What is Kyootbot Net Worth In 2024: Wiki, Family, Age, Ban, Boyfriend, And More

What is Kyootbot Net Worth In 2024 Wiki, Family, Age, Ban, Boyfriend, And More

Are you curious about the adorable and quirky world of Kyootbot? Well, you’re in for a treat! In this article, we’re diving headfirst into Kyootbot net worth. If you’re not familiar, Kyootbot is that cute little bot that has taken the internet by storm with its funny banter and tempting cuteness.

From its hilarious memes to its heart-melting videos, Kyootbot has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. But have you ever wondered just how much this digital sensation is worth?

Well, hold onto your seats because we’re about to spill the beans! Join us as we explore the fascinating journey of Kyootbot’s net worth and uncover the secrets behind its phenomenal success. Get ready for a wild ride filled with astonishing figures, jaw-dropping facts, and perhaps a few surprises!

What is Kyootbot’s Net Worth and Salary in 2024

What is Kyootbot’s Net Worth and Salary in 2024?

Full NameKiana (Surname not provided)
Popular NameKyootbot
Birth DateNovember 12, 1998
Age25 years old
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net Worth$4.37 million
Source of WealthTwitch Streaming, Modeling
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Kyootbot, who goes by the name Kiana, is a well-known member of the Twitch streaming community. She is known for her funny, female-led shows.

As of 2024, she is 24 years old. In terms of earnings, Her potential income from Twitch ranges between $2,177 and $5,926. Her record for Twitch subscriptions stands at 3,281 subscribers as of August 2022. The estimated net worth of Kyoot is around $4.37 million.

Kyootbot’s OverviewKyootbot's Overview Why is Kyootbot Famous


She began her career as a software engineer for a startup in San Diego, California, before transitioning to Twitch in 2018.

She quickly became popular thanks to her interesting and unique live shows where people try to get her attention by speed dating.

These sessions often have more than 6,000 viewers per stream, which has helped her get more than 440,000 fans on Twitch.

Despite being banned from Twitch multiple times for sexually suggestive conduct, She’s popularity has not waned. Instead, she has used these experiences to satirize further the cute streamer meme prevalent in the gaming community.

Her approach to making content is strategic and planned. She uses humor and satire to question the Twitch community’s expectations and norms. This approach has led to her ranking #902 on Twitch in 2024.

She is also a singer for the band Spaces on Spotify, and she sometimes shares her Twitch exchanges on TikTok. Even though she is successful, Kyootbot is still dedicated to giving back. She is involved in many charitable projects and helps people who want to be social media influencers.

As of July 13, 2023, She continues to captivate audiences with her unique content and magnetic online presence.

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Personal Life

Kiana, known by her online alias Kyootbot, is a 24-year-old Twitch streamer born and raised in California, United States. She has a large number of fans on social media sites, especially Instagram, where she has more than 112K followers.

Before embarking on her journey as a digital content creator, Kiana worked as a software engineer for a startup in her hometown of San Diego. Her upbringing was marked by the strict control of her conservative Navy veteran father, which led her to seek freedom in the virtual world.

Introduced to video games and the internet by her older sister, Kiana found solace and connection in these platforms. She exploited her childhood loneliness and ostracism to build her unique personality and career as a content creator.

As of now, Kiana’s relationship status remains undisclosed as she has not shared any details about her romantic life.

Kyootbot Latest news

Twitch Drama: Kyootbot, the Twitch sensation known for her speed-dating streams, found herself in hot water yet again. She was banned from Twitch less than a week after her previous unban. That’s right, folks, the ban hammer swung swiftly, marking her third suspension in 2022.

Talk about a rollercoaster! The reason? It might have been a quirky misunderstanding involving a link to spicy content in her bio, which turned out to be a harmless image of jalapeno peppers. Classic mix-up, right? But Twitch, keeping its cards close, hasn’t spilled the beans on the exact reason for the ban​​.

FAQs FAQs about Kyootbot

Who is Kyootbot?

She’s a Twitch streamer who’s made a name for herself with her engaging and often spicy speed-dating streams. A true entertainer in the digital age!

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Why is Kyootbot so popular?

Her unique blend of humor, charm, and the innovative concept of speed-dating streams has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide.

How many times has she been banned on Twitch?

As of the latest news, she’s faced the ban hammer three times in 2022 alone​​.

What was the reason for Kyootbot’s latest Twitch ban?

The specifics aren’t clear, but one of the bans involved a hilarious misunderstanding related to a link to “spicy content” that was actually just a picture of jalapenos!

How long do her bans usually last?

The duration varies, and Twitch keeps mum about the specifics. Given this was her third strike, it might be a lengthy timeout.

Does Kyootbot stream content other than speed dating?

While speed-dating is her claim to fame, she occasionally diversifies her content to keep things fresh and engaging.

Can Kyootbot’s fans interact with her outside of Twitch?

Absolutely! Like most streamers, she’s active on various social media platforms, offering fans a glimpse into her life and updates on her streaming schedule.

What makes Kyootbot’s streams stand out?

It’s the perfect storm of entertainment: engaging content, a charismatic host, and the thrill of live interactions. Never a dull moment!

Has she commented on her Twitch bans?

She’s been relatively open, sharing her thoughts and speculations about the reasons behind her suspensions, often with a touch of humor.

What’s next for Kyootbot?

Despite the hiccups, she remains a beloved figure in the streaming community, bouncing back with even more entertaining content for her loyal fans.


In conclusion, Kyootbot has not only won over our hearts but has also made a significant impact in the digital world. Its net worth is a testament to its immense popularity and the value it brings to its audience.

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As Hookeaudio has looked at her net worth over time, it’s become clear that this cute bot is more than just a viral hit. It’s a great example of how cuteness and fun can make a difference in our online lives. So, the next time you’re on social media, keep an eye out for her and think about the amazing journey it’s been on.

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