LG SN11RG Soundbar Review: Top Full Guide 2022

LG SN11RG Soundbar Review 2022 Is It For You

LG SN11RG soundbar review article to help you decide if the suitable soundbar is for your needs. Let’s explore the features of this one-inch soundbar.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to improve your TV’s sound quality, the LG SN11RG is a great option. This compact bar packs plenty of power, and its wireless connectivity makes it easy to set up.

The SN11RG delivers clear, crisp audio, making it an excellent choice for watching movies and TV shows. It also comes in at a reasonable price.

What is The LG SN11RG?

The LG SN11RG is the latest LG’s flagship soundbar, adding wireless rear speakers with up-firing speakers to create a 7.1.4-center channel immersive experience with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based audio.

The SN11 features Meridian audio technology, an AI-room calibration feature, eARC and Chromecast support, Hi-Res Audio, built-in Google Assistant, and support for Hi-Res Audio. This puts the new model in direct competition with Samsung HW Q90R soundbar and the upcoming HWQ950T.

This model is top-of-the-line and costs PS1,499 at the time of writing (August 2020). The SN11RG can deliver a rich, immersive audio experience with minimal fuss.

What is The LG SN11RG


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Fully immersive 7.1.4
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
  • eARC support
  • AI room calibration feature
  • Well made and sleek
  • Google Assistant built-in
  • Chromecast and Hi-Res Audio


  • HDR10+ Passthrough
  • Sub could be a little more


The SN11RG, like the JBL Bar 9.1, continues the trend towards a soundbar and speaker package hybrid. You won’t find as many boxes here, but there are no speaker cables or home cinema amplifiers.

You will need to be committed to your AV sound system. To position your rear speakers behind the sofa, you will need to move them away from the wall and locate a space for a large subwoofer. A soundbar of approximately a meter and a half will need to be placed at the feet of your TV.

After doing that, you might even consider that you can buy a complete dedicated centre speaker package and a home cinema amplifier for a fraction of the cost. An AVR and eight-speaker setup takes up more space, so this halfway house option could be ideal for you.

The LG Sound Bar SN11RG takes up a lot of ample space. The central unit measures only 63mm high, which will be easy to see on most TV screens. However, the soundbar’s length of 144cm means that you will need either a large TV unit or a decent sideboard. If you prefer to wall mounting brackets are available.

The center channel is 20mm tall and features a silk dome tweeter and 10 cm woofer. Left and right surround channels are provided by laterally placed 10cm driver units at either end of the bar. A pair of Atmos front speakers measuring 6.4 cm are located on the top surface.

LG SN11RG dolby atmos soundbar Build

The subwoofer is more straightforward and less bulky than the previous model. The subwoofer has a front-facing 18cm unit and a rear-facing port to provide backup. If you wanted to hide the sub, it could be hidden under a table.

These two forward-firing speakers are very similar to the subs but smaller boxes. There are 7.6cm units inside for the surround back left and proper channels and more 6.4cm drivers for Atmos. That’s 15 drive units in a 7.1.4-channel configuration.

Although setting up the soundbar takes a lot of work, the Home app makes it easy. However, the soundbar sometimes refused to connect to our router in testing. It is not difficult to set up wirelessly between the central unit, the sub, and the rears. Turn them on, and the soundbar’s software will take care of the rest. The soundbar’s rear lights will turn green to indicate that everything is connected.

The only problem is that neither the subwoofer nor the surround speakers can be truly wireless. They will require a power outlet just like the main soundbar. This means that they can use quite a lot of sockets in a single space. This shouldn’t be a problem, but it is less convenient than the battery-powered JBL Bar 9-1 solution.

It is difficult to connect the soundbar and subwoofer, maybe this How Pair LG Soundbar To the Subwoofer article will help you find the easy way.

Price, Release Date, And Features

The LG SN11RG was launched in June 2020. Its price of PS1,499/$1,600 allows us to get the bad news out of it early. This soundbar is one of the most expensive, with a launch price matching Samsung’s highly-regarded HWQ90R. It also includes the Hi-Fi likes of the Sonos Arc, which will be the best soundbar on the market if combined with a subwoofer/soundbar.

The SN11RG is a versatile device that can justify its high price. It can output a staggering 770W total audio power. This should be enough power to rock the Albert Hall and your living room.

It is also essential to use the 7.1.4 configuration for all of that power. The main soundbar features forward-firing speakers that are left, right, and center speakers at each end produce reflected side channels. Two side-firing width drivers provide height channels for Atmos.

Price, Release Date, And Features

A 7-inch subwoofer drives everything. It should provide a solid foundation for all the SN11RG’s high-end ambitions. Has four upward-firing speakers, instead of the usual 2. The fully functioning smart speaker also fires sound forwards.

Still, secondary drivers at the rear speakers’ top edges fire up channel information forwards and forwards to join the main soundbar’s up-fired channels. This creates that bubble sound associated with the best object-based (Dolby Atmos and DTSX) sound experiences.

The LG SN11RG has processing that can convert stereo and 5.1 audio sources to make the most available audio channels. These multi-channel conversions are not popular with stereo music purists. As we will see, LG’s Surround Mode upconverter works better than many other such systems.

The SN11RG can handle high-resolution audio formats up to 192kHz/24bit and play music from various apps, including Google Music, Spotify, and YouTube. It is compatible with Google Home. You can also control the soundbar using verbal commands.

The connections are reliable. Two HDMI inputs are available and one HDMI output. HDMI output supports eARC functionality. It can receive lossless Dolby Atmos or DTS:X audio from HDMI-capable TVs.

Finally, the SN11RG’s HDMI roster allows for 4K and HDR video transmission to your TV. This includes the premium Dolby Vision HDR format. Like LG’s TVs, the soundbar doesn’t support HDR10+ dynamic HDR.

HDR10+ is less popular than other HDR formats, but it’s still widespread. It is used extensively by Amazon Prime Video, but some 4K Blu-rays also have it.

The SN11RG does not support HDR10+, but titles that are HDR10+-mastered will still play through the SN11RG. They will instead appear as HDR10+, with HDR10+ lacking extra scene-by-scene information.

The SN11RG also has an auto-calibration feature that allows the soundbar to fire out a short sequence of test tones to determine if it can adjust its bound sound to your specific room characteristics.

Connections and Control

The standard connections on the LG SN11RG soundbar are two HDMI inputs and one HDMI output that supports eARC (Enhanced audio return channel). The HDMI ports can also pass 4K, HDCP 2.0, and a high dynamic range, including HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.

There are two physical connections: an optical digital audio input and one USB port. However, there is no Ethernet port to connect to a wired network. Wireless is the only option. The soundbar supports Bluetooth (v5.0, SBC), Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5GHz), and Chromecast.

The soundbar’s touch-sensitive controls are located towards the top of the central unit. These controls allow you to change the volume, adjust the volume, turn off the power, play/pause and mute the far-field microphones. You can also activate Google Assistant, and this not only allows voice control but also enables you to find information, play music, and much more

With a few minor modifications, the remote included is similar to last year. Despite being a sensible layout, the remote’s small dimensions could cause it to slip down the back of your sofa. The buttons are large and can control the main functions, such as power, volume, function (cycling through all inputs), and mute.

LG SN11RG soundbar Connections and Control

These connections work the same way as last year but support eARC. The remote is still tiny, but it’s effective.

These buttons allow you to select sound effects and activate Google Assistant for TV (not required when listening to music). You will find smaller buttons at the bottom for play/pause, skip forwards or backward, navigation of USB file folders, info repeat, night mode, as well as an auto power feature to make an optical connection.

LG also offers a speaker app for Android and iOS smartphones. This allows you to access all controls on your remote, as well as a few extras like Dynamic Range Control, Auto Volum Leveller or AI room correction. For limited power, you can also use Google Home.

HDMI-CEC users could adjust the volume using their TV remote if all this wasn’t enough. There’s also an option to use the built-in Google Assistant or a pair of far-field microphones to control the volume.

Setup and Operation

It is straightforward to set up the LG SN11RG, especially if using the remote app. Not only does it allow you to bypass the less-than-informative LCD at the front of the soundbar, but it also provides access to more features than the remote control, including the proper AI room calibration.

Place the soundbar on a flat surface directly in front of your TV. Make sure that all drivers are free from obstructions. For those who prefer to mount the LG brackets, The subwoofer is located at the front of your room and should automatically pair with the central unit. However, it can be manually paired if needed.

Upfiring drivers make sounds that bounce off the ceiling. However, their effectiveness will depend upon how reflective, and flat it is.

Rear speakers should be placed behind the main listening position and on either side. You can mark the speakers left and right. Some brackets can be mounted to walls if desired. However, make sure you don’t block the drivers. The central unit, subwoofer, and rear speakers will need to be plugged in. There are four total plugs.

LG SN11RG soundbar Setup and Operation

The illusion of overhead speakers is created by the upward-firing drivers bouncing acoustic beams off ceilings. This technology works best when there is a reflective, low ceiling. This technology may not work if you have a high ceiling that is uneven, vaulted, or very high.

The Ultra HD Blu-ray player, game console, and soundbar were connected using the HDMI inputs. All other sources were related to the TV, and the audio was sent back via HDMI ARC. If your TV does not support ARC, you can still use the optical digital connection. However, this will prevent you from benefiting from HDMI-CEC.

To test, I used an LG UP970 4K DVD player and a Sony PS4 console connected to the soundbar. A Manhattan T3R Freeview HD set-top box and a Panasonic DPUB820 4K Bluray player connected to an LG 77C9 OLED television.

Atmos’ ARC capability was tested with the TV’s Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV+ apps. The eARC capabilities of the TV were also tested by connecting the 4K DVD player to the TV and sending lossless sound back via HDMI-ARC.

To connect to Wi-Fi networks, you will need to use Google Home. However, this process is fast and straightforward. This app should allow you to set up Google Assistant quickly.

By selecting the BT function, you can create a Bluetooth link. I paired my iPhone X with the soundbar, which allowed me to check the stream music quality.

Google Home makes Wi-Fi setup simple, and eARC allows you to send lossless audio from your TV via HDMI

After installation, you can follow the instructions on the remote app. You can then use the AI room correction feature to optimize the SN11’s sonic performance for your particular acoustic environment. You can also use the remote control or the app to adjust the speaker levels manually.

The LG is simple to use. The soundbar can detect audio signals coming from any input and decode them automatically. You can use the different sound effects (modes) mentioned in the features section to decode audio signals other than DTS:X and Dolby Atmos.

Read our article to easy pairing: How To Connect Soundbar To TV?


The LG SN11RG offers excellent overall performance with an impressive soundstage that can be used in larger spaces and screen sizes. Side-firing speakers provide plenty of coverage, while the rears create surround sound envelopment. The upfirers are very effective depending on the ceiling. The subwoofer provides a solid foundation for bass.

This soundbar is great for watching TV, listening to music, or catching up on your favorite movies. The soundbar has a warm and rich sound combined with a lively and full-bodied delivery. This makes it both enjoyable and exciting, especially when you dive into the world of object-based music.

The soundtrack to 1917 features a stunning Dolby Atmos soundtrack, which extensively uses highly directional sound effects. These sound effects can only be delivered effectively by combining rear speakers with front and back overhead channels. This complex mix is handled with ease by the SN11, which can steer effects around the room with remarkable accuracy.

LG SN11RG soundbar Performance

You can hear the sounds of No-Man’s Land, bi-planes flying overhead, and there’s an overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia in the underground German barracks. The system displays excellent timing and tight bass as a bomb explodes.

The SN11RG has a unique ability to create ambiance. This results in a realistic soundfield that completely immerses you into a scene. John Wick’s climactic punch-up takes place during a storm. Thunder rolls overhead, and rain pours all around.

The soundbar puts you right in the middle with gunfire and punches that have a visceral impact due to the subwoofer. The sub could use more depth, mainly when dealing with bass-fests like Godzilla: King of the Monsters. LG chose cohesion over a sloppy low-end.

The soundstage is genuinely immersive with rich surroundings, overhead action, and tight bass.

The system uses identical drivers across the board to ensure a balanced sound field. This is especially important in films like Gravity which has a directional soundtrack. Audio maintains a consistent timbre from speaker to speaker, creating the illusion of a seamless soundstage. Rears fill the gap behind you, which was a problem with all previous LG soundbars.

This is a problem that plagued many of those soundbars. This is not the case here. You have to surround channels behind your ears and rear overhead effects.

It also plays a part by providing clear, precise dialogue focused on the screen. The mid-range is clear and crisp, with great detail in most of the delivery. This soundbar’s powerful amplifier also provides a wide dynamic range, which helps to promote a more aggressive and energetic sound mix such as Midway.

The SN11 can distinguish between the various elements of the battle. The sounds are clear, no matter if the aircraft is flying through a cloud of bullets hitting a ship.

Producing a balanced and wide front soundstage combined with tight localization of effects makes for excellent performance when playing music. Whiplash’s many drum solos are executed with precision and aggression, while the sub responds with an intense percussive kick.

The SN11RG was very good at music. It produced a 2.1 channel performance with excellent stereo imaging and responsive low-end. While better soundbars are available for music, none can deliver an immersive object-based experience.

The SN11 did a great job with the Atmos soundtracks on the C9’s built-in apps. This included the spooky bumps at The Haunting of Hill House or the hip-hop stylings of Hamilton.

The LG delivered a captivating performance with DTSX soundtracks. And the T-Rex attack at Jurassic Park is a masterpiece in sound design.

The scene is full of everything, from the low-end dino’s arrival to the thunder overhead and rain in the surrounding channels. The sequence is thrillingly exciting on the LG soundbar.

Should I Buy One?

The LG SN11RG soundbar is a remarkable one. It delivers a full-fat 7.1.4 channel system and bold, powerful, and loud delivery. This soundbar was a significant upgrade to the SL10YG last year and joined a select group of soundbars capable of delivering a truly immersive experience with Dolby Atmos and DTSX object-based audio soundtracks.

The SN11 is a great sounding device, easy to set up and optimize with the AI room correction feature. The SN11 also supports eARC, Chromecast, and various sound modes. It even has Hi-Res Audio along with the built-in Google Assistant. This soundbar is almost flawless and hard to fault.

It is unable to pass HDR10+. This is one of its limitations, but it’s not a significant problem. Although the subwoofer could be a bit deeper, this impressive effort by LG should prove to be ideal for those who want total immersion without having to use an AV receiver or speaker package.

Watch this video:

What Are My Alternatives?

There are very few soundbars that offer a 7.1.4 experience using actual speakers.

The JBL BAR 9.1 soundbar is an excellent option for tight budgets and cannot afford the SN11RG. It has detachable wireless speakers at the rear. This striking soundbar features a wireless subwoofer and eARC. It also supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and auto-setup. The JBL does not have HDR10+ passthrough like the LG, but it has only one HDMI input and no remote application.

Although the front soundstage is not as comprehensive as some, this unit is still a great performer and an excellent value for money.

LG SN11RG soundbar What Are My Alternatives

You could also consider the Samsung HW Q90R. The HW-Q950T will replace this 7.1.4-channel soundbar, but it is still available at PS999. The Q90R has a more prominent front soundstage and sounds excellent.

It also features a wireless sub, wireless rears, and upfiring drivers. After a long-overdue firmware upgrade, it supports DTS:X, and Atmos has two HDMI inputs and finally supports eARC. Although it doesn’t come with an auto-calibration, it can pass HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, making it one of the best soundbars available.


Can you add speakers for the LG SN11RG?

The LG SN11RG, the Korean manufacturer’s latest flagship soundbar, builds upon the SL10YG soundbar and adds wireless rear speakers that incorporate upfiring drivers to create a genuinely immersive 7.1. 4-channel audio experience with Dolby Atmos or DTS:X object-based audio.

How can I connect my LG SN11RG with Google Home?

Install Google Home App Download the Google Home app via the Google Play Store or App Store. Set up the Wi-Fi connection with app a. Connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi network you will use for your unit. For iOS devices, you should turn Bluetooth on your smartphone.

How can I connect my LG SN11RG with Google Home

How can I reset my LG SN11RG?

Hard Reset:

  • Turn the soundbar off and then unplug the subwoofer and soundbar from the wall outlet.
  • Hold the (Power Button), on your soundbar, for approximately 15-20 seconds. Then release.
  • Turn on the power supply and plug in the subwoofer & soundbar.
  • If there is a change, check it out.


It’s no surprise that the LG SN11RG is loved by its owners. It packs plenty of powerful and versatile features, which let you play sound from your smartphone or tablet through the TV. Its affordable price is a big draw, too. The soundbar does a great job of presenting audio and video, making it an easy choice for anyone looking to upgrade their TV’s sound.

If you’re looking for a great soundbar to get started, the LG SN11RG is a safe bet. Enjoy the video and leave a comment below!

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