What is Ms Jacky Oh Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Parents & More

What is Ms Jacky Oh Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Parents & More

Hey there, folks! Ever wondered about Ms Jacky Oh net worth in 2023? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got all the juicy details right here. From her journey to stardom to her various income streams, we’re about to spill the beans on this talented lady’s financial standing. 

And yes, we’ll also touch on the heart-wrenching news of her passing. So, let’s dive right in!

Quick Facts

Quick FactDetails
Real NameJacklyn Smith
Popular NameMs Jacky Oh
Birth DateNovember 3, 1990
Age32 (at the time of death)
ParentsUnnamed African-American father and white mother
SiblingsNot specified
Birth PlaceOakland, California, USA
EthnicityMixed (African-American and White)
EducationUniversity of California, Berkeley
Marital StatusIn a long-term relationship
Sexual OrientationStraight
PartnerDC Young Fly
ChildrenNova, Nala, and Prince’Nehemiah
Net Worth$1 – 5 Million (as of 2023)
Source of WealthActing, modeling, social media, and entrepreneurship
Height5’6” or 167 cm
Weight136 pounds or 62 kg

What is Net Worth Of Ms Jacky Oh 2023?

What is Net Worth Of Ms Jacky Oh 2023

As of 2023, Ms Jacky Oh’s net worth stands at an impressive $1 – 5 million. She accumulated her wealth through a diverse array of income streams.

Her journey to this substantial net worth involved her roles in acting, modeling, her thriving presence on social media, and her successful foray into entrepreneurship.

Ms Jacky Oh Full Overview and Wiki

Ms Jacky Oh Full Overview and Wiki

Early Life and Background

Ms Jacky Oh, born as Jacklyn Smith on November 3, 1990, in Oakland, California, had a diverse heritage. She hailed from a mixed background, with an African-American father and a white mother, reflecting the rich tapestry of her ethnicity.

Her educational pursuits led her to the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, where she undoubtedly honed her skills and passion for the entertainment industry.

Rise to Stardom

Ms Jacky Oh’s breakthrough in the entertainment world came through her involvement in the MTV reality TV show Wild ‘N Out.

This pivotal moment in her career occurred during the show’s 6th season when the series creator, Nick Cannon, noticed her striking modeling work on Instagram.

This discovery catapulted her into the spotlight, and she went on to spend five seasons on the show, showcasing her versatile talents as a dancer, model, and even occasionally taking on co-starring roles in the series’ sketches.

Entrepreneurship and Business Ventures

After her successful stint on Wild ‘N Out, Ms Jacky Oh didn’t stop there. She ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, launching her own line of cosmetics known as the J Nova Collection.

This collection offered a range of beauty products, including lip liners, nose jewelry, and eyelashes, catering to the beauty needs of her devoted fan base.

Her entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop at cosmetics; she also secured brand deals with prominent companies such as Shein.com and Rihanna’s renowned brand, SAVA*E X FENTY. These lucrative ventures significantly contributed to her remarkable net worth by 2023.

Social Media Sensation

Beyond her television and entrepreneurial endeavors, Ms Jacky Oh established herself as a social media sensation. Her Instagram account boasted over 1.1 million followers, where she shared her life, fashion, and beauty tips with her devoted fan base.

Moreover, she managed a self-titled YouTube channel with an impressive 862,000 subscribers and a staggering 64 million views. Her presence on these platforms not only increased her popularity but also contributed to her overall wealth.

Personal Life

In the realm of her personal life, Ms Jacky Oh was in a long-term relationship with the talented rapper, DC Young Fly.

The two lovebirds initially crossed paths on the set of Wild ‘N Out, where their chemistry flourished. This union resulted in the birth of their three beautiful children: Nova, Nala, and Prince’Nehemiah.

Tragic Passing

Regrettably, tragedy struck the entertainment world in 2023 when Ms Jacky Oh passed away on May 31st due to complications arising from a cosmetic surgery procedure known as a mommy makeover.

It was a somber moment for her family, friends, and fans alike. Her untimely demise was ruled accidental, and no criminal charges were filed against the surgeon responsible for the procedure.

Social Media Accounts

FAQs about Ms Jacky Oh

How much does Ms Jacky Oh earn

Who was Ms Jacky Oh?

Ms Jacky Oh was a multifaceted personality known for her roles as an Instagram star, YouTuber, actress, model, TV personality, and entrepreneur. She gained popularity through her various ventures and social media presence.

What was Ms Jacky Oh’s net worth?

As of June 2023, Ms Jacky Oh’s net worth was estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

How did Ms Jacky Oh earn her wealth?

Ms Jacky Oh earned her wealth from her showbiz career and her own business ventures. She was a cast member on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out and also launched her own beauty line called J Nova Collection.

When and how did Ms Jacky Oh die?

Ms Jacky Oh died on May 31, 2023, due to complications from cosmetic surgery.

Who was Ms Jacky Oh’s partner?

Ms Jacky Oh was the longtime partner of comedian DC Young Fly.

What was Ms Jacky Oh’s heritage?

Ms Jacky Oh was of Brazilian heritage. She was born to a Black father and a White mother.

Where did Ms Jacky Oh grow up?

Ms Jacky Oh grew up in Oakland, California.

What was Ms Jacky Oh’s real name?

Ms Jacky Oh’s real name was Jacklyn Smith.

What was Ms Jacky Oh’s age at the time of her death?

Ms Jacky Oh was 32 years old at the time of her death.

What was Ms Jacky Oh’s business venture?

Ms Jacky Oh ventured into the beauty industry by creating her own lip-gloss line called J Nova Collection.

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In the world of entertainment and entrepreneurship, Ms Jacky Oh left an indelible mark. Her net worth in 2023 has proven her talent and hard work. While her untimely passing was a tragic loss, her legacy lives on through her contributions to the industry. Thanks for joining us on this journey through Ms Jacky Oh’s financial world.

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