What is LaBrant Fam Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is LaBrant Fam Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

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Today, we spotlight the LaBrant Family, a family that has captured the hearts of millions. Through engaging content and a dedicated following, they’ve built an empire.

Join us as we explore the key factors contributing to the LaBrant Fam net worth and what makes their story unique in the digital space.

Quick Facts

Full NameCole LaBrant
Real NameCole LaBrant
Birth DateAugust 21, 1996
Age27 years old
ParentsSheri Lewis and Ken LaBrant
SiblingsLuke, Jack, Clay, Tate, Lily LaBrant
Birth PlaceTroy, Alabama, United States
EducationEnterprise High School, Troy University
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseSavannah Rose Soutas LaBrant
ChildrenEverleigh Rose Soutas Smith, Posie Rayne LaBrant, Zealand Cole LaBrant, Sunday LaBrant
Net Worth$12 million – $18 million
Source of WealthYouTube, TikTok, Instagram
Height6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight176 lbs (80 kg)
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What is Net Worth Of LaBrant Fam 2024?

What is LaBrant Fam Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, the LaBrant Fam’s net worth is a dazzling $12 million to $18 million.

This fortune not only places them among the prominent wealthy families but is also a testament to their unyielding dedication and innovative approach to content creation.

Their range of content, from heartwarming family vlogs to engaging challenge videos on their YouTube channel, which alone has amassed over thirteen million subscribers, highlights their versatility and appeal.

Their journey from individual paths of creativity and entertainment to becoming a beloved family brand showcases their influence and success in the digital world.

What is Salary/Income Of LaBrant Fam 2024?

The LaBrant Fam, affluent YouTube celebrities, have an income as diverse as their content, with a significant portion stemming from their YouTube channel, which generates an estimated $5.5 million in ad revenue annually.

Beyond ad revenue, they’ve mastered the art of brand endorsements, merchandise sales, and even a bestselling book that adds layers to their income stream.

Their strategic presence on Instagram and TikTok further enhances their earning potential, with single posts potentially raking in upwards of $18k. It’s this multifaceted approach to income generation that solidifies their financial success.

LaBrant Fam Overview and Wiki

LaBrant Fam Overview and Wiki

The Journey Begins

The LaBrant Fam’s story is one of love, family, and a meteoric rise to social media fame.

Cole LaBrant, initially known for his Vine stardom, and Savannah, a dancer turned social media influencer, combined their talents and charisma to create a family vlogging empire.

With their children, Everleigh, Posie, Zealand, and Sunday, they’ve captivated millions, turning everyday family life into a source of joy and inspiration.

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A Blended Family’s Tale

Their narrative is not just about digital content; it’s a modern-day fairy tale of a blended family that resonates with viewers worldwide.

Cole and Savannah’s union in 2017 marked the beginning of a journey that would see them navigating parenting, marriage, and a shared career in the limelight, with grace and humor.

Their openness about their lives, including the joys and challenges of blending their family, has endeared them to fans.

Content That Connects

Their YouTube channel is a treasure trove of family adventures, challenges, and moments that range from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Their ability to create content that is both entertaining and relatable has been key to their success.

From family vacations to parenting advice, and even personal milestones, they’ve shared it all, fostering a deep connection with their audience.

Beyond The Screen

But their influence extends beyond video content. Cole’s background in Vine and their collective prowess on TikTok and Instagram have allowed them to engage with a broader audience, leveraging their large following for brand collaborations and sponsorships.

This digital savvy, combined with their genuine personality and relatable family dynamics, has turned them into a powerhouse brand.

The Business of Being LaBrant

Their financial acumen is evident in their strategic approach to content creation and monetization.

With a keen eye on the evolving digital landscape, they’ve diversified their income, ensuring a steady stream through various platforms and partnerships.

Their entrepreneurial spirit, combined with their commitment to their family and audience, is a blueprint for success in the modern digital age.


LaBrant Fam Latest News 2024

There has been no information about him recently.

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Social Media accounts

FAQs about LaBrant Fam

FAQs about LaBrant Fam

Who are the members of the LaBrant Fam?

The Fam consists of Savannah Soutas, Cole LaBrant, and their children Everleigh Rose Smith-Soutas, Posie Rayne LaBrant, Zealand LaBrant, and Sunday LaBrant. They also have a dog named Carl​​.

When did the LaBrant Fam YouTube channel start?

Their YouTube channel was launched on May 19, 2015​​.

What type of content does they post on their YouTube channel?

They posts family-oriented content, including vlogs, challenges, and special moments from their daily lives​​.

How many subscribers does the LaBrant Fam have on YouTube?

As of the information available, this channel has attracted more than 12 million subscribers to their YouTube channel​​.

Have they won any awards for their content?

Yes, they received a Streamy Award in the kids and family category in 2021​​.

What are the ages of the LaBrant Family members?

As of the last update, Everleigh is 11, Savannah is 30, Cole is 27, Posie is 5, Sunday is 1, and Zealand is 3 years old​​.

What is the LaBrant Fam known for?

The LaBrant Family is known for their engaging and wholesome content on YouTube featuring their family life.

Savannah Soutas gained fame from ForEverAndForAva, and Cole LaBrant from the Vine collaboration channel Dem White Boyz​​.

Have any celebrities appeared on their channel?

Yes, JoJo Siwa has been a guest on the channel, including in a Halloween-themed slime video called “Ultimate Halloween Slime Contest”​​.

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What platform do they primarily use for their content?

They primarily use YouTube as their platform to share their content​​.

What genre does the LaBrant Fam’s YouTube content belong to?

Their YouTube content belongs to the Family genre, focusing on their life and adventures as a family


As we’ve navigated through the LaBrant Fam’s journey to financial success, it’s clear that their blend of authenticity and strategic content creation has paved the way for their impressive net worth.

Hookeaudio.com is your go-to source for uncovering the financial intricacies of your favorite digital creators. Their story is a testament to the power of family, creativity, and hard work in the digital era.

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