What is Phyllis Stokes Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is Phyllis Stokes Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Are you curious about the net worth of the late YouTuber, author, and chef Phyllis Stokes? Well, look no further as we dive into this topic and explore all the details of her life, career, and earnings. Phyllis was a well-known personality on YouTube, and she shared various videos on cooking, household tips, and personal stories with her viewers. She passed away in January 2020, but her YouTube channel continues to be active through her son who keeps uploading videos.

After her death, people have been wondering what Phyllis Stokes net worth was and if it has changed since then. Let’s find out with Hookeaudio

Quick Facts

Full NamePhyllis Stokes
Real NamePhyllis Stokes
Birth DateJanuary 8, 1945 – January 25, 2020
Age at Passing75
ParentsInformation not provided
SiblingsInformation not provided
Birth PlaceSouth Carolina, USA
EthnicityInformation not provided
EducationInformation not provided
Marital StatusInformation not provided
Sexual OrientationInformation not provided
HusbandMr. Bucky (Husband, mentioned in the context)
ChildrenSon (Continued the YouTube channel)
DatingInformation not provided
Net WorthInformation not provided
Source of WealthYouTuber, author, blogger, and chef
HeightInformation not provided
WeightInformation not provided
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What is Phyllis Stokes Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Phyllis Stokes Net Worth 2023

According to the available information, Phyllis Stokes and Son have an estimated net worth of about $100 thousand. However, the finalized net worth is not known. It is important to note that this estimation is based solely on revenue from YouTube advertisements and does not take into consideration other sources of income.

Phyllis Stokes Biography


Phyllis Stokes was born on January 8, 1945, in South Carolina, USA. She grew up there and spent most of her life in her hometown, where she eventually became a successful YouTuber, author, and chef.

She started her career by selling books on Amazon before creating content for YouTube. Phyllis was married to Mr. Bucky, who also appeared in some of her videos. Sadly, both of them passed away, and her son has been keeping her channel alive ever since.

Age, Height, and Weight

As mentioned earlier, Phyllis Stokes was 75 years old at the time of her death (January 25, 2020). Her height and weight are not publicly known, but she appeared to have a healthy physique in her videos.


There is little information available about Phyllis Stokes’ parents or family background. She rarely spoke about her personal life outside of her videos or website.


Phyllis Stokes’ education history is also unknown. She never mentioned her educational qualifications in her videos or website.

Career and Awards

Phyllis Stokes Career and Awards

Phyllis Stokes was a multi-talented personality who wore many hats throughout her career. She was best known as a director for her work on the show “Phyllis Stokes and Son” in 2012. However, her talents extended far beyond directing.

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Stokes was also an American YouTuber, how-to demonstrator, blogger, author, and chef from South Carolina. She was the creative mind behind the website southernfrugal.com, where she shared her knowledge and skills with a wide audience.

Phyllis Stokes’ Career

Stokes’ career was diverse and dynamic. Her YouTube channel, Phyllis Stokes and Son, was a significant part of her professional life. Here, she shared various how-to demonstrations, cooking tips, and other lifestyle content.

The channel’s estimated earnings as of July 2023 were reported to be around $1. In addition to her YouTube career, Stokes was also a successful author and chef, contributing to the culinary world with her unique recipes and cooking techniques.

Awards and Recognition

Despite her significant contributions and popularity, it appears that Stokes did not receive any formal awards or nominations for her work on Phyllis Stokes and Son. However, her influence and impact extended far beyond the need for formal recognition.

Her work was appreciated by a vast audience, and her legacy continues to inspire many even after her demise on January 25, 2020, in Saint Matthews, South Carolina, USA.

Personal Life

Phyllis Stokes resided in South Carolina, where she filmed her videos. Occasionally, she featured her husband, Mr. Bucky, in her videos, creating a warm and family-oriented atmosphere. Unfortunately, no further details about her personal life are provided in the given context.

Phyllis Stokes News 2023

We couldn’t find any recent news about Jade The Libra in 2023 because she passed away in 2020.

Social Media Accounts

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FAQs about Phyllis Stokes

FAQs about Phyllis Stokes

What type of content did Phyllis Stokes create on YouTube?

Phyllis Stokes created various types of content on her YouTube channel, which included video recipes, storytime videos, and other content related to her life in South Carolina.

Did Phyllis Stokes publish books before her YouTube career?

Yes, Phyllis Stokes published books and sold them on Amazon.com before becoming a YouTuber.

What was the name of Phyllis Stokes’ website?

Phyllis Stokes had a website called southernfrugal.com.

Where did Phyllis Stokes live and create her YouTube videos?

Phyllis Stokes lived in South Carolina, and she created her YouTube videos there.


In conclusion, Phyllis Stokes, a prominent YouTuber and director, has made a significant impact through her channel, Phyllis Stokes and Son. While her net worth is estimated to be around $100 thousand, her true net worth is not known.

Phyllis’s career focused on providing informative and entertaining content related to gardening and sustainable living. Her relatable personality and humorous approach endeared her to a wide audience. Although limited information is available about her personal life, Phyllis Stokes remains a respected figure in the YouTube community. Thank you for reading.

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