Hooke Lav

A wireless wearable microphone with studio-quality sound that captures dropout-free audio with one click.

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Hooke Lav: Wireless Lavalier Microphone

  • Internal Storage 8GB
  • Captures 24bit 48k .wav
  • Battery Life 7 Hours
  • No Latency or Dropouts
  • Bluetooth 5.0
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Your content is only as good as it sounds. Enter Hooke Lav: the first truly wireless, wearable Bluetooth microphone. This portable, low profile mic captures pro grade sound to any phone, camera or computer at the touch of a button.

Hooke Lav Receiver Modes
Hooke Lav Receiver Modes

Transform the audio quality on your camera, laptop, speaker, and other devices. Tap into powerful, hands-free recording by using two Hooke Lavs to override internal mics.


Record with two Hooke Lavs for livestreaming to your favorite apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Duet Mode is perfect for interviews, podcasts and more. Place Hooke Lav mics on two different interviewees and record their vocals respectively, and both recordings will transmit to the smartphone in real-time, mixed together with the video automatically

Hooke Lav

Great for musicians, songwriters and lecturers, record your sessions wirelessly using the Hooke Audio app and share your content with ease.

Solo Mode

Island Mode lets you record hands-free, without connecting to a phone or camera. You can “unplug” from the world and still record your thoughts, songs and sounds with just a clip and a click! Hooke Lav stores the capture onboard until you’re able to connect and upload to a mobile device.

Island Mode


Be Heard.

Hooke Lav opens doors for creators of all kinds. From the classroom to the stream, meet the mic you’ve been waiting for.

Hooke Lav

Fail-Safe Recording

In your audio capture, there’s no room for mistakes. That’s why Hooke Lav is equipped with 8 GB of internal storage and backs up every capture in real time, ensuring that your recording is secure and your sound is seamless.

Stylish & Discreet

The Lav is sleek and compact, Its brushed steel clip is secure and durable to withstand extensive movement.

Hooke Lav Descrete
Hooke Lav Anywhere

Record Anything, Anywhere

Enjoy the freedom of true wireless recording anytime you need it.

Hooke Lav

The first truly wireless, wearable Bluetooth microphone.

Internal Storage 8GB

Captures 24bit 48k .wav

Battery Life 7 Hours

No Latency or Dropouts

Bluetooth 5.0

Hooke Lav

Be Heard.