set.
  • There are not many colors, and there are few options for modifications.

Klipsch Reference 10SW Review

Klipsch R-10SW: Who’s It For?

The Klipsch subwoofer is the best choice if you want to enhance your home theater surround sound system with powerful bass.

The subwoofer unit includes a 150-watt RMS amp and a 10-inch copper-spun frontfiring. Together, they produce 300 watts of dynamic low-end output. This unit will be the centerpiece of your surround sound. You’ll hear all the music, movies, and video games, but you’ll also feel their impact of them.

Klipsch markets the R-10SW as an additional subwoofer to create an actual surround sound system. The subwoofer works well with Klipsch’s audio products. However, it can also be used with receivers of other brands, as long as you access a sub-output.

The Klipsch reference subwoofer is one of Klipsch’s more affordable models, but the company did not compromise on its raw performance. The R-10SW delivers the same level of fidelity and clarity as other premium subwoofers in the same price range if any.

The same philosophy applies to the R-10SW’s design language and builds quality. The overall design of the R-10SW is similar to other Klipsch audio devices, creating an aura of uniformity. It is identical to Apple’s various computing devices.

The Klipsch R-10SW is a subwoofer in the entry-level category. It’s affordable for its impressive specifications. The lower price is appealing to those with a fixed budget. The R-10SW is an excellent option for audiophiles who are on a tight budget. It has a remarkable build quality, regardless of the price.

The Klipsch Reference R-10SW compact subwoofer is the best option if you need to upgrade your home theater speaker system for more bass. You can still get almost all the features you’d find on a higher-end model without spending the premium.

Klipsch Reference 10SW Features

Klipsch Reference 10SW Features

Setting up

The Klipsch setup is straightforward. This product is specific to assemble. The user manual is well-written and easy to follow.

The subwoofer’s practical and straightforward design made it possible to mount it on different surfaces. It is simple to mount the subwoofer and can be fixed securely without any shaking.

It is impossible to mount the subwoofer on the ceiling because it lacks rigging points. It is wired and comes with an AC adapter. You have the option to connect wirelessly. All of the unit’s functions are located at its rear. The plug is not located at the front.

Sound Quality

Klipsch reference offers excellent flexibility and excellent bass performance. The frequency response can range from 32 to 120Hz and has a frequency crossover level between 40 to 160Hz. The digital amplifier is 300 watts and helps to reproduce the sound. Most users consider the low-frequency response to be better due to the subwoofer’s solid injection modeling feature.

Line-level and Low-Frequency Effects inputs let you easily connect the R-10SW to almost any stereo receiver or home theater.

When you listen to music or watch movies, there is no clipping distortion or sound. The woofer will not emit any irritating air. You can enjoy an outstanding audio experience with the R-10SW by mixing low-frequency tones whenever you use different speaker types.

The huge woofer produces a natural low-frequency response with deep, undistorted bass reproduction. It’s a front-firing unit, so you can place it anywhere in your room and still get the seismic-level punches while listening to EDM or watching action movies.

This sub is for you if you are looking to make your music and movies sound great.


The subwoofer is made of a brushed veneer polymer. It is also painted in black, which, although not very attractive, looks terrific. The copper cone in the middle of the subwoofer makes it stand out from the rest. The Klipsch logo is located at the top of the subwoofer’s cone. This cone was adjusted with 8 black nails.

This cone covers the entire front of Reference at 10 inches in diameter and is securely secured by eight screws. With its Front-Firing Driver, It’s the key component of Reference 10SW’s outstanding natural low-frequency response. The minimal cone breakup gives the bass response an enormous kick.

The support rack is grey and fits perfectly into the subwoofers’ designs, making it elegant. The back of the rack is simple, with the company’s logo at the top and bottom.

It is 25 lbs in weight and can be placed comfortably in any room. Its universal design, black colors, and compatibility with other items in any room or studio make it easy to use.


Although the R-10SW is priced between $200 and $260, it is still relatively affordable considering its specs. This speaker is a good investment due to the international warranty. Its most significant selling point is the Klipsch price.

Other Features

Klipsch r-10sw review


R-10SW companion can be used with all Klipsch products. Its primary function is to add bass to the 5.1, making it compatible and compatible with many other speakers on the market.


This is the main reference component that provides the R-10SW with a natural frequency and a resounding response. It also offers a powerful response bass.

This module is ideal for speaker systems on the ground and can be used to support any Klipsch 5.1. Its large size gives you more bass. The model has clean and tight bass, making it ideal for larger rooms.

All Digital Amplifiers

The R-10SW includes a digital amp. This amplifier is fully integrated and delivers high-quality power, efficiency, and excellent reproduction. The amplifier can provide dynamic power of 300 W, which is more than enough for large and small rooms.


The Klipsch R-10SW is an outstanding sounding wireless speaker with solid build quality. Considering the price point, this is a great way to get great sound out of your music wirelessly in any environment.

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