Micca Mb42 Bookshelf Speakers Review: Top Full Guide 2023

Micca Mb42 Bookshelf Speakers Review Top Full Guide 2023

If you are looking for top-of-line speakers to complete your media room or enjoy music, look no further than Micca electronics Mb42 bookshelf speakers. These speakers give outstanding sound quality and detail without breaking the bank.

Though they may not be perfect for all situations, anyone looking for a high-end sound at a reasonable price will want to add these to their shopping. And the Micca Mb42 Bookshelf Speakers Review is here to tell you why you should buy it.

Micca Mb42 Bookshelf Speaker Reviews

Micca Mb42 Bookshelf Speaker Reviews

  • Woofer 4-Inch Carbon Fibre
  • Tweeter 0.75-Inch Silk Dome
  • enclosure Rear Ported, Wood Grain Vinyl
  • Frequency 60Hz-20kHz
  • Power Handling 75 Watts (Each)
  • Sensitivity 85dB/1W/1M
  • Dimensions in inches: 9.5 (H), x 5.8(W), x 6.5

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight construction
  • Stereo space large
  • The magnetic grille is simple to remove and install.
  • Silk dome tweeter
  • Woofer made of carbon fiber
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Smooth treble


  • Bass is a little light
  • It is a little heavier than other budget speakers.

What’s Inside the Box?

  • Speaker
  • Rubber Feet
  • Manual for the User

Design and Build Quality

Micca Mb42 Bookshelf Speaker Design and Build Quality

The Micca Mb42 passive speaker has a stylish design. You can find small details and little things in the box’s design. The soundbox’s edges are round, which gives it a beautiful appearance. These designs are easily found at the cabinet edges.

The box has a stunning finish that gives it a gorgeous look. It is one of the most realistic faux wood grains you will find in this range. Despite all this, the best thing about getting these boxes to your home entertainment system is their size and dimensions.

These boxes measure 6.5×5.8×9.5 inches and weigh only 3 pounds. These boxes are lightweight and compact enough to fit in any space within a small room.

They are straightforward to hide in the room, making them the best budget speakers. You will find a grille on the backside of the soundbox.

You will find a 0.75-inch or 2 cm Silk DomeTweeter, black, pair, as well as a 4-inch, or 10 cm, woven carbon fiber woofer when you take out the grille.

On the back, other items you’ll find include pins, spades, banana plugs, and stripped bare wires. These things make the speaker an excellent choice for you. It would help if you remembered that the speaker requires a separate amplifier or receiver when you’re looking for it.

Sound Quality

Micca MB42 speaker is a great speaker. It produces high-quality music when you play a track in it. The box’s high pitch sound quality will amaze you if you look at its beginning. You will be amazed at the realistic sound it produces in this budget-friendly soundbox.

As such, when the drum begins to play the song, the speaker displays the clarity it can provide for you. This effect is made possible by the presence of tiny quality speakers within the box. You will not get the same result even with prominent speakers. For your convenience, here is the detail in a split format.

Bass Quality

Micca Mb42 Bookshelf Speaker Bass Quality

This speaker’s main feature is the deep bass. This speaker is quite significant in terms of its quality.

This bass quality shows that sound engineering uses a great mix of all the basics.

This woofer is the best. It is optimized so that it can enclose at 60 Hz or lower. These features are exceptional given the small size of the woofer.

If you listen to music a lot, you will notice that MB 42 won’t make the crystal clear sound dull. All these reasons mean that subwoofers are not necessary. The volume can be increased so that the woofer does not lose its composure.

Midrange Sounds

If you like the sounds great of the mid-range, then Micca speakers MB42 may be the right one.

As you can see, both male and female vocals will be found in the extended bass response. There are also pros and cons to consider when it comes down to the sound signature.

As you can see, many people love a clear and confident vocal. You can listen to it in the middle-range with no problem as it enhances vocal clarity in low volumes.

Upper Midrange

If you want to go for the upper midrange and produce low treble, MB42 speakers state that you are not very good at it. You will notice a slight problem with the quality if you listen to speakers sound.

These are due to both the unfiltered breakdown of woofer modes and the resonant tweeter peak. The output of the woofer drops, which causes vocals to produce a deep tone.

The upper midrange can have such problems. You can improve this by choosing a lower crossover point and a steep slope for a silk dome tweeter. This will reduce the audibility and low-pass the better sound quality of breakup modes.


Micca Mb42 Bookshelf Speaker Performance

When you place these budget speakers, your first impression is: Are they powerful enough? They are small, as bookshelf speakers should be. Your worries will vanish once you turn them on. They can fill a room of average size with 75 watts for each speaker.

A 4-inch carbon fiber woofer is a driving force behind the sound. It is made from woven carbon fiber and sits inside the cabinet with a rubber surround.

The Tweeter is a simple three-quarter inch, silk-dome design. A rear-facing, ported enclosure completes the sound production. This enhances the bass sound’s depth and richness.

They achieve a frequency response between 60Hz and 20kHz, which is very close to the Micca speakers MB42 predecessor. We mentioned earlier that there is a significant difference in the performance of these bookshelf speakers.

The MB42 speakers did not have a practical crossover to separate the frequencies. The 18dB/octave crossover has been redesigned to fix this problem. The performance has been significantly improved. They might seem unrelated to the old model.

The crossover is highly efficient and features nine elements. This creates an overall, balanced sound. However, it is dynamic and powerful.

This system has improved the speaker’s performance. This system has resulted in a better response across all frequency ranges.

These rear surround speakers are not a great deal of performance. They are very affordable and perform well.

In our view, they should be placed at least six inches from the wall. The rear-facing port will block the airwaves and affect the bass sound. This limits the options for positioning in many listening environments.

Packaging and Accessories

Micca Mb42 Bookshelf Speaker Packaging and Accessories

What do the French say? Micca delivers the MB42X bookshelf speaker in a well-protected box containing the central units and a user manual. It’s short and sweet.

Additional Considerations

These computer speakers are not only good for home cinema systems but also provide a great sounding source. Here are a few things to be aware of.

First, there is no built-in Bluetooth connectivity or WiFi connectivity. We consider this a minor problem. We are only interested in the sound and not how they connect to a TV or other things when we buy passive speakers.

Our descriptions have omitted one important point so far. These small speakers are not active, so an integrated amplifier is required. We are sure most people have already noticed this, but we felt we needed to mention it.

Micca MB42 Review – A Great Design At An Affordable Price

The MB42’s fame stems mostly from its excellent performance. The design works in terms of both aesthetics and sound quality. With the proper amplifier, these speakers may easily compete with more costly ones like the Mackie CR Series 3. They’re compact, well-made, and capable of producing excellent sound at both high and low frequencies.

The speakers’ enclosure is constructed of wood grain vinyl and measures 9.5 x 5.8 x 6.5 inches, making them ideal for individuals with limited space or those who wish to use them as computer speakers. A delicate fabric grille protects the 4-inch woofer, composed of woven carbon fiber.

Aesthetically, the Micca speakers MB42 is simple, elegant, and exceptionally easy to match with furniture or décor. If the speakers are too primary, remove the grille for a more industrial appearance.

While these speakers look and sound amazing, particularly for the price, they need an amplifier. They perform well with any amp as long as the impedance is between 6ohm and 8ohm.

Aside from that, they can generate crystal-clean music with very deep bass. Furthermore, even at high frequencies, the music is not distorted, and it may be integrated into a home entertainment system.

A Great Set Of Bookshelf Speakers To Start With

A Great Set Of Bookshelf Speakers To Start With

While the Micca MB42 lacks the wireless networking options seen in more expensive devices and an inbuilt amplifier, its low price makes it ideal for anyone looking for a pair of speakers that provide crystal-clear music without breaking the bank. The Micca MB42 is also popular among professionals who want to handpick all their gear rather than purchase an all-in-one package.

How It Compares to Other Products on the Market

There are many bookshelf speaker options. You can see our list of the top bookshelf speakers for 2018. However, different models are available to suit different needs.

The MB42 speakers was explicitly designed to be a budget option for people who don’t have the money or already have an amplifier but need a pair.

This model is popular among audiophiles due to its low price and ability to be tested. According to the manufacturer, if the product doesn’t work or is not satisfactory, buyers can request a refund without stating other reasons.

The HD6 from Audioengine is on the other end of the spectrum. It has many more quality-of-life features and the Mackie CR3 bookshelf speaker that caters to professionals.

The HD6 is a wireless connection device that allows the owner to stream music via various apps, services, and remote control, unlike the Micca MB42.

The added functionality does come at a higher price. Audioengine’s model is a luxurious product that can be used straight out of the box without additional equipment.

The Mackie CR3 is another alternative to the Micca MB42. These models have a modern design and feature more advanced components. They are intended to produce studio-quality sound.

This model, like the HD6, also features Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming. The CR3 model is a performance model, while the Micca MB42 model is for home use.

Micca MB42 Reference Bookshelf Speakers Alternatives

Polk Audio T15


  • Easy to mount
  • Wide dispersion, broad area coverage
  • Easy load for inexpensive amplifiers
  • Wide soundstage
  • Great bass
  • Ideal for budget surrounds since they sound best at a higher elevation


  • Flawed response and audible gap on direct axis height level
  • A somewhat cupped sound character on some recordings

Edifier R1700bt

Edifier R1700bt


  • Lovely midrange
  • Good audio source, smooth, enthusiastic sound good
  • Engaging and easy to listen to
  • Smart finish and build quality, little speakers
  • Affordable price


  • Boomy bass sticks out a lot
  • Slightly thin treble
  • Controls need a better finish

Micca MB42 Review: Conclusion

It’s a great thing to have an aesthetically pleasing speaker system and one that is functional and produces sound with accuracy. The Micca Mb42 speakers come in a very stylish-looking blue and white package.

The speaker system also comes with a universal remote control that allows users to power on/off, adjust volume, and change between audio tracks on a digital media player. We hope that our reviews can help you learn more about this speaker.

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