Monster Clarity HD Earbuds Review 2021: Is It For You?

Monster Clarity Hd Earbuds Review 2021 Is It For You

Earbuds are an extremely affordable option for someone looking for over-ear headphones. The Monster Clarity HD Earbuds review is geared towards people looking for an affordable option for over-ear headphones.

Monster Clarity HD earbuds are Monster’s best option for people who want to stay on the cutting edge of audio technology.

The cable is non-tangle. While you can plug them into any device, they’re designed with the intent of being used with an iOS device. The Monster earbuds keep things simple with no frills. But if you’re worried about sound quality, they’ve got it on lock.

Pros And Cons


  • Active noise cancellation technology
  • Earcups that pivot
  • Low battery alert tone and light
  • Simple swipe controls
  • Excellent treble quality
  • The tangle-free cord
  • Battery life of 24 hours


  • Buggy Bluetooth
  • Crazy cable noise
  • Feeling cheap

Pros And Cons of Monster headphone

Hardware Specifications

The Monster headphone does not list the exact specifications of its hardware on its website. We couldn’t find them anywhere on the Internet.

The official website does not provide much information on these headphones. The Monster tells us, among other things, that the Clarity High Definition In-Ear Headphones have reinforced stresses points that make them more resistant to tearing.

They are also built to noise-isolating and include Universal ControlTalk controls.

We measured the Monster Clarity HD In-Ear Headphones cable and discovered that it was 1.20 meters (3.93 feet) in length. This is relatively standard for in-ear headphones.

Hardware specs should also be mentioned. The headphones have a low profile suitable angle connector of 3.5mm audio jack and flat cables, which means they are theoretically a little more difficult to untangle than traditional ones.


Monster Clarity HD Wireless earbuds have a sporty look with rubberized driver housings. The Clarity HD Wireless headphones are not designed for sports and are intended for general listening. Monster has its sports headphones for sports.

The Clarity HD Wireless feels a bit cheap in build quality due to its all-plastic/rubber construction.

Plastic construction has the advantage of being extremely lightweight and comfortable around the neck and ears for long periods. However, it is slightly less premium-feeling and fragile than other options.

Even with an all-plastic-and-rubber construction, they manage to feel robust, as critical stress points for the cable are gusseted by rubber.  The Clarity HD Wireless headphones’ pivoting ear cushions are exceptionally comfortable and immersive.


Although the remote is not waterproof, it is protected against dirt and dust – which are the main enemies wireless headphones face in the gym.

They are not comfortable. They are huge, which is understandable as it is necessary to fit batteries and drivers in the same housing. Monster offers various ear tips in different sizes to ensure that you get the right fit for your ears.

We didn’t have any problems with the fit of the cable, but we did find it annoying to use. Monster included a cable keeper that is not removable to ensure users can keep the cable in place behind their necks.

Although this sounds great, the cable is eventually weighed down by remote volume control. This causes the left earbud to be pushed out of our ears when we listen on the move.

Cable noise is also a problem. If you are listening to classical music or jazz, you will hear the cable hum or your heartbeat.

This isn’t very pleasant and cannot be fixed by turning the earbud upside down and wrapping the cable around the ears. The cable’s angled drivers can only work in the downward position.


The Monster Clarity HD in-ears are not uncomfortable, even though the in-ear units can be pretty significant. However, the actual eartips aren’t too big. It is worth taking a moment to test out different sizes of ear tips to ensure that you find the best fit with the ear canal.

Otherwise, you might have problems with your in-ears breaking. We did experience instances where the in-ears would fall out despite having the perfect fit. However, securing the clip to your back helped us keep them from falling out when you’re playing music and phone calls.

These headphones might seem tempting for running or for exercising, but we suggest you look elsewhere. These headphones are not the best choice if you prefer to use them for running and exercising. Monster iSports will do a better job of staying in your ears.

The Monster Clarity HD in-ear headphones are very comfortable. However, their heavyweight will cause problems with the headphones not staying in your ears.


Monster headphones are known for their fun and exciting sound. However, don’t expect a natural-sounding product. These in-ear headphones sound great.

Let’s begin with the bass. These headphones are very good at it. We often find that more giant headphones suffer from a weaker bass than their smaller counterparts.

These headphones are not the best choice for people who want natural-sounding headphones. They have a potent bass boost and will please mega-bass lovers.


Monster has done an excellent job of making sure that the headphones sound not too muddy despite their big bass boost.

The Clarity HD in-ears are a bit more pronounced than other headphones, but it’s not too much. In our opinion, they hit the right spot in the middle range. They cut enough to enhance the bass but don’t take too much life from the music.

Clarity HD’s have an exceptionally high level of high-end. In-ear headphones can be frustrating due to high-end issues, but these headphones have enough high-end for vocals to stay present, and guitars and synths are not lost.

We would have liked a bit more high-end at the top end of the high-end range to bring out the cymbals’ roar.

The Monster Clarity in-ear headphones provide excellent stereo separation. Although the headphones are sound-isolating, Monster headphone claims they can be used for noise cancellation. We think this is a bit too much.


If you can overlook its odd fitment issues, you will be treated to excellent sound and battery life. Monster tuned the Clarity HD Wireless with great precision to produce a balanced sound signature that has a touch of warmth at the bottom.

The bass is powerful but not overbearing, like headphones from Marshall or Beats. The battery life is impressive, with 8+ hours of playback per charge.

Clarity HD Wireless is known for its high resolution, instrument separation, and wide soundstage. Music was lively with good speed, attack, and quality.

These headphones don’t have the exact resolution and texture reproduction as audiophile headphones, but they sound great for $80 (EUR80; PS79) wireless in-ear headphones.

We were impressed by the sound quality of the Clarity Wireless headphones for a week, but we found it challenging to use them. The headphones also had a very annoying Bluetooth bug.

Multipoint Bluetooth is a Clarity Wireless feature that allows you to connect two devices simultaneously, but we had to pair the second one manually.

Monster Clarity HD Earbuds Review: Other Features

Monster Clarity HD Earbuds are designed to deliver the best in sound with their proprietary flat-wire technology. They come in a stylish design, and for convenient storage, they come with a zippered carrying case.

The earbuds also come in three sizes of ear gels and seven different colors. They offer a lifetime warranty, and MonsterMonster says they will replace defective items.

The Clarity headphone sounds good, and they’re also comfortable to wear. They’re sweat-resistant, and we liked that they don’t require any special care like having to wipe them after sweating because the earbuds themselves were sweat-resistant.

The Clarity also has a built-in microphone for taking phone calls.

Other Feature

We liked the adjustable-angle in-ear ear gels, but they’re just too small for our ears.

We gave the Monster Clarity HD Earbuds an 8 out of 10, and we think you’ll like them if you want to use high-quality earbuds at a reasonable price.


In conclusion, the Monster Clarity HD Earbuds are a great set of earbuds. They produce excellent sound quality and fit comfortably in your ears without feeling too tight.

The Clarity Earbuds are also one of the best bangs for your buck earbuds on the market. The Clarity HD Earbuds look and feel like a pair of regular earbuds, but they offer better performance than most regular earbuds with equal sound quality and solid build quality.

And if you’re not a massive fan of the traditional white and black Monster color scheme, you can always get these headphones in alternate colors.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below! And if you need Hooke Audio to look up anything else about the Monster Clarity HD earbuds, please let us know!


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