Klipsch R12Sw Subwoofer Review: Best Choice For You

Klipsch R12Sw Subwoofer Review: Best Choice For You
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The Klipsch R12SW is a perfect choice for people who want to experience deep and powerful bass. Equipped with the latest technologies, this subwoofer makes movie-viewing, gaming, and listening to music more amazing than ever before. However, what are the drawbacks of this product?

Hooke Audio will reveal all of the secrets in this Klipsch R12SW Subwoofer Review

Klipsch R12SW Subwoofer Review

The Klipsch

Klipsch was established in 1946 and is a US-based company. They have a great reputation for creating speakers, enclosures, and drivers that are very high-quality over the years.

Audio equipment products can be used in a variety of settings, including at home with home entertainment systems or public places such as AMC Theatres and Hard Rock Cafes.



The Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer measures approximately 14×18.5×16 inches and is 30 pounds in weight. Its cube-shaped design makes it look expensive and will be a great addition to any entertainment system.

Klipsch’s sturdy construction makes it strong and stable. Although it can be difficult to reposition the device, its benefits far outweigh these inconveniences.

Klipsch speakers are some of the most respected in the market, and their subwoofers don’t disappoint. The R-12SW is a great choice for those who want crisp bass and don’t mind big boxes taking up space or affecting other furniture.

The R-12SW 12’’ powered subwoofer is smaller than other models due to its build quality. Klipsch’s unique design technology allows it to produce clear sound at lower frequencies than other subwoofers. This gives them more headroom in frequency response and increases excursion capabilities.

The cabinet is made from standard Medium Density Fiber (MDF) and covered in a brushed black polymer veneer cabinet for added texture. This piece has a brushed black look that gives it a luxurious feel without sacrificing style or performance.

This high-tech subwoofer has a removable cloth grille covering its front. Its sleek design allows it to reach all corners of any room and is still visually pleasing in dark spaces thanks to its minimal curves and subtle LED indicator light.

This speaker has a sleek copper diaphragm that looks like an egg. It also has the dynamic power to match. Because many speakers can’t produce high volume and sound without sacrificing quality, the Klipsch R-12SW’s all-digital amplifier is 400W dynamic power equally impressive.

Klipsch’s 12″ driver is my favorite Klipsch piece. It delivers serious power at 100dB maximum output level. It looks great on any desk or shelf and you can hear all kinds of music delivered crystal clear due to the low distortion rate.

There are many materials that can be used, including paper, plastic, and copper speakers. There is no one best material to make speakers.

It all depends on how you use the speaker. For example, whether it needs to distort less at lower frequencies than other materials, last longer than others, or sound better in certain environments such as small spaces with lots of background noise. The copper diaphragm has the least flexibility, which minimizes distortion, especially at lower frequencies. It is also stronger than other materials.

A variety of controls are located on the speaker’s back, including power and volume. The rear-firing port is also located at the back.

The four thick rubber feet reduce vibrations when you play music at high volumes and also provide sound absorption. You can enjoy loud music without worrying about the noise coming through windows or other openings. This is great for hosting parties!

Features and Connectivity

Features and Connectivity

Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofers have a variety of inputs that can connect to your audio system. The back panel contains knobs and switches that allow you to adjust the frequency range, phase, gain, gain, etc. which are ideal if you desire customized sound quality.

Klipsch R-12SW includes a set of RCA audio inputs. The input on the left doubles as the input for low-frequency effects (LFE).

The gain control

You can adjust the volume of your receiver’s audio signal by using the gain knob. It will not be adjusted for input – if you want more bass (e.g. when watching movies), turn the knob to adjust the control of your subwoofer!

The phase control

The phase switch can be used to add an electric delay to the audio signal. You can also set it 180 degrees to reverse the polarity of your subwoofer. This may increase remarkably low-frequency response.

The Low-pass crossover

A low-pass filter knob allows you to adjust the number of powerful bass frequencies that will be transmitted through your subwoofer. A 60Hz cutoff means that any sound below 60Hz will be filtered out by the speaker system before it reproduces them. This can cause problems if instruments or vocals are in these ranges.

The Klipsch R-12SW’s impressive frequency range is between 29 and 120 Hertz, which is a measure of frequency. The adjustable low filters allow you to choose which frequencies are more important. Anything above 120 Hertz is left unaffected, while anything between 29 and 120 Hertz is reduced at different rates depending upon the setting.

To activate LFE mode, turn the low-pass filter knob completely to the right. This setting is not something you will change very often but it is useful when configuring amplifiers/receivers and connecting most speakers to surround sound.

Too much bass in one speaker won’t be enough to give you clarity or justice. We’ve all heard it before, with fuzzy music coming out of two directions at once. LFE is a low-frequency effects channel that sends only deep, rumbling frequencies through the music system. This ensures that every note sounds clear and balanced, without any distortion from heavy bass signals.


You can rest assured that this Klipsch R-12SW review will include all the major features of this subwoofer brand, as well as its power.

These subwoofer models are available in ten- and 12-inch sizes. They have 200W RMS power and 400W dynamic power, which allows your speakers to produce rich sounds that will enhance your listening experience to music and other digital media.

Despite the subwoofer’s power, you can be sure that it will listen well to any home theater system you choose.


Although some subwoofer brands require external amplifiers in order to function, this copper spun woofer comes with its own built-in digital amplifier that provides enough power to provide clear and deep-sounding audio across the entire spectrum.

Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer Setup

You’ll already be familiar with connecting the R-12SW to your system if you have used subwoofers in the past. The R-12SW can be connected to your system using the standard line-in and line-out connectors. It also has the same power requirements that any other subwoofer. Once all wires have been connected, the real fun begins.

Music lovers will tell you, without hesitation, that subwoofer placement is the most important aspect of getting it to sound right.

The R-12SW uses a front-firing driver that allows you to place it anywhere you like in any room. The sweet spot you already know, the one that makes everything sound just right?

The R-12SW will be able to take its place in the R-12SW’s rightful home as long as it can reach your cables. Simply slide it into place, turn it on and you’ll be able to enjoy its amazing glory.

The Wireless Kit

Kit wireless

For those who are looking for the best subwoofer without spending a fortune, the Klipsch R-12SW is a great choice. While other brands might offer more features than the Klipsch R-12SW, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is of better quality.

The Klipsch R-12SW is less expensive than other options within its price range. This includes the wireless connection features. Klipsch’s wireless kit comes with everything you need for wireless connectivity. Connect the Klipsch WA-2 antenna with a port on your amplifier’s rear panel to instantly experience unlimited music.

Sound Performance

Klipsch’s R-12SW subwoofer provides rich, deep bass without compromising accuracy. With its powerful tones, clear vocals, loud bass and captures not just the sound, this subwoofer will fill any room in your home stereo system.

If you’re looking for deep, high-performance subwoofer and smooth bass sounds from some top-notch speakers at an affordable price range, the Klipsch R-12SW is your best choice!

If you are looking for the best quality sound system, the Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer is a great choice. The 12″ speaker lets you enjoy deep bass with no distortion, even when you crank up the volume!

Copper-diagram drivers have a clear and bright sound that is less color than other materials. The copper diaphragm may explain the clarity of the audio. Copper is less flexible than other metals, such as aluminum and steel, when it comes in contact with high frequencies. This can cause distortion. This allows for a great listening experience, even if you’re not using the low frequencies.

Copper can cause audio signals to split at higher frequencies. However, the subwoofer plays only low-frequency sounds. The audio is clear and bright.

You may be surprised at the sound produced by the subwoofer. It produces a bass that is crisper than other devices but listeners are captivated by the precision and balance of each note.


Although the R-12SW’s price is higher than other devices, the R-12SW’s sound quality is unmatched. It is rare to find the features it comes within this price range. It has been a great investment for most people. The Klipsch received 4.5 stars out of 5.


Though it may be expensive, the Klipsch R12SW is a quality subwoofer that delivers on all counts. From the acoustics of the speaker to the design, this product has been received well by customers. The Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer is the ideal way to make your sound system come alive. The 12″ subwoofer delivers deeper bass and distortion-free sound compared with the same price range. Hopefully, this article can help you more understand R-12SW.

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