What is Piper Rockelle Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is Piper Rockelle Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Piper Rockelle is an American actress, singer, dancer, and social media personality, has taken the internet by storm with her engaging and creative content. With over 10.4 million subscribers on YouTube, she has become a successful YouTuber, captivating her audience with funny and interesting videos.

In this article, Hookeaudio will delve into Piper Rockelle net worth and salary in 2024, provide an overview of her life and career, and answer some frequently asked questions about this rising star.

Quick Facts

Full Name:Piper Rockelle Smith
Real Name:Piper Rockelle Smith
Birth Date:August 21, 2007
Age:16 (as of August 2024)
Parents:Piper Smith (Father), Tiffany Rockelle (Mother)
Siblings:Tyler Ray Hill, Hunter Ray Hill
Birth Place:Atlanta, Georgia, United State
Education:Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science & Technology, Georgia
Marital Status:Single
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Dating:Lev Cameron (2020-Present), Gavin Magnus(2019)
Net Worth:$4 million (as of 2024)
Source of Wealth:YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Online Clothing Store ‘bby’
Height:5 feet 0 inches or 152 cm
Weight:45 kg or 99 pounds
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What is Piper Rockelle Net Worth 2024?

What is Piper Rockelle Net Worth 2024

Piper Rockelle is a popular teen internet personality, singer, dancer, and actress who has amassed a massive following on various social media platforms.

With her unique style and captivating content, she has become one of the most beloved influencers among young audiences. As of 2024, Piper Rockelle’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Piper Rockelle Wiki

Piper Rockelle was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on Aug 21, 2007. She grew up in a loving family that supported her creative talents. Her mother, Tiffany Rockelle, played a crucial role in her career by nurturing her passion for performing arts.

Piper Rockelle Career and Awards

Piper Rockelle Career and Awards

Piper Rockelle is a renowned social media personality who has made a name for herself as a YouTuber and TikTok producer. She started her journey in the limelight as a child model, participating in numerous competitions and earning fame at a young age. Her love for animals is well-known, with her providing homes for hundreds of stray cats.

Her venture into YouTube has been a massive success, amassing over 10 million subscribers. Her content ranges from pranks to challenges, all of which are loved by her fans, known as the #Piperazzi. Piper’s influence extends to TikTok, where she has earned over 10 million fans for her comedy videos and choreographed dance routines.

Piper’s talent and hard work have not gone unnoticed. In 2019, she bagged the Shorty Award for Breakout Creator of the Year. The following year, Time Magazine named her one of the 25 Most Influential Teens.

She is also renowned for her roles in the American online series Mani (2017) and Chicken Girls (2018), in which she co-starred with Jules LeBlanc, Hayden Summerall, and Hayley LeBlanc. She also recently participated in Matt Dugan’s horror short film Dark Eyes as Daphne.

She has also been nominated for two Streamy Awards for ‘Breakout Creator’ and Creator of the Year.

  • 2019: Shorty Award for Breakout Creator of the Year
  • 2020: Named one of Time Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Teens
  • Nominations: Two Streamy Awards for Breakout Creator and Creator of the Year
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Despite facing some challenges in 2022, when her YouTube channel got demonetized following a list of abuse allegations against her mother, Piper continues to create and share content with her fans. Her resilience and dedication to her craft are truly commendable.

In conclusion, Piper Rockelle’s career is a testament to her talent, hard work, and passion. From modeling to creating engaging content on social media platforms, she has made a significant impact in the digital world. Her awards and achievements are well-deserved and reflect her influence and popularity among her millions of fans worldwide.

Piper Rockelle’s Personal Life

Despite her young age, Piper Rockelle has already made a significant impact on her fans, who affectionately refer to themselves as the Piperazzi or Bbys. Piper’s family plays an essential role in her life, with her mother, Tiffany, being her biggest supporter.

Together, they run a cat rescue, providing assistance to over 100 cats in need. Piper’s love for animals is evident in her dedication to this cause.


Piper and her mother have faced criticism and controversy over the years, with several allegations of exploitation and abuse made against them.

In January 2022, eleven former members of the Piper Squad sued Tiffany and Hunter Hill, Piper’s boyfriend, for allegations of abuse and exploitation, such as not paying them after video appearances and making sexually explicit comments. Piper’s channel got indefinitely demonetized and removed from the platform’s Partner Program, following the lawsuit.

In July 2022, Piper and Tiffany countersued the parents, seeking $30 million using the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (or RICO Act), claiming that they fabricated allegations and extorted them. A court trial is set for Fall 2024.

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Piper Rockelle’s News 2024

  • In January, she released a new single called Butterflies. The song has over 10 million views on YouTube.
  • In February, she announced that she would be starring in a new Brat series called Total Eclipse. The series is set to premiere in 2024.
  • In March, she launched her own clothing line called Piper Rockelle Collection. The line is available on her website and at select retailers.
  • In April, she was featured in a campaign for the clothing brand Hollister.
  • In May, she released a new book called Piper Rockelle: My Life as an Influencer. The book is a memoir about her experiences growing up as a social media star.
  • In June, she went on tour with the other stars of the Brat network. The tour visited cities across the United States.
  • In July, she released a new song called Yesterday. The song has over 5 million views on YouTube.
  • In August, she announced that she would be taking a break from social media to focus on her schoolwork.

Social Media Accounts

FAQs about Piper Rockelle

FAQs about Piper Rockelle

What type of content does Piper Rockelle create?

Piper Rockelle creates a wide range of content, including vlogs, challenges, pranks, fashion and beauty content, and videos showcasing her daily life and experiences.

Does Piper Rockelle have a YouTube channel?

Yes, Piper Rockelle has a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs, challenges, music videos, and other types of content. Her channel has gained a significant following.

Is Piper Rockelle a singer?

Yes, Piper Rockelle has ventured into music and has released original songs and music videos. She often showcases her singing and music-related content on her social media platforms.

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Is Piper Rockelle involved in acting?

Yes, Piper Rockelle is also known for her acting roles. She has appeared in TV shows, movies, and digital series, showcasing her versatility as a performer.

Does Piper Rockelle collaborate with other creators?

Yes, Piper Rockelle frequently collaborates with other social media influencers and content creators. Collaborations often result in creative and entertaining videos.


Piper Rockelle’s rise to fame as an American actress, singer, dancer, and social media personality has been nothing short of remarkable. With a net worth of $4 million in 2024, she has established herself as a successful YouTuber, captivating millions of viewers with her entertaining content.

Piper’s journey from beauty pageants to social media stardom showcases her talent, versatility, and dedication to her craft. As she continues to grow and evolve in her career, there is no doubt that Piper Rockelle will leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Thank you for reading.

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