What is ProZD Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is ProZD Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

‍Hey there, curious minds! Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of internet stardom and peeking behind the curtain at the amazing ProZD net worth.

If you’ve ever wondered how much our favorite online content creator is raking in, you’re in for a treat! ProZD has captured our hearts with his quirky humor, spot-on impressions, and relatable content. From hilarious skits to entertaining reviews, he’s amassed a massive following and secured his spot as a true internet sensation.

So, buckle up as we uncover the secrets behind ProZD’s impressive net worth and see just how far passion and creativity can take you in the digital realm!

Quick Facts

Full NameSungWon Cho
Popular NameProzd
Birth DateDecember 9, 1990
Birth‍ PlaceMinneapolis, Minnesota, United States
EducationGraduated from ⁤Carleton⁤ College, Minnesota
Marital StatusSingle
Sexual⁤ OrientationStraight
Net​ Worth$1.9 million (estimated)
Source of WealthOnline ⁤content creation, voice actor

What‌ is Prozd’s ‍Net Worth and Salary in ⁤2023?

What‌ is Prozd's ‍Net Worth and Salary in ⁤2023

In ‍2023, Prozd’s estimated net ‌worth is around $1.9⁢ million. This ⁤impressive net ​worth is ‌primarily a result of his successful⁣ online career ‌as a content creator and a voice actor. Through his various online‍ endeavors,⁣ including ⁢voice‌ acting, comedic videos, and collaborations with‍ other internet personalities, Prozd‍ has been able to earn a substantial income.

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Why ⁣is polygon ⁢Famous?

Prozd gained ‍fame and recognition primarily through his YouTube channel, where he uploads entertaining and humorous videos.

His​ unique style ​of comedic content and ‍distinctive voice acting⁢ have helped him stand ⁢out in⁤ the online ​entertainment industry and attract a ‍large following. Prozd’s ability to engage and entertain his‌ audience has made him ‍a ⁢beloved figure in the online community.

Prozd Biography

Prozd Biography 

Early Life

Born ‍on December 9, 1990, ‌in Minneapolis, Minnesota, SungWon Cho, known as Prozd, developed ‍an ‌interest in entertainment⁣ from a young⁤ age. While details about his parents and⁣ siblings are unknown, it is evident that his passion for creating ‌entertaining and ⁢engaging content drove him to pursue a career in the online entertainment ‌industry.


Prozd attended Carleton College in Minnesota, where he obtained his degree. ⁣Although the specific details of his major and academic ⁤achievements are not ⁤widely known, his time at college⁢ likely played ‍a role in honing his creativity and establishing ‌the⁣ foundation for his future career as‌ an internet​ personality.

Career and⁢ Awards

Cho’s career took off with his unique brand of humor, which he showcased through Goofy-dubbed songs and comedic skits that went viral on Vine before transitioning to YouTube.

His content, often steeped in deep geekery, lampoons anime tropes, role-playing game frustrations, and tabletop game mechanics, resonating with a wide audience of nerds aged between 18 and 35.

Cho’s videos are known for their authenticity, short length, and hilarious content, earning him around 3.9 million subscribers on YouTube.

He also voices numerous characters in video games and animated series, including FL4K from Borderlands 3, Holst Sigiswald Goneril from Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, and Ratatoskr from God of War Ragnarök.

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Personal Life

ProZD is married to Anne Marie Salter, whom he met on a Super Mario fan fiction site. They tied the knot on May 28, 2016. The couple has two cats named Effie and Sophie, who occasionally make appearances in ProZD’s videos.

Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram: @prozd – 139k followers
  • Twitter: @ProZD⁤ – 827k followers
  • YouTube: ProZD – 3.91 million subscribers
  • Twitch: ProZD – 69.6k followers

FAQs about Prozd

FAQs about Prozd

What is Prozd’s real name?

Prozd’s real name is SungWon Cho.

How much does ProZD earn from YouTube?

ProZD earns an estimated $473.79 thousand a year from ad revenue on his YouTube channel.

How did ProZD meet his wife?

ProZD met his wife Anne Marie on a Super Mario fan fiction site, showcasing a truly modern romance.

What is the meaning behind ProZD’s username?

ProZD came up with the username in elementary school and has kept its meaning a secret, even from his wife, as he finds it embarrassing.

Has Prozd won any awards for‌ his work?

While he hasn’t⁤ won any official awards, Prozd’s talent and success‌ are evident through the support and ‍admiration of his ‌millions of fans.


Prozd,⁢ also known ​as SungWon Cho, has made a⁢ name⁤ for himself in ⁣the entertainment industry​ through his voice acting and comedic videos. With⁣ a large following on various social media platforms,⁣ Prozd continues to ​create engaging content ⁢that​ brings joy and laughter to ⁣his fans. His unique style and talent ‌have contributed to his estimated ⁣net worth of $1.5 ⁣million, ‌solidifying his position as a prominent ⁢figure in ‌the online entertainment‍ world.

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