To those who have served,

Both of my grandfather’s are 1st generation immigrants and both served in WWII. I would be no where without the sacrifices they both made and the industries they help flourish in Detroit after the war. I was given many opportunities that they didn’t have. Which is why now as a business owner I am very excited to give back.

$50 of every Hooke Verse sold will go to Operation Homefronta leading charity that helps American Veterans & their families in times of need. You can see some of the specific families they are helping here.

Thank you to all who have served and Happy Memorial Day,

Anthony Mattana

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Founder, Hooke Audio

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What Is Hooke Verse?

Hooke Verse is the World’s first 3D audio recording wireless headphones that instantly unlock the ability to capture astonishing immersive audio to all of your devices. By using a proprietary Bluetooth recording codec, we deliver extremely high quality wireless audio recording to all devices – transforming the way you capture and relive the most amazing moments in your life, in 3D audio.

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