Polk Audio PSW505 12-inch Powered Subwoofer Review: Top Full Guide 2022

Polk Audio Psw505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer Review: Best Choice For You

Polk Audio is a trusted name in audio equipment, and the Polk Audio PSW505 12-inch Powered Subwoofer Review is no exception.

This subwoofer delivers deep, powerful bass and does not disappoint. With its built-in amplifier, the PSW505 can produce stunning sound quality that will fill any room. Whether you are watching a movie or listening to music, the Polk PSW505 Specs will provide the perfect complement to your audio experience.

Why We Like It – Polk Audio PSW505 Review

Why We Like It – Polk Audio PSW505

The Polk Audio PSW505 gives an excellent bass that is neither too boosted nor distorted at high levels, thanks to a solid enough frequency response and up to 460Watts of power. It boasts an excellent noise cancellation system, which provides excellent sound quality even at maximum volume when combined with its motor design and lengthy suspension.

So, with all this at an extremely reasonable price, the Polk Audio PSW505 is your go-to subwoofer for studio and home use. If you want to improve your surround sound, read the Involve Audio Surround Master SM-645 review.


  • The sound is precise and clear.
  • Noise is reduced via magnetic shielding.
  • Extremely cost-effective


  • At high levels, a minor port noise
  • Low frequencies are muddy and distorted.

Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer Review

Polk Audio PSW505 12 Inch Powered Subwoofer Reviews


The Polk Audio is the ideal complement to your home cinema, with 460Watts of peak power, 300W of basic power, and a frequency range of 23-160Hz. Despite having a lesser peak power than the Polk Audio PSW10 and the BIC America F12, the greater consistent 300W power allows it to stand out with a particularly outstanding bass level and identifiable voices.

The bass is strong and devoid of turbulence or distortion, providing a wonderful experience while viewing action movies. And, because of its unique motor-like construction and longer suspension than typical subwoofers, the Polk PSW505 review makes those quiet tunes even more delightful to listen to.

While all of this enhances your audio experience, the Polk Audio PSW505 does fall short in several ways. Low-frequency sounds may sometimes become muddy or distorted, and some port noise is present at high levels. This does not affect your home theater experience since you will continue to view movies as before, but it will have a little impact on music quality.

However, given the price, all of this is acceptable, and with the Slot load venting, you get a fairly good deep bass-powered subwoofer.

The PSW505 does stand out with many features, including the ability to remove the front subwoofer grill and having line and speaker inputs and outputs. What’s more, you get a toggle switch that enables you to run additional subwoofers if necessary.

Aside from the primary volume control, you also get an adjustable low pass crossover and a phase switch to make the most of your speakers. You may also change the speech level to be louder than the background noises, making dialogue in movies understandable and pleasant.

Finally, the Polk Audio PSW505 has an incredibly handy automated function that turns on the Subwoofer anytime a sound signal is in its proximity. If no signals are accessible for 15 minutes, the Subwoofer will automatically switch off, making it both useful and power efficient.

Design: Unexceptional

The PSW505 has a standard budget speaker enclosure. It is 16.125 x 15.125 x 18.1875 inches, weighs 48 pounds, and is composed of MDF with a black laminate top. A slot-styled port is located at the bottom of the rear panel. The cabinet is firmly built. However, the removable front speaker grill is not.

The PSW505 has a lot of power but has some minor sound quality concerns.

The whole cabinet is supported by four plastic feet, which means the PSW505 slides about on our wood floor when bumped and “wanders” when used at high levels. Because the front-firing 12-inch throw speaker is completely black, removing the grill doesn’t significantly improve the subwoofer’s appearance.

The PSW505 isn’t the most visually appealing subwoofer, but it’s also not the most unsightly—just basic. Our main gripes are with the ports, which make audible noise, and the plastic feet, which fail to hold the sub in place on flat surfaces. Overall, the design is practical yet uninteresting.

Pay special attention to positioning throughout the setup process.

As predicted, the setup is fairly straightforward. We plugged it in, connected it to our receiver, and began working on placement. The PSW505 was a bit more difficult to locate than the other subs we tested due to the port size and position on the cabinet, which means the sub needs extra wall space.

We began our testing with bass-heavy music, tweaking the volume and low pass filter until we were satisfied with the results. We didn’t need to reverse the phase, so we left the switch at zero degrees. We got it to the desired range and then tried it with several different music genres and a few action flicks.

Sound Quality: A little muddy and distorted

Sound Quality A little muddy and distorted

The PSW505 has a lot of power but has minor sound quality concerns. Port noise is a regular issue, which we also experienced. It was only audible at high levels for us, and we have a small enough area that we’ll never crank a subwoofer that loud, but it may be an issue when attempting to fill a bigger room. Some users have gone as far as building bespoke cabinets and transferring the amp and speaker into them rather than utilizing the original.

We also noted that, at times, the lowest frequencies might become muddy and distorted.

The issue was most obvious with music, but not with movies.

With its booming and boomy bass, the subwoofer is more than capable of shaking the room. One of the nicest aspects of having a subwoofer is being able to feel the bass during an intense moment in a movie, and even at 50% level, we were extremely pleased with the effect.

Price: Wait for a discount

The Polk Audio PSW505 usually costs approximately $300, but it’s such a popular budget choice because it often goes on sale and can occasionally be purchased for around $200. That’s a fantastic price for such a powerful subwoofer, so if you’re thinking about getting one, wait for the steep reductions.

That’s a fantastic price for such a powerful subwoofer, so if you’re thinking about getting one, wait for the steep reductions.

Other subwoofers under $300, like the BIC Acoustech PL-200 II, outperform the PSW505. However, at $200, the PSW505 makes a more compelling case.

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Is Polk Audio a good subwoofer?

The Polk Audio PSW10 is a small subwoofer with good sound quality at a low price. Furthermore, it boasts up to 100 watts of dynamic power, providing deep bass for a wide range of setup settings that need additional low-frequency energy.

Why is my Polk subwoofer not working?

Check to determine whether the power outlet is operational. If it is, disconnect the subwoofer and check the fuse in the subwoofer, which is situated on the rear of the subwoofer immediately above the AC in line. The fuse type is stated on the sub’s back.

What is LFE on Polk subwoofer?

When the speaker channels are set to “Large,” the LFE (.1) discrete material is transmitted to the subwoofer exclusively, while the other channels produce full range frequency.

Why is my Polk subwoofer popping sound?

There’s interference if it starts to crackle and pops as you move it away. Check the settings of any wi-fi devices near the soundbar and subwoofer to check whether they are set to 5 GHz. The Soundwave’s Bluetooth signal is on that band. If you can switch to 2.5 GHz, that’s great.


The Polk Audio PSW505 is a high-quality subwoofer that offers excellent value for the price. It features a 12-inch woofer and a powerful amplifier that delivers clear, tight bass.

The subwoofer also has various input and output options, making it easy to connect to a stereo or home theater system. The PSW505 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality-powered subwoofer.

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