Klipsch R6 Headphone Review 2021: In & On Ear

Klipsch R6 Headphone Review 2021 In & On Ear

Klipsch produces some of the best speakers and headphones in the world. Their Reference R6i On-Ear and in-ear headphones are no exception. Klipsch describes their product as attuned and designed for music and movies with high-powered class D amplifiers. They also claim that their product is ideal for hearing every note, not just the low bass.

If you consider investing in a new headphone for watching TV or movie, I believe the Klipsch Reference R6i Headphones are an excellent choice. In this Klipsch R6 Headphone Review, Hooke Audio will show you all details about this device.

Klipsch R6 Headphone Reviews: Klipsch Reference R6i On-Ear Headphone

Klipsch Reference R6i On-Ear Review

  • Style: on-ear
  • Driver Design Dynamic: 40mm Moving Coil
  • Driver Components: Full Range Kg-150
  • Driver Diameter: 40 Mm
  • Mic/remote Mic+3-button Remote
  • Frequency Response: 20hz-20khz
  • Sensitivity: (1mw) 110db
  • Impedance: (1khz) 32 Ohms
  • Input Connections: 3.5 Mm
  • Weight: 160.3 Grams
  • Colors: Black

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful audio performance with intense bass-forward sound signature.
  • Comfortable, lightweight design.


  • Bass-heavy audio is not for purists.
  • Light on accessories.

Key Features of the Klipsch R6i Headphones

This is a new design on the Reference Klipsch R6i on-ear Headphones of Klipsch, which comes with a Klipsch-inspired logo on the top of the headband.

The Klipsch R6i on-ear headphone’s flat-fold design is the perfect audio accessory for the everyday traveler.

It also has a new look on the ear cup, which includes new ear cups and headbands. The new face on the ear cups and the new earpad design make it easier to wear for a longer time with a minor chance of getting ear fatigue.

Built from aluminum and elastomer plastic, they come with contour ear tips for a snug fit that should help keep out the outside world’s noise.

And an L-shaped jack offers a long cord for those who want to listen without having the phone so close. What’s missing is noise cancellation, which can be found on similarly priced ear bud from companies like JLab and RHA.

Design and Build klipsch r6i on ear

Design and Build Quality

The first thing we noticed is that the earcups and headbands are made of plastic which Klipsch claims to improve over the previous models.

The new design is more durable, lighter and will also feature a more leisurely time inserting the earphones. The old earcups were flat on the sides, making it hard to insert the buds into the opening on the back of the headphones.

The earcups are relatively large and feel a bit clunky in my hand. The sides are notched, making it easy to find the right size for your ears without having to twist the headphones inside the ear.

Some metallic-colored trim and the Klipsch headphones logo on the earcups only deviations from an otherwise flat black design. for premium comfort and noise isolation

The microphone compartment and inline remote control are located mid-torso, where the cables connecting to each ear meet into one.

The central multifunction button controls playback and track navigation (tap twice to track forward, three times to track backward) and phone calls management. You can also use the volume control buttons to adjust your device’s master volume.

The cord is 4 feet long and terminated in a 3.5mm jack. The earcups are free of strain reliefs but have a built-in rubber-like gasket to make for a more secure fit.

The Reference Klipsch R6i comes with a drawstring pouch and no accessories. It would have been nice to have at least a 0.25-inch adapter for headphone jacks.

Comfort & Fit

I have to say that I was surprised at how comfortable the On-Ear was. The Reference Klipsch R6i is, as it suggests, intended for on-the-go usage, and with this in mind, it’s designed to be light and flexible.

The earcups, which aren’t large but aren’t tiny either, are relatively shallow and fit most ears. For me, they fit comfortably with a few minor modifications.

The leather band and memory foam follow the same pattern as the rest of the technology-starved design. The design is perfect for any occasion, whether you listen to your favorite band on the streets, watch late-night movies without disturbing others, or make a personal phone call. These are a must-have for music lovers. They are lightweight, adjustable, and offer professional performance.

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Portability & Mobility

As I mentioned before, these headphones are designed for portability and mobility. They offer the best combination of portability and perfect sound in their class.

The headphones feature a carrying case, which is waterproof and ideal for any situation. The headphones are incredibly lightweight, which makes them perfect for portability.

Other features include a foldable design for easy storage, an anti-tangle mechanism, a built-in microphone, volume control, and an inline audio controller.



The R6i’s bass-forward rumble will be appreciated by fans of boosted lows when playing tracks with strong sub-bass content like “Silent Shout” by The Knife. The headphones are not distortion-free at high listening levels.

However, they can be pretty loud at moderate levels. Although this is a bass-driven sound, Klipsch does an admirable job matching the deep bass with high frequencies and high-mid frequency presence to keep things more or less balanced.

Bill Callahan’s track “Drover” has many low basses but still receives a healthy boost in the lows. The drums sound unnatural, thunderous than they should be.

The boosting appears to be more prominent in the lowest lows than the mid-mids. This means Callahan’s baritone voice, which doesn’t need any help in the bass department at all, doesn’t audio too muddy. The vocals and strumming are enhanced by crisp high-mid and high-frequency frequencies.

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild” have the kick drum loop get enough high-mid presence for their attack to give it some edge. However, they could use a little more to cut through the layers of the beat.

The Klipsch R6i on-ear headphones amplifier the loop’s sustain by adding some severe bass presence to the lows. Sub-bass synth hits are also delivered with subwoofer-like power. This track has clear vocals that project well over the mix. However, it is a more bass-forward sound signature.

The boosted low-end gives orchestral tracks like the opening scene of John Adams’ The Gospel According to The Other Mary, a lot more body than the lower register instruments.

While the vocals, brass, and strings in the higher registers are still the main focus, purists may find the R6i’s abundant bass response a little too loud. Bass lovers, however, will enjoy the fact that most orchestral tracks sound more prosperous and more packed.

Klipsch R6i Review: Value

The price tag brings you top-shelf quality in everything from the design to the striking, soft bag to carry the headphones in.

Since these are a relatively new product line, the price is a bit higher than I usually like to spend on a pair of headphones. But as with most things, you get what you pay for.

You get more than you pay for at $99.00. You get top quality, from the design to the soft, stylish bag in which you can carry your headphones. The mic and volume controls are easy to use, and the fit is better than any hoodie.

The R6i offers professional audio at half the cost of other options. You can treat your ears, wallet, and musical taste to premium sound quality.

This is an excellent $100 headphone pair for bass lovers, but not for those looking for a bit more overall balance. The sound quality is undeniably awesome, and the headphones are sturdy and durable.

Klipsch R6i in ear Headphones Review

Klipsch R6i In-Ear Headphones Review

Klipsch’s R6i in-ear headphones are designed for life on the go. They feature tangle-free cables, an integrated tangle-resistant cord, flat tangle-resistant cables, tangle-free Kevlar cords, and a reflective finish. Klipsch’s R6i in-ear headphones are perfect for traveling.

  • Style: In­ Ear Monitor
  • Driver Design: Dual Magnet, Dynamic Moving Coil Micro Speaker
  • Driver Diameter: 6.5 mm
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz­19kHz
  • Sensitivity (1mW): 110dB
  • Impedance (1kHz): 18 ohms
  • Noise Isolation: ­22
  • Input Connections: 3.5 mm
  • Weight: 15.2 g
  • Dimensions (Packaging): 7.9 ̋H x 4.5 ̋W x 1.3 ̋D

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality audio performance with rich bass response, crisp highs.
  • Comfortable design
  • Remote control and mic.


  • Some distortion on deep bass at top volumes.
  • Not for purists seeking flat response

Design and Build

The R6i in-ear headphones are among the smallest in-ear headphones Klipsch makes. Considering that they house a dynamic driver and an omnidirectional mic, these earphones are highly portable and lightweight.

The R6i, available in black and white versions, has a handsome, refined design with black/white-and-metallic earpieces connected by a flat, two-tone cable that splits toward each earpiece around mid-torso.

The left ear’s cable has an inline remote control with three buttons and a mic that can be used to answer or end calls. The 3.5mm connector can accommodate even the bulkiest cases at the end.

The R6i in-ear headphones have three controls: Volume up/down, mute, and the built-in mic. The control button on the cable is a bit flimsy and sticks out.

You have to get used to this or figure out how to adjust it. The inline remote control button is flimsy.

The R6i in-ear headphones come with a shirt clip, which further enhances comfort. The R6i in-ear headphones come with the shirt clip and tips, as well as a small, zippered protective pouch.

Comfort & Fit

Comfort & Fit

The remote control button sticks out a bit and is flimsy. The adjustable leather headband is very comfortable. I found the fit to be very snug. A loose fit can affect sound quality. I discovered that the R6i fits my ears perfectly with the patented oval ear tips.

Performance r6i in ear


The R6i in-ear headphones are capable of producing a robust bass response at medium-to-high volume levels. Crisp high frequencies balance the deep lows. On this challenging track, the R6i starts to distort at dangerously high levels.

However, a simple button click can reduce the volume and make the distortion disappear. It’s not a significant issue as the volume range it distorts is too loud to be safely monitored.

We can hear the R6i’s sound signature and balance better on Bill Callahan’s Drover. The R6i in-ear headphones, like more bass-boosted pairs, adds a healthy amount of low-end drums to this track.

Flat response headphones can make the R6i sound almost entirely devoid of low end. The lows of Callahan’s vocals and the drums sound great and not artificial.

Guitar strumming and lyrics have the high-mid presence needed to keep them clear and at the forefront. Sound amazing-crafted, with a boosted bass and treble and less attention to the middle range. It has a pleasant sound that emphasizes the correct frequencies without sounding brittle, harsh, or muddy.

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s kick drum loop in “No Church in the Wild” receive less emphasis on the mids and highs than I usually like to hear. The result is a dull attack that gets overpowered by the low-end sustain from the drum hits.

Although it sounds good, the drum loop is often sharper and cuts through the dense mix. The bass player will be delighted by the sub-bass synth hits that punctuate this beat.

Classical tracks like “The Gospel According To The Other Mary” ‘s opening scene get more boosting at the low frequencies than most people want. This makes the subtle presence of lower register instruments sound richer than if they had a flat response.

Although it’s an exciting music, it is exaggerated. The higher registers’ brass, vocals, and strings can sustain enough high-mid and high frequencies not to be overwhelmed by the boosted lows. This produces a sound that is appealing to many listeners and not just bass lovers.


These are the main features and functions of R6i in-ear and on-ear headphones; We hope that our Klipsch reference r6 review can help you know which should you choose? Both of them are very worthy of investing in this price range. Don’t forget to see our Klipsch R6i II review coming soon.


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