Polk Audio Psw10 Powered Subwoofer Review: Best Choice For You

Polk Audio Psw10 Powered Subwoofer Review: Best Choice For You

Polk Audio’s newest subwoofer, the PSW10, offers a 10-inch downward-firing woofer with a compact design making it perfect for small spaces. The large driver helps deliver strong bass in a tight-fitting unit. It features a compact design that incorporates dual inputs for easy connection to satellite speakers or a soundbar.

Read on our Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Subwoofer Review to get more information about this product.

Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Subwoofer Review


Quality & Controls

The PSW10 subwoofer has a traditional wooden look with an innovative titanium baffled design. The Polk Audio PSW10 is a compact and sturdy subwoofer. It is a compact subwoofer with the following dimensions, 14.5’x14’x15′,(LxWxH). It is mostly made of MDF board.

Although the subwoofer’s face is metallic silver it comes with a black mesh to cover its front. Available in black or cherry colored vinyl and matching titanium finish on the front baffle of other speakers from this series. It is also an excellent addition to your existing sound system or home theater systems.

You will find the controls for the PSW10 on the back panel of the subwoofer. You will find the controls for volume, low pass (80Hz – 160Hz), power (on/off), phase (0o – 180o). The toggle-type power control has three positions: Auto, On, and Off. The Auto mode allows the subwoofer to turn on immediately when it receives a signal. The subwoofer also powers off after 15 minutes, so you don’t have to use it.

We didn’t like the lack of a magnet shield in the sub’s design. You will likely experience some interference when the sub is placed near your computer or TV.

The subwoofer’s lack of a magnetic shield does not impact the overall sound quality. However, it may cause interference or distortion to your tube TV or computer. The speaker magnets will not affect DLP, LCOS, or LCD plasmas.

This box features a unique bass port, which has been tuned to deliver maximum bass. A removable front grill allows for the installation of a 10-inch subwoofer with high-roll foam surrounds. Your subwoofer will stay in place thanks to the unique enclosure design.

polk audio psw10 10-inch powered subwoofer review

Technology and inputs

You will also find the input and output connections on the backside of the subwoofer. These include the RCA line-level inputs in L and R connectors as well as the stereo speaker level inputs/outputs that are located just below other controls.

The subwoofer does not have the LFE input. The input is missing, which is somewhat annoying. It’s not a big deal, as you can bypass it by using a good receiver.

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Sound Performance

If you are looking for a powerful bass to fill your home theater system, the Polk Audio PSW10 is a great choice. The PSW10 has sufficient output power to allow you to hear every percussion instrument detail, but it isn’t overpowering or distortional – just clear and detailed.

It has been engineered to produce exceptional sound quality. Its sound quality is enhanced by the materials used, the design of the speakers, and the enclosure.

The PSW10 was designed to produce a sound that is clear and clean.

The internal bracing also helps to reduce the distortion of low-frequency sounds. The resonance-free dynamic balanced driver materials are an excellent choice for people who desire quality with no unwanted effects.

The Polk Audio PSW10 speaker produces powerful, great bass without sacrificing volume or impact. It is also very sound-friendly. You can hear percussion instruments clearly without it being too loud that it interrupts your listening experience.

This is the perfect solution for small rooms, such as apartments.

Gaming bass was better than ever with blasts that had lots of low-end oomph and still heard higher frequencies clearly, without adding any fuzzy.

The Polk Audio PSW10’s frequency response will delight your ears. It can also be powered by up 100 watts. This speaker is perfect for any type of music because the bass is not too loud or weak at high volumes. This speaker is a great value for money.


The bass output was clear and detailed. It didn’t sound too loud. This subwoofer is not loud. If you get this subwoofer for a larger room, however, you won’t enjoy the full bass experience. The PSW10 performed well in small to medium-sized rooms. The bass punch was less in larger rooms.

The Polk Audio PSW10 speaker produces deep, accurate bass without sacrificing volume or impact. It is also very sound-friendly. You can hear percussion instruments clearly without it being too loud that it interrupts your listening experience.

Gaming has a better sound quality with more bass and less noise.

Polk Audio 10-inch

The Driver

Polk Audio’s subwoofer is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to hear powerful, deep bass. The 10-inch driver is made of durable, resonance-free Dynamic Balance polymer composite material. It produces superior performance and produces deep and low frequencies without distortion or standing waves at higher volumes.

The amplifier can power the speaker up to 100 watts and produces a clean, bass-driven sound. The Polk PSW10 also features a laser-based KlippelDistortion technology that reduces sound distortion. This allows for deep and accurate playback. Many subwoofers and speakers from Polk can play extremely high volume levels without affecting the audio quality.

Packaging and Accessories

The sub arrived in a well-packed package with no damage to the box or deformation.

The Polk Audio PSW10 also looked much larger than it actually was. I was surprised, but I liked what I saw.

The box includes a removable front grill that can be removed and re-used with the sub. The sub with the front grill looks great and complements my existing setup.

The Polk PSW10 Alternatives

1. Polk PSW10 vs. Klipsch Refer R-10SW 10’’

The Polk PSW10 subwoofer is great for budget-minded users. It has a powerful bass and an affordable price. It does have its downs, but let’s face the facts. The Klipsch Reference R-10SW 10-inch 300w Powered Sub is an option. It is more expensive than the PSW10, but it still delivers excellent sound quality. It looks great, just like the PSW10, and has a remarkable sound.

2. Polk PSW10 vs. Monoprice 109723

Monoprice has been around for years without much imagination. It’s not their fault, but most of their products are boring. The Monoprice 109723 is a better product than their boring ones. It has a clear and thumping bass, which is not to say they are boring. Monoprice’s subwoofer design is not a problem, but it would make a great cheap alternative.

3. Polk PSW10 vs. Sony SACS9

The Sony SACS9 is another subwoofer that could be used in place of the PSW10. This subwoofer is worth the money if you have some spare cash. This subwoofer packs a lot of basses and has plenty of flexibility and potential to meet most users’ needs.

4. Polk PSW10 vs. Yamaha NS-SW100BL 10”

The Yamaha NS-SW100BL10” subwoofer is less than $150. It’s as good as the PSW10. It has a solid build quality and based on online reviews, it produces a great sound. Although the sub sounds great, it doesn’t produce sound below 25 Hz like claimed. If this was true, this sub would be an outstanding one. Although my team has yet to receive this sub for testing, I will update this article with a review and a review of NS-SW100BL once we have it.

The Polk PSW10 was a subwoofer that was cheap when it first appeared on the market. This subwoofer is great for apartments and small rooms. You won’t notice any distortion or sibilance when you crank up the volume. The bass is clear and on-point. This is the perfect budget subwoofer. It is a great deal because of its price, sound quality, and build quality.


Polk Audio’s PSW10 subwoofer is perfect for those looking for a compact speaker that offers excellent sound quality. Hopefully, you find it helpful in this review. If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below.

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