Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer Review: Best Choice For You

Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer Review: Best Choice For You

This Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer Review will walk you through the remarkable characteristics of this subwoofer such as Design, power, sound quality, etc. Besides, Hooke Audio also mentions its shortcomings. Let’s get started.


After more than 75 years of designing speakers, Klipsch Audio can confidently say they know what it takes to make an excellent subwoofer. And the Klipsch R-120SW does not disappoint. It is not designed for large room or concert halls like their higher-end models but for small spaces like home theaters and bedrooms. The driver delivers power on all levels and is designed to produce accurate, deep bass reproduction.


  • IMG woofers are high-excursion copper-spun IMG.
  • 400 watt
  • Frequency ranges from 29 Hz up to 120 Hz
  • Output 116 dB
  • Bass reflex
  • Rear-firing port
  • All-digital amplifier
  • Line-level/LFE RCA inputs
  • Front-firing driver


  • It shouldn’t be below 29 Hz
  • It is a bit heavy

Klipsch Subwoofer R-120sw

Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer Review


Although one might be tempted to jump straight into performance, which we will, this model’s design merits some attention. Klipsch R120SW is a stunning model. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it is beautiful. As you will see in the headers, the design is both practical as well as aesthetically stunning.

This subwoofer’s build quality is exceptional, as is the quality of the material used to construct it. Klipsch R120SW is built to last so you can trust it for durability.

The unit is 31 pounds in weight, but it can be easily handled. Although larger models will be heavier, it is easy to move around in a room. Rubber feet make it easier to slide without scratching your floors. You won’t have too many concerns about subs as they are a permanent fixture in your entertainment area.

Textured Vinyl

The striking, elegant, and sophisticated black textured vinyl can be seen on top of the MDF cabinet. This beauty is apparent even when the grille is in place. It becomes even more evident when it’s removed. This gives the unit a unique look that is far better than a smooth finish. It also diffracts light differently, giving it a subtle, elegant, but not too bright, shine, and the black finish takes its overall appearance to a whole new level. This allows the unit to blend seamlessly into the ambiance of your space.


A textured surface is also more resistant to smudges than a smooth one. Smooth surfaces are more susceptible to fingerprints and smudges being left on them. A textured surface is more resistant to smudges and fingerprints, as it does not touch the skin in any way.

Although it may not seem like much at first, you cannot underestimate the importance of smudge resistance. I know how easy it can be for such units to get contaminated and how difficult it is to clean them up. The unit isn’t immune to smudges, so you need to clean them occasionally but not as often.


You just purchased an elegant unit. It’s your dream unit, and you love it. The unit’s appearance will deteriorate over time and sometimes in a matter of months if it is a cheaper model. The Klipsch subwoofer R120SW didn’t drink the Lazarus water, but it did fare better than other units regarding preservation. It is scratch-resistant. This is an excellent addition to the mixture, especially if the design is worth saving.

Grille & Components Underneath

The grille is not anything special; it has an effortless design. But that could be part of its charm. This contrasts nicely with the Klipsch logo and the metallic symbol above it. This unit allows you to choose whether the grille is on or off.

You will find eight rivets that are the same color as the grille and placed around the central copper-made woofer. It is a truly stunning sight. The unit can be set up in any way you like, with the grille or not.

Aesthetics & Sturdiness

It is a personal preference. However, the Klipsch R-120SW is an exceptional piece of beauty. Its design is so impressive that even the vivid descriptions and pictures fail to capture it. It isn’t shiny, but it’s not too dull. This is what sets it apart visually.

But looks are only one aspect. Although the design is complex, it is not delicate. The Klipsch subwoofer R120SW is strong. This subwoofer is solid and highly durable. Your room will have a dedicated space for quite some time. It will look amazing in your space, so don’t be alarmed.

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Klipsch speakers R-120SW review

Klipsch R-120SW Features

This Klipsch R120SW speaker review will focus on each feature and how it can elevate your home theater.


The 12-inch sub is the giant sub, while most subs are 10 inches or smaller. The more giant subs will produce more output, precisely what the R-120SW promises.

The maximum power rating is 400 watts. This can provide a whole room with clear, crisp music and improved bass. The subwoofer can be used to enhance the sound quality of your favorite tunes and also for gaming audio and movies.

Peak power refers to the maximum subwoofer can handle in short bursts. RMS rating refers to the full power your subwoofer can take while still protecting it from damage. Klipsch’s subwoofer has a RMS rating of 200 watts.

Frequency Response

Unlike speakers, a subwoofer does not need to have a frequency response at the low end of a spectrum. According to our audio engineers, the bass response ranges from 29 Hz-120 Hz, but it isn’t exceptional. Bass notes below 29, he won’t be in high demand. However, if you have low-frequency notes above this subwoofer’s capabilities, then they won’t be heard.

The brand’s exceptional sound quality is compensated for this, allowing you to hear every instrument and note.

Digital Amplifier

The Klipsch R-120SW subs include an all-digital amplifier. The brand took care of everything for you, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time connecting the sub to your system. This amp is ideal for those who need complete control over power but don’t compromise sound quality or performance. Moreover, it offers high efficiency and you will listen to what the creator intended to deliver.

High Excursion IMG Woofer

You’d first hear this unit’s High Excursion IMG speaker woofer. IMG stands for “injection-molded graphite” and the excursion indicates the speaker cone’s resilience.

The cone will move away from its original location when it is in operation. The cone’s maximum displacement during vibrations is called excursion. It can not be damaged by vibrations. The greater the excursion is better. You can amplify the sound without losing quality. You can also keep the bass level at a high level.


The R-120SW features controls that allow you to customize the listening experience. The Klipsch R-120SW has easy-to-use controls for low pass, phase, and gain.

Sound Quality

The only thing you need from a woofer is sound. While some people may compromise on other features, sounds must be the most important. The Klipsch R120SW shines in this area. It has a simply perfect sound. The sound is consistent even at high volumes. It also retains its punchiness, which makes it even more enjoyable.


The subwoofer’s bass quality is one of its most vital points. It sounds excellent and is very well-tuned. The quality is not sacrificed. It’s not boomy, but it stands out.

A well-detailed and elaborate bass is as essential to music lovers as the role of perfume in flowers. It doesn’t allow it to get muddy, nor does it overshadow the other sounds. The unit creates an optimal mix where each sound is represented in a balanced way. This is very pleasing.

Our team of sound engineers was impressed by Klipsch’s sound quality and bass. People purchase a subwoofer to enhance the bass of your speaker system and to create a better surround sound experience You shouldn’t compromise on sound quality.

Notes of High and Low Frequency

The Klipsch R120SW subwoofer offers a decent frequency range but is not the best. It is impressive, I don’t doubt, but it could be a little better. Rock music is excellent, and high notes are delicate. But it was the low notes that needed some improvement.

Notes below 29Hz are a little problematic. This is the lowest possible frequency input/output. While not all sounds are below this threshold, those that are can be played are challenging to understand. You might be able to pick notes down to 27 Hz with a powerful receiver. But that is not usually the case.

It is not an issue; the frequency range is quite good. However, lower notes could be improved. Although you can improve the performance of lower notes with a loud receiver like mine, it is still an area that needs improvement. Overall, however, everything is great, especially the bass.


This unit can handle any music, including pop, rock, new wave metal, jazz, blues, or classical music. The sound is balanced, and the unit produces excellent output in the 45-60 Hz range that most songs love. As we have seen, it can go much further than this range.

Its focus on bass is the best part. The Klipsch R120SW will bring life to your jam sessions and parties.

All-in-one Entertainment Sound Unit

It shines brightest when it comes to music. And why not? With such incredible detail afforded by bass, it is an all-in-one sound master. Do you want to spice up your movie viewing experience? Do you want to spice up your movie experience? This subwoofer is a great option.

This unit is a great all-in-one sound system because of its extravagant yet balanced sound quality. This unit delivers on every front and will surely enhance your entertainment experience. However, it would help if you did not violate any noise laws.


The Klipsch R-120SW is a great choice for someone with a tight budget. Unlike most expensive options, the Klipsch doesn’t have any speaker drivers in the rear of the enclosure, so there is no risk of sound leakage. For a 200 watt system, Klipsch gives a lot of power to the box. The bass response is solid and clean throughout all frequencies without distortion, even at maximum volume.

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