Majority K2 Soundbar Review: Top Full Guide 2023

Majority K2 Soundbar Review Top Full Guide 2023

In this guide, Hooke Audio will take a closer look at the Majority K2 soundbar review and see what makes it so popular. The K2 soundbar is one of the most popular soundbars on the market, and for a good reason. It delivers excellent sound quality and perfect features for any home entertainment setup. 

Majority K2 Overview

Majority K2 Overview

Liste of Specifications

  • Channel Configuration: 2.1
  • Product Dimensions Soundbar-76.2×5.3×6.9cm Subwoofer: 19.7×19.7×28 cm
  • Weight: Soundbar 7.42 pounds
  • Bluetooth-RCA -USB HDMI Connectivity
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Power: Majority K2 150w soundbar

Pros And Cons


  • Nice design.
  • Perfect price point.
  • The Bluetooth subwoofer reduces the need for extra wires
  • There are many options for connecting.


  • FM Radio tuner may become annoying.
  • The speakers can emit noticeable static feedback at low volumes.
  • The sub-woofer lacks punch.
  • There are some issues with certain apps that can be downloaded on-demand app.

What’s Inside The Box?

  • K2 Sound bar
  • K2 Wireless Subwoofer
  • 2 Power cables
  • RCA Cable
  • Aux Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Remote

Majority K2 Soundbar Reviews

Majority K2 Soundbar Reviews

Design and Build

The majority K2 soundbar measures 76.2×5.3×6.9cm and is sleek and modern with a metal mesh front. It is 7.42 pounds in weight and has multi connection on the sides and back.

It can be connected to RCA and AUX and Bluetooth, HDMI ARC input. You can choose from two colours for the K2 soundbar: black or white.

You can mount the soundbar to the wall with its wall mounting provisions. If you plan to use the HDMI port, you must mount it at an elevated position. The port is not well recessed, so it may prove not easy to use once the soundbar has been mounted. You can mount the soundbar below your TV audio or behind it if you don’t want to mount it.

A small display section on the soundbar’s front shows the current mode of the bar at any given point. You can also switch between the modes. It is easy to see from a distance.

With its sleek plastic finish and wireless, the subwoofer looks excellent. It can be placed in any room within its range and connected via BlueTooth to the soundbar.

The wireless subwoofer and soundbar are lightweight and small, so they don’t require much space. They can be placed in a smaller area than other speakers.

The subwoofer and soundbar can also be placed anywhere in a room, so it’s not difficult to place them near the TV.

It isn’t easily switched between the ports on the soundbar, especially when mounted. Before you mount the sound system or set it up for your sound experience, this should be considered.

It is easy to set up and allows you to customize the output.


Majority K2 Soundbar features

The Majority of K2 sound bars have buttons on the sides that allow you to adjust the volume or settings. Thankfully, the remote control is also included.

The remote control is compact and easy to use. It has volume controls and buttons for elevating and decreasing the bass and treble. If you find the display light at the soundbar distracting, you can use the remote control to turn it off.

We would say the remote layout is a bit odd if we were to nitpick, which we certainly are. The volume controls are located on a circular wheel with the next track/back button, but the treble control and bass controls are below the buttons with the equalizer control button in the middle. It won’t affect your life.

Although remote controls are old technology, wireless connectivity is a great alternative. You’ll be happy to know that Majority K2 supports Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to sync your smartphone or another Bluetooth device with your Majority K2 so that you can listen to music directly from your device.

It’s easy to set up, and you can then listen to Spotify through the Majority K2. You can also skip, pause, and play songs with the K2 remote controller.

Majority Forest will plant a tree every time a device is sold as part of the scheme. This is good news for those who are environmentally conscious.

The Majority forest scheme has locations around the globe where it plants trees and supports local communities. Although it doesn’t make a significant difference in your superior audio experience, it is nice to know that the company you are buying from is doing something for others.


You will find the controls on the sides and back. On the side, you will find the power button and volume buttons and the mode button, USB control, and the line in.

On the back, you will find the optical input, subwoofer input, HDMI ARC input, DC power input, and FM Antenna.

It comes with a remote control that controls the soundbar: power, bass, and treble buttons; EQ, skip ahead, skip back, and FM Radio Mode.


Majority K2 Connectivity

You will need to connect the soundbar to the subwoofer before plugging them into power. You don’t need the soundbar and subwoofer to be close together, as they can connect via Bluetooth.

The subwoofer can be placed anywhere you like in the room as long as there is a power outlet.

Your preference will determine how you connect your soundbar to your television. Three options are available for connecting the soundbar to your TV sound: RCA cable, optical audio, or HDMI ARC. You may prefer the RCA cable for older TVs.

You can connect music, movies, and other media with the K2 soundbar’s wide range of connections. These connections include Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, RCA input, USB input, AUX Input, and optical Input.

This soundbar can be used with projectors, TVs, computers, MP3 players, and other devices. You can choose which audio mode you want to listen to Music, Movies, or Dialogue.

Regardless of the connection options, you can switch between modes easily using the remote control or the mode button.

You can choose from various EQ presets, but they don’t all have the same effect. For a complete home cinema experience, you might want to use the remote, or the treble/bass adjust buttons.

The subwoofer sounds excellent, fills the room with HD sound, and the surround sound is fantastic. The soundbar is auto scan by the setup when you turn it on.

K2’s soundbar doesn’t connect to Alexa or Google assistant. This could be a problem if your smart setup has this.


Majority K2 performance

The Majority designed the K2 soundbar to provide high-quality surround sound without affecting your audio experience.

Streaming will not affect the quality of your dialogues or beats. It offers a full-blown sound experience with delivering high-definition sound technology.

We were instantly impressed by the great sound quality of the Majority K2 soundbars. It was a vast improvement over the built-in TV speakers. This best soundbar delivered fantastic audio clarity for dialogue and many different games and shows. The K2 was able to produce explosive explosions while maintaining clear and crisp dialogue.

Although no soundbar can truly match surround sound, the K2 does a great job emulating it. It gives you the sensation of sound coming from all around you and not just your ears.

The Majority K2 can crank out a loud volume. You can adjust the volume from 1 to 32. However, we seldom needed more than 10 for loud audio in a large living room. It was on total volume for one second, but it quickly went off to avoid annoying anyone else in the city.

When you have a budget device, there is bound to be something to be sacrificed. In this instance, it is the subwoofer. Considering its size, you might expect a lot of power, but the output is relatively lackluster. Although it is still miles superior to standard TV speakers, the soundbars are not up to par.

Overall, we are delighted with our Majority K2 soundbar experience. We think that even if you look at it from the perspective of a first-time soundbar purchase, the improvements in audio quality will be worth the cost.

However, this is not going to replace the mid-range Sony HTX8500 Soundbar. The Samsung HWQ90R is the recommended choice if you want good sound quality without the high price.


K2 Price

The Majority K2 soundbar is priced at $79.95/PS79.95. This price is right in line with what we would expect from the best budget soundbar under 100. You can pay much more if you want a soundbar made by big TV brands like Sony and Samsung.

However, you will get better audio quality than what you get here. We are impressed by the Majority K2 soundbar for the price.

Register your Majority device online to receive a three-year extended warranty. This covers repairs and replacements. Your product can also be eligible for free technical support and advice throughout its lifetime.

User reviews

The Majority K2 soundbar is not only a great choice, but so are many others. Amazon currently rates it at 4.2 stars with 632 reviews. The majority also claimed that the device is in 2 million homes worldwide, making it a popular option for those looking for a soundbar at a low price.

It has excellent volume and sound quality. Others praise the superb value for money. Although there were some negative reviews, they were few and far between. The main complaint was the subwoofer.


FAQs about Majority K2 review

How do I connect my Majority K2 soundbar to my TV?

Using the RCA Audio Cable

Connect the RCA stereo audio cable to your TV’s stereo RCA (L/R) audio output ports (see your TV’s user manual for assistance in locating your TV’s audio output sockets). Connect the 3.5mm AUX end of the wire to the ‘LINE IN’ connector on the side of the soundbar.

How much should I spend on a soundbar?

A new soundbar with a subwoofer may cost as little as $150, and it’s vital for getting the most out of your watching experience. To assist, we compiled this list of the finest soundbars we’ve tested, including soundbars available separately and ones that come packed with a subwoofer.

Why is my soundbar so quiet?

So, why is your soundbar so quiet? This might be because your Soundbar has too few speaker channels, it is not big enough for your home theater area, the acoustics in the room are not supportive, the connection between the Soundbar and your TV is restricted, and other factors.

What size soundbar should I get for a 55-inch TV?

Because a 55-inch TV has an initial dimension of roughly 47.8 inches, you should have a soundbar that is 40 to 50 inches in size. It is fine to have a soundbar a few inches bigger or smaller. However, for the optimum sound quality, the soundbar should at least cover the bottom of the TV.


The K2 soundbar is a fantastic soundbar that can deliver incredible sound. It offers excellent features and functionality at a very affordable price. It also looks good, so it fits in well with any décor. However, it’s not for those looking for the most advanced sound quality in an affordable soundbar.

It has a few shortcomings that mean it’s not the best soundbar available, but it is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for something basic and extraordinary sounding at a low price.

So, don’t hesitate to pick up the K2 soundbar if you’re in the market for a budget soundbar.

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