Klipsch Soundbar Review 2022: Is It For You?

Klipsch Soundbar Review 2022 Is It For You

The Klipsch soundbar is an exceptional audio device that creates an overall immersive sound. It also supports Bluetooth to stream audio wirelessly, making it easy to connect to any Bluetooth speaker to get the extra volume for your party!

Klipsch soundbars offer a quality that not many soundbars can provide. If you’re looking for an affordable way to enhance your TV’s sound and watching experience, then this is the perfect option for you.

Welcome to our Klipsch soundbar review!

Pros & Cons


  • Powerful audio performance, with deep, theatre-like sub-bass sound and crisp high-end definition
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Virtual surround mode sounds great
  • It can be extended to a true 5.1 system


  • There is no user-adjustable EQ

What is Klipsch Cinema 600?

Klipsch Cinema 600, a 3.1-channel soundbar, is part of its new Cinema Series. The Cinema 1200 (PS1,449) includes Dolby Atmos and a 5.1.4-channel system.

Next, the Cinema 800 (PS899) is a 3.1-channel soundbar that features Dolby Atmos via psychoacoustic processing. Finally, we review the Cinema 600 (PS549), a lower-end soundbar with Dolby Atmos via the psychoacoustic process.

The model number refers to the internal power. For example, the Cinema 1200 has 1200W. The new line-up features Bluetooth, HDMI-ARC, a 10-inch wireless speaker (in the case of Cinema 1200, it is 12-inch), and the Klipsch Connect remote application.

What is Klipsch Cinema 600

The soundbars feature the 90×90 Tractrix horns and linear travel suspension tweeters. The Cinema 800 and 600 offer the option to add wireless rear speakers to create 5.1 channel systems.

Both the Cinema 1200 and 800 have full HDMI 2.1 connections. This means that they support eARC and 8K and Dolby Vision passthrough.

The built-in Wi-Fi with Spotify Connect is available, and you can use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The Cinema 1200 provides a 5.1.4- center channel immersive audio sound experience with up-firing elevation speakers and wireless rear speakers.

While the Klipsch BAR 48 soundbar performed well when it was reviewed in late 2019, it suffered from a lackluster list of features. Let’s see how the Cinema 600 does this year.

Klipsch Cinema 600 Design

The soundbar measures 2.8 by 45.0x 3.4 inches (HWD) and features a wooden enclosure with a cloth-lined grille covering most of its visible surface. There are seven drivers under the hood: three soft-dome tweeters measuring 1-inch are mated to Tractrix Horns on each end and four cone woofers measuring three inches.

You can mount the soundbar on the wall using a guide and two brackets and screws for mounting. The back panel contains inputs for HDMI, optical (cable includes), and 3.5mm aux.

The back panel houses the connection for both the included power cable and information for the aux. These connections are also near the Pair button, which allows you to pair the subwoofer if it does not automatically connect manually.

Klipsch Cinema 600 Design

The Cinema 600 can play Dolby Digital audio when it is available. This allows for a discrete dialogue center channel and more theatre-like experiences (especially if you add rear surround channels). It can also be connected via Bluetooth.

The large at 18.5 by 14.3 by 14.5 inches, the subwoofer pairs automatically with the soundbar once the system is powered up. The enclosure is made of wood and has a 10-inch down-firing driver. The back panel contains a connection for a power cable, which is long enough to allow easy placement in the room.

There’s also a Reconnect button in case the sub loses its wireless connection with the soundbar. The system can deliver 600 watts combined power and a frequency range from 28Hz to 20kHz.

You can use the remote control to turn on or off the power, the LED (which dims/disables the LEDs on your soundbar), Bluetooth (for pairing and switching to paired devices), Analog (for 3.5mm aux input), Digital for the optical input), TV for the ARC connection), Sub Reset (resets sub to factory volume) and power.

You will also find book up/down and dedicated subwoofer volume buttons. There is also a play/pause button and buttons for Night mode, reducing bass and lowering the volume for quieter viewing. We’ll also discuss Surround mode, a Klipsch listening mode that can be used for TV and movies.

It takes two AA batteries (not supplied) and superhuman patience. The battery compartment is a flat, smooth area with no indentation or grip. Once it’s removed, you can open the remote and close it.

Klipsch Apps for Android and iOS are helpful because it offers firmware updates and an accessible manual. However, there is no adjustable EQ and other reasons to use the app regularly.

Although it is recommended to download the app and register your product, it is not necessary for regular operation.

Set up and Operation

Klipsch Cinema 600 is a plug-and-play solution that upgrades your TV’s built-in audio. Place the soundbar in front of your TV and attach the HDMI cable to your TV’s HDMI-ARC input. Then plug in the soundbar or subwoofer using one of the power cables.

It is easy to set up and includes everything you need, including an HDMI cable, wall brackets, and a template.

The sub should connect wirelessly to the soundbar, and once connected; a blue led will glow at the sub’s back. A pair of screws can be attached to the back of the soundbar to mount it to the wall. The template is used to attach the mounting brackets to your wall. Once you have done that, hang the soundbar on the mounts.

Use the optical digital input if your TV does not support ARC. Bluetooth is the only wireless connection. However, if you wish to stream music, you can pair your soundbar with your Bluetooth device.

There are a variety of LED indicators in the soundbar that display colored combinations you won’t remember. These can be dimmed and turned off.

Use ARC if your TV supports it. If not, you can use the optical digital input instead.

The following devices were connected to the LG 77C9 OLED TV for testing: Panasonic DMUB820 UHD Bluray player, Apple TV4K, and Manhattan T3R set-top box. HDMI-ARC was used to connect the TV to the Cinema 600.

This allowed audio to be sent from all three sources and audio from the built-in tuner of the TV and from video streaming apps to its soundbar. Bluetooth was used to connect an iPhone X, allowing music streaming from Spotify.

Cinema 600 Audio Performance

Blade Runner 2049’s crash scene in which Ryan Gosling is thrown from the sky in a vehicle that looks like a military-grade Lamborghini, the system produces powerful thuds and thunders even when the subwoofer is set at the mid-level.

You can dial it up to add some severe movie theatre-like rumble. The Surround mode sounds excellent and not too gimmicky. This best soundbar seems to improve the clarity of dialogue and expand the stereo field. The audio is apparent in both Surround and Stereo modes. However, the soundstage feels wider when the effect is on.

The Cinema 600 provides powerful sound and clarity when the Death Star explodes during Stars Wars Episode IV – A New Hope. Dialogue is clear and easy to understand. However, a Dialogue mode can be applied to films at three levels or turned off.

Surround mode is not recommended for music. It can make studio-recorded tracks sound strange. Some orchestral recordings may sound better with it on, but it’s not recommended for musicians. We tested Surround mode turned off and the subwoofer set to the middle.

Cinema 600 Audio Performance

The Cinema 600 can deliver the kind of low-frequency depth that you can feel in your stomach when listening to tracks with a lot of sub-bass, such as Silent Shout by The Knife. Even with the subwoofer turned up, it doesn’t distort at high volumes.

Wow, this thing is loud. This system is one of our most consequential in recent memory. It can be louder than most home theatres. The bass is rich and deep at moderate volume, but the mix remains well balanced.

Bill Callahan’s track Drover, which has a much lower base level, allows us better to understand the Cinema 600’s overall sound signature. This track’s drums sound full and deep. They can get quite loud if you crank the sub volume up.

However, we recommend that they be kept at a moderate level. Callahan’s vocals have a tremendous low-mid richness, high-mid treble edge, and bright, detailed acoustic guitar strumming. This is music that sounds beautiful.

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s No Church in the Wild have given the drum loop enough high-mid presence to allow its attack to keep its punchiness. The sub adds some thump to the circle.

The usual background hiss and vinyl crackle are now prominent in the mix. Sub-bass synth hits sound a little less potent due to the system’s thunderous output.

Although dialing the sub-levels higher adds depth to the drum loop, it doesn’t bring out the most profound sub-bass hits. This track has clear vocals that are delivered with a bit of sibilance. This track could have used some EQ to increase the highs, rather than just a subwoofer volume.

The Cinema 600 makes orchestral tracks sound great Cinema 600, such as the opening scene of John Adams’ The Gospel According To The Other Mary.

It has rich, full-bodied instrumentation with a lovely richness. However, the focus is on the brass, strings, and vocals at the higher registers. It is bright and detailed with an excellent bass response.

It’s a good moment to remind you that the Cinema 600 can also be expanded by two Klipsch Surround 3, which are rear left or proper channels.

These speakers are small and can be used wirelessly with the system. However, they require a powered connection. The combination of the soundbar’s length with the Surround listening mode will give you 5.1. Adding surrounds will bring you to 5.1.

You can see more about using a soundbar as a center speaker.


Klipsch soundbars are any good?

This is an excellent way for top-of-the-line products at a mid-range price. Expensive: The Klipsch soundbars range from $300 to $700. There is something for everyone. These models include an external subwoofer that can amplify the soundbar’s higher frequencies.

Is Klipsch soundbar Bluetooth?

Bluetooth(r) compatibility allows you to wirelessly stream music from any mobile device, audio device, or computer using the R-10B soundbar.

Is Klipsch soundbar Bluetooth

How can I connect my smartphone to my Klipsch soundbar?

  • For 3 seconds, hold the Bluetooth button on your remote or the source button at the soundbar.
  • The Bluetooth indicator LED will flash on the soundbar.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is on and then choose Cinema 600.



Klipsch makes excellent products for your TV. The sound quality you’ll get is fantastic; whether it’s movies or music, the Klipsch soundbar is an excellent buy for your audio needs. It has a sleek design that looks amazing, but it’s also easy to install, especially with the tool-less installation, making it extremely easy to install.

Hooke Audio hope you enjoyed our review of the Klipsch soundbar! What do you think of the Klipsch soundbar? Let us know in the comments!

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