Mpow Bluetooth Earbuds Review 2021: Is It For You?

Mpow Bluetooth Earbuds Review 2021 Is It For You

Mpow Bluetooth earbuds are a fantastic product from mpow. They have many great features, including sweat resistance, water-resistant, and they come with a carrying case for easy storage.

Mpow Bluetooth earbuds offer great sound and a comfortable fit, as well as a long-lasting charge. They’re an excellent option for those who want a pair of wireless earbuds that will stay put. For those who want to have the convenience of wireless, Bluetooth earbuds may be a perfect solution.

These earbuds can connect up to 2 different devices at the same time and will never lose connection. If you’re looking for an affordable way to stay connected to your music while working out or just going about your day, then these are the earbuds for you!

Mpow Bluetooth earbuds review is here to help you find the best pair of headphones that suit your needs. 

Mpow Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Mpow MX3

Pros And Cons


  • Well-rounded audio quality.
  • It works in mono or stereo mode.
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Wireless charging is supported.


  • Only one size for ear-tips.
  • There is no noise isolation for phone calls.

Mpow Bluetooth Earbuds Review Mpow MX3

Key Features

Overall Design

Mpow MX3 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds were designed to look almost identical to the Apple AirPods. The unit’s main body is vertically designed with the battery studs hanging down from it.

They are therefore bottom-heavy and will stay in your ears. They won’t move unless you hang upside down like a bat.

They share the AirPods’ tipless design, which is a good thing. No silicone tips are used to press into the ear canals. This lack of silicone ear tips can be both a blessing as well as a curse.

It allows those with sensitive ears to use the MX3 wireless earbuds comfortably. It does not provide superior noise isolation and is less secure.

Mpow has an innovative silicone earcap that compensates for these shortcomings. It is not an accurate ear tip. It won’t fit into your ear canal. It does fit snugly in your outer ear due to its grippy, squishy surface. It also provides noise isolation, at most a minimum.

These silicone caps are an excellent upgrade to your regular AirPod-style bud. The Mpow Flame Light Lite is a more secure option.

Overall Design

The Mpow Flame Lite earbuds feature a secure hook design that will stay in place in almost all situations. Their audio quality isn’t as good as that of the MX3.

The shells of the earbuds are made from plain white plastic. They have a modern, sleek appearance and won’t attract fingerprints.

The MX3 earbuds’ backs can be used as soft-touch controls to operate your phone. You can adjust the volume, skip or reverse tracks and control the music.

You can answer, end, or cancel phone calls and activate your voice assistant. You can also call Siri or Google Assistant with just one touch. Be careful. These controls can be actuated by accident, just like any other soft-touch control.

These earbuds have an IPX7 rating for water resistance. This rating is the second-highest water resistance rating and doesn’t require any special testing.

The MX3 wireless earbuds can withstand submersion up to one meter for at most 30 minutes. They won’t stop if you drop them in a puddle or take them to the shower.

The oval-shaped charging case is small and compact. Mpow’s earbuds are designed to drop horizontally rather than vertically, which is a departure from Apple.

It is an aesthetic choice and does not affect the function of the earbuds. They are moldable so that they fit perfectly. The buds will charge when you insert them.

They will automatically pair with the phone that they were previously paired with if you remove them. They are easy to carry. If you keep the wireless charging case in your pocket, its soft edges won’t dig into any part of your leg. The spring-loaded lid is secure until you open it.

You’ll find four LEDs under the front lid. These LEDs will only light up when the lid is closed or plugged in. They also indicate the battery level. You won’t be surprised by a dead battery.

It’s simple to charge your device when you need it. The back of the case conceals a USB Type C jack. A rubber plug protects it. The kit includes a charging cable so that you have everything you need.

Battery and Connectivity

The internal batteries of the MX3 are rated at five hours each. This is a short time for modern earbuds. Manufacturer tests are done at a moderate volume so that you might get less.

Four hours is a reasonable expectation at total volume. This is still enough time to get most people through a day. You don’t even have to plug it in after the four hours are over.

The case has enough energy to charge the earbuds four more times. You can go for 20-25 hours without needing to plug it in.

There are similarly-priced earbuds that offer 30-35 hours of total battery life, which is a fair bit more than what you get with the MX3.

There are two options for charging your case if it gets low. It can be connected to any USB C charging. It will then fully charge in approximately two hours.

A quick 15-minute charge will give you enough juice to playback for up to two hours if you are in a rush. You can also charge the MX3 with a wireless Qi charging cable.

The charger you use and other factors will determine how long it takes. It will take longer than wired charging. It’s faster than wired charging, but it’s still more accessible, and you can still top-up your battery overnight with plenty of time.

Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology is used to connect the earbuds. This standard is currently in the industry and compatible with all modern smartphones. It is also compatible with other devices, such as iPods and iPhones from earlier generations. Bluetooth 5.0 has many improvements over previous versions.

It offers more bandwidth which allows you to enjoy your music at a higher quality. You can also enjoy lower latency which means that audio and video are not separated.

While this won’t make a difference for music, it can make a huge difference when gaming or watching videos. Bluetooth 5.0 signals are also more stable, so there won’t be a lost Bluetooth connection.

The MX3 earbuds are also compatible with your smartphone in stereo or mono mode. Stereo mode is your default mode of music as you can enjoy the full audio quality.

There are several reasons why you might choose to use one earbud. You might want to keep your situational awareness in mind while listening to spoken words.

You can still hear the world around you even if you only have one earbud. One earbud is safer than two for hands-free calling while driving. You may also want to prolong longer battery life. Your buds will last twice as long if you use one earbud and then another.

Maybe You Need:

Audio Quality

Mpow MX3 earbuds have 10mm PU drivers. These drivers are slightly larger than average earbud drivers. You get better bass performance and not a muddy mess.

The flexible driver material also means that you get great lower mids and highs. They sound crisp and clear, with lots of shimmer at the high end. The soundstage is large, which allows for plenty of separation between instruments. They won’t sound as crowded as earbuds that are too expensive.

These buds aren’t studio-quality, but they do perform better than others at this price.

The upgraded Mpow X3 true wireless Bluetooth earbuds offer superior audio performance. They feature active noise cancellation (ANC), which reduces background noise.

Audio Quality

The drivers, however, are less powerful and don’t have a bass-heavy sound profile. They might be more suitable for travel, but not for audiophiles.

Next to the call quality, that’s its advantage. The actual voice transmission is evident. There won’t be any static, and your voice won’t sound distorted.

However, noise isolation is not possible. This means that traffic, crowd noise, wind, and traffic can all interfere with your voice.

Music and movies

It isn’t easy to imagine how earbuds could sound at $70. Although the Mpow X3 earbuds don’t rank at the bottom, they are priced well below other top-of-the-line earbuds. They can still compete.

The MpowX3 earbuds are an excellent value for money. They have a great bass response and noise isolation. You’ll still hear the rumble of TV and movies, and you can still hear your music.

However, they maintain a clear, crisp definition in the highs and mids that is difficult to find in cheaper earbuds.

This means that your music will sound full but retain its definition no matter how loud you turn it up. You won’t have to struggle to hear the dialogue in action movies. You can also enjoy podcasts and YouTube videos without needing to crank up the volume.

While they’ll likely be outclassed in the end by Samsung’s Galaxy Buds (which cost half as much), they’re still very durable. You can add some nuance to your headphones by setting up an EQ on the phone. I used the built-in OnePlus EQ for this purpose to reduce the low-mids and even out the sound.

Simpler than smart

The Mpow X3 headphones, for better or worse, don’t rely on voice assistants, touch controls, or other marketing fluff. They don’t have a companion app or any other fancy gestures.

They’re just Bluetooth headphones with good cancellation. This is probably the most innovative feature, and it works surprisingly well for only one outward-facing micro USB. It’s as simple as a long press on your earbuds to toggle it on/off.

Simpler than smart

Tap the earbuds to adjust volume, skip tracks, or call your voice assistant by long-pressing. That’s it. Mpow positions these headphones as solid, no-frills headphones and is cramming a feature set to sell them.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some cool features. The ANC works well for a pair of wireless earbuds. It also charges via USB-C. It’s a great price.


Mpow Bluetooth earbuds are wireless, offering excellent sound quality without any cords in the way. They are lightweight and small, which makes them perfect for runners, cyclists, and even skiers. This is an excellent pair of headphones for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with wires.

From the sound to the fit and the comfort, you will be pleased with these best Bluetooth earbuds. We recommend these headphones.

We hope you find this article helpful in your search for the perfect wireless headphone solution! If you have any questions or want help deciding which pair is right for your needs, please feel free to reach out anytime at


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