Mebuyz Earbuds Review 2021: Is It For You?

Mebuyz Earbuds Review 2021 Is It For You

The Mebuyz earbuds are a perfect choice for people who want to enjoy listening to music and podcasts on the go. Here is the Mebuyz earbuds review. This pair has an attractive design that will please customers, as well as excellent audio quality.

They were recommended because they also come with two different sets of ear tips so you can pick your comfort level and get the most out of your experience.

What is so great about these earbuds? They have an attractive design, high-quality sound and come with two sets of interchangeable ear tips so you can find what’s best for you! So if you’re, you’re looking for a set that will give you fantastic sound, it is entirely suitable for you.

This post will also include pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Mebuyz Earbuds Review: Mebuyz S2 True Wireless Earbuds

The Mebuyz S2 is packaged in a plain cardboard box. You also receive a charging case, three pairs of eartips, and a micro USB charging cable.

This case doubles as a power bank and has a USB port at the back that allows you to connect to other devices. The earpieces last for 4 hours, but the charging case can be charged up to 20 times.

The tradeoff is a more bulky but less portable case. It is worth noting that the earphones don’t automatically turn off when they are returned to their charging case.

The fit is good – the small earpieces fit nicely in my ears. The S2 is small in size and has small protrusions to hold them in place.

This earphone is made of plastic, but they are relatively solid. The earphones are very light in weight – at 0.1 lbs (0.5 grams). The earphone has three pairs of ear tips, small, medium, and large. The tips are made of soft rubber. They are not replaceable.

Mebuyz S2 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Mebuyz buds rated this earphone IPX5 as water-resistant and sweatproof. The earphones are also very durable and offer decent sound isolation. It was able to block out all noises, even when I went out on the streets. The noise-canceling was better than expected.

The cable is detachable. It is made out of TPE material and is flat. The cable has a proper lasso system that comes with an inline remote and micro USB. A massive disappointment with the Mebuyz was that it doesn’t come with a charging case.

The connection strength is also quite good. I was impressed and experienced only one instance of sound dropping during my tests. Bluetooth 5.0 tech is used to make this possible.

This earphone can handle A2DP and HFP codecs. The earphones have good sound quality. This makes it an excellent option for listening to music and watching videos.

You can also use them while driving and doing other activities without missing out on any calls. The mic of these earphones delivers precise audio.

As with most true wireless earphones, I feel the sound quality of phone calls could have been a bit better. I find that I need to project and enunciate a lot more when making calls.

My primary interest is noise-canceling when I’m on the cell phone in my noisy truck and these do a much better job than other earbuds I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot of them.

The sound isn’t terrible, but it’s not particularly engaging either. While the fit, battery life, and IPX rating all come across as decent, the sound quality and the size of that charging case still leave something to be desired.

Low End

The S2 true wireless earbuds are lacking in chutzpah and oomph, but it still has some decent detail. This sound is acceptable for all genres of music, including electronica, hip-hop, rock, and pop.

The presentation is relatively flat and lacks some bass weight. The background noise suppression is also fairly minimal, and I found myself increasing the volume control on most tracks to hear the vocals.

Low End

As always, I also turned to my friends to see how they felt about the sound. It didn’t take them long to point out the lack of bass, stating that it was lacking in oomph and not well balanced.

Overall, the low end is entirely accurate and lifelike, but it’s less enjoyable for some tracks than I would like. This Mebuyz S2 true wireless earphone’s low-end could do with a bit more SLAM and green eggs.


The Mebuyz S2 buds sound excellent. Even the sound is a little more fidelity than I expected. Vocals are very intimate, but they sound great and primarily accurate.

The S2 buds have a somewhat prominent mid-range, but not in the overbearing way most earphones do. It’sIt’s noticeable in rock songs, with vocals sounding reasonably realistic.

It’s also one of the few earphones that can reproduce an acoustic guitar well. It doesn’t sound natural, but it’s better than any earphone I’ve heard before. This is likely due to its relatively slow transient response.

The overall presentation of the S2 is warm and inviting. The instrumentation is clean and suitable for classical and jazz music. Although the sound quality is not precisely mid-centric, the S2 feels quite complete in this frequency range.

High End

The Mebuyz S2’s smooth, fun highs are just suitable for electronica and pop. This sound is great for other genres, as well as jams like Happy and How U Doin.

While still retaining its depth, the slightly smoother sound is a benefit to both rock and classical music. However, I feel that the S2 true wireless earbud is primarily concerned with the high-end.

This emphasis on highs is evident even when listening to classic rock or blues.


With all the instruments present in the mix, the S2’s highs feel like they are always standing out. Even though the highs were emphasized, I didn’t find them overly bright.


The Mebuyz S2 buds are a closed-in and claustrophobic product that suffers from the dual curses of both an in-ear design and a genuine wireless connection.

The sense of space is very subjective, and there’s a lot of overlap. The soundstage still feels somewhat decent due to the small amount of depth.

This is pretty good for simple tracks but can be annoying for more complex recordings.

Some parts of the soundstage, such as the area behind the drums, exhibit a fair amount of depth. However, it doesn’t always feel like the instruments are floating in space.

Customer Review

Some customer opinions about Mebuyz S2:

I have yet to find a pair of earphones that are comfortable for more than 1.5 hours straight with long battery life. Despite this, the Mebuyz S2’s buds are lightweight and very comfortable.

Their sound quality, noise cancellation and stereo separation are amazing. The only thing I would change is the price.

The Mebuyz S2’s earphones are compact, high quality, long battery life, but they don’t fit well, making them slightly less comfortable than other headphones.

If I could change anything about these headphones, it would be the inability to find comfortable inner ear hooks that don’t scratch your ears. These earphones don’t come cheap but are well worth the money.

Ignore fake reviews, I’ve experienced it myself, these earphones were the best I’ve tried in the price range I’m willing to pay.

If you are looking for a set of earphones that will give you long-lasting satisfaction, good noise cancellation, then these are good buy products.

I would have to agree that the Mebuyz S2’s might not fit snugly in your ears, but they’re comfortable enough to where I was able to listen to them for almost two hours straight.

The only complaint I would have with the earphones is that they don’t come with a pair of ear hooks for your earlobes. Bass and no volume control at the headset, you have to use the phone.

Should You Buy Mebuyz S2?

There are a lot of benefits to buying Mebuyz S2. It’s one of the most powerful and newest cordless headsets in the market, and it looks incredible.

The sound quality is pretty decent and can even keep up with dedicated in-ears.

The build quality is on the more plasticky side and makes for an uncomfortable experience after a few hours. There are some cons to this headset, but it’s still one of the best options if you’re on a budget.

The S2 is a bit bulkier than other options but also has a higher price. In the end, it’s up to you how much the extra weight and the battery life are worth for you.


How can you use Mebuyz earbuds?

Remove the earbuds and place them in your ears. They will automatically turn on and enter pairing mode after initial pairing.

Why does only one side of my Bluetooth headphones work?

Mono mode is a mono audio format that plays the same audio in both ears. However, this can sometimes lead to an issue. Balance problems occur when the balance scale is turned to the right or left.

Bluetooth headphones work

Check your Accessibility settings to see if you have balance or mono mode. A slider will be displayed to the left and right earbud.

How can you fix Bluetooth earbuds on one Side?

How to Fix Wireless Headphones That Don’t Work on One Side

  • You can check the side balance.
  • Check Your Track Mono Or Stereo.
  • Turn on/off your headphones.
  • Connect Bluetooth.
  • While listening, insert the sound cable plug.
  • Pull the sound cable back.
  • Reset your wireless headphone.

Read more: How To Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works?

Why are my wireless earbuds constantly cutting out?

If you have audio issues, these are some suggestions, such as dropping out or cutting in and out. Bluetooth interference can be caused by Bluetooth interference if you move your Bluetooth(r), earbuds closer together. Turn your Bluetooth device off for a minute, then turn it back on to connect.

Why is my Bluetooth headset not working?

Move the Bluetooth devices connected closer to the speaker. Problems can occur if you have people or metal near the speaker. You may experience issues when you use apps on your smartphone or tablet or access the settings screen.


Hooke Audio hopes this article has inspired you to find your favorite earbuds. If you’re looking for a pair of high-quality, affordable earphones with Bluetooth capabilities and an array of colors to choose from, MeBuyz is a perfect choice.

They come in all shapes and sizes so that everyone can get what they need. With their latest Bluetooth technology, these wireless headphones will deliver the best sound possible without any wires getting in the way.

There is nothing better than enjoying music without having to worry about cords or tangles! The next time you’re out shopping for new earbuds, be sure to check out the MeBuyz selection today!


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