Mw60 Headphone Review 2021: Is It For You?

Mw60 Headphone Review 2021 Is It For You

If you’re looking for a wireless and fitness-friendly headphone option, take a look at the MW60 Wireless Headphones from Marshall.

They are designed to be worn over your normal ear for maximum comfort. And while they are certainly wireless, the MW60s feature a full-sized cord that can be wrapped around the neck when not in use.

And like many other wireless headphones, the MW60s contain internal rechargeable batteries. If you plan on using the MW60s for extensive periods, you’ll want to make sure you charge them up beforehand.

Keep reading Mw60 Headphone Review; Hooke Audio will show you all details about this headphone, and considering, is it a good quality Bluetooth headphone?

Mw60 Headphone Review: Master Dynamic MW60 Wireless Headphone

Master Dynamic MW60 Wireless Headphones

  • Bluetooth connectivity: 4.1
  • Codex: aptX
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Driver Type: Neodymium
  • Driver Size: 45mm
  • Weight: 345g

MW60 Bluetooth Headphones Pros and Cons


  • Great design
  • Good warm sound quality
  • Great Bluetooth connection
  • Good battery life and Build quality


  • Sound leakage is a problem
  • Not too snug on the head

What’s Included?

  • Master Dynamic MW60 headphones
  • A leather case
  • Further accessories
  • A USB-C charging cable
  • A conventional cable and an adapter
  • A fabric cable bag
  • A quick start guide

Design mw60


Master & Dynamic is known for its excellent design sense. The Master & Dynamic MW60 proves that. These headphones are beautiful, made with high-quality materials, and look great. MW60 comes with a wealthy and sufficient package and is in line with other headphones that are priced similarly, if not even better.

There are many colors available so that you can find the headphones that suit your taste. The black headphones are being reviewed with gunmetal highlights.

Wireless headphones have a few controls that you need to learn to use. The rules are straightforward to use in our experience with Master & Dynamic headphones.

One switch is located on the left earcup for power and Bluetooth pairing. A few buttons are on the right for volume control and a playback button.

These headphones are built to last. You can easily replace the ear cups if they become worn out. Magnetic ear cups can be removed and replaced with new ones if necessary.

Everything you need is included in the box. The box contains the headphones as well as a MicroUSB charging and audio cable. Master & Dynamic could have used USB-C to charge these headphones as it did with the MW50’s, but we suspect it didn’t because the Master Dynamic MW60 was released earlier.

The Master Dynamic MW60 headphones, in general, are a masterpiece in the design department. These headphones are stunningly beautiful, very easy to use, and feel premium. It’s hard to imagine a better pair of over-ear headphones.


The headphones are beautiful, but are they comfortable? They are comfortable but not perfect. The ear cups’ padding is soft and comfortable. The ear cups have memory foam and a good level of the clamp. This makes it a very relaxing experience.

Although the headband is quite comfortable, a bit more padding would be a good idea. The headband is not uncomfortable, but it is not painful. After listening to it for a while, you’ll notice that it is there.

Functions and Controls

Functions and Controls

The Master and Dynamic MW60 Bluetooth headphones have both a swivel and a folding mechanism. The Master Dynamic MW60 headphones can adapt to individual head shapes and be stored in the provided case without any difficulty. This wireless headphone is also very comfortable to wear.

The wireless headphone is pretty heavy at 350g. This is even with the cable attached. You can easily remove the ear cushions and swap them with new sets using a magnetic and locking pin system.

There is only 13mm of adjustment for the head, so there’s little room to adjust. These headphones are not the best choice for people with large ears or heads.

The supplied cable can be used in place of Bluetooth mode. It measures 120 cm in length and is ideal for wearing under clothes when music listening.

Master & Dynamic designed the MW60 for mobile audio listening, not passive noise isolation listening at work. The MW60 has the standard Bluetooth control elements, and they are distributed across both earpieces.

The on/off pairing switch is located on the left ear cup. On the right, you will find three buttons that control volume, forward, and backward skipping, as well as a call answering button.

An omnidirectional microphone reduces ambient noise for smartphone applications. The case has two LEDs integrated to show battery life and pairing status. The Leica lens, an optical godfather, is indicated by a red knob at the top right earpiece.


The Master and Dynamic MW60 is truly a wireless headphone that doesn’t look like your typical pair of Bluetooth cans. The MW60s have a unique antenna in the left earcup to quadruple the standard range of 30 feet. Master & Dynamic claim that they can reach 100 feet. This is a bold claim. These could not be jumped if there weren’t any walls in my way.

However, if you add a few walls to the area, things can get a bit chaotic. It was amazing how fast it worked, considering how far away I was from the source device and how many floors/walls were in my way.

These are perfect when used with a phone that is within easy reach. This is how most people will use them. It was easy to pair it with a phone. The volume buttons can be held down for a few seconds to change skip tracks or go back to the previous one.

Battery Life

Master and Dynamic mw60 offer a 16-hour battery life, but our testing revealed closer to 14 and 15. It’s still a solid battery and should last for the average commuter for at least a few hours before they need to recharge it. You can always plug in your audio cable to continue listening to music if you run out of juice.

Sound Quality

Although I tested the headphones on various portable devices, such as tablets and phones, I could also try them on my Scarlet 2i2 Audio Interface.

This allowed me to see how they perform. It is important to remember that these headphones don’t provide active noise cancellation. I could hear conversations around me during commutes if I turned the volume up to maximum.

The isolation is good enough to serve, they don’t cut absolutely all the ambient noise, but they block enough to do their job as portable or rather ultraportable headphones.

Sound leakage is the problem. A good seal can prevent sound leakage. This means the outside can hear my music, and the inside can hear me.


These are not the right music for you if you like boomy, thumping bass. It doesn’t necessarily lean towards accuracy. It’s somewhere in between accurate and embellished.

That’s what makes it great. Santigold’s “Can’t Get Enough Of Me” was a favorite of mine. It’s a great song partly because of its simplicity and because I could not help but nod my head to the beat.


Mids have a lot of emphases, but not too much. Vocals are clear and listen fairly loud, and the guitars provide a lot of detail. A great example is “Afterlife” by Avenged Sevenfold, where all the grit and guitar sounds are preserved without making it sound forced.


The highs were not harsh and had good details in hi-hats and cymbals. But they weren’t obvious. The joys did have a slight pull, but this is normal with headphones since most people don’t like high-pitched Bluetooth sounds that are more than an inch from their ears.


Bluetooth 4.1 allows the Master & Dynamic headphones to connect to your listening device. This gives you a range of 10 m or 33 feet.

The battery life is 16 hours. This is a good but not outstanding result. This is a typical range for headphones. We prefer Master & Dynamic to go a bit closer to 20 hours. However, 16 hours will be sufficient for most users.

Customer Feedbacks master dynamic mw60

Customer Feedbacks

“I have had these headphones for about 2 months now and I absolutely love them. It is a really impressive headphone. They sound signature good, have a good build quality, are well made, have incredible battery life, etc. And they are wireless. Can’t beat that.”

“I would recommend these headphones to anyone who is not just looking for a Bluetooth-enabled headphone that can connect to their mp3 player or their phone and talk into them, but also has some use for the gym, workout, running, walking, anything outdoors. It is a pretty cool looking headphone, also provide an interesting sound

“This is a good pair of headphones with brilliant sound quality and absolutely gorgeous. It comes with a cable and also an aux cable to use with devices that do not have an audio jack. the noise isolation can block ambient noise very well.”

“These are great headphones with sound sharp amazing battery life. I purchased these for my 13-year-old son for Christmas. He wears them for school, but my husband and I wear them too. And I see quite a few folks left their good review on Amazon. Very comfortable.”



Overall I was very impressed with the MW60s. They offer excellent performance for such a low price and feel like a quality product. The MW60s also come with a warranty and accessories to ensure that they’re able to survive a rough and tumble lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a cheap and good pair of Bluetooth headphones, then these headphones may be an idea produce for you. We hope that our review can help you learn more about this device.

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