What is Quincy Jones III Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family

What is Quincy Jones Iii Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Quincy Jones III net worth in 2024. If you’ve ever wondered about the financial stature of this multifaceted music and film producer, you’re in the right place.

HookeAudio will delve deep into his wealth, his journey in the entertainment industry, and the factors contributing to his net worth. Whether you’re a fan of his work or just curious, we’ve got you covered with all the insights you need.

Quick Facts

Real NameQuincy Delight Jones III
Popular NameQuincy Jones III
Birth DateDecember 23, 1968
Age55 years old
ParentsQuincy Jones, Ulla Andersson
SiblingsKenya Kinski-Jones, Jolie Jones Levine, Martina Jones, Kidada Jones, Rashida Jones, Rachel Jones
Birth PlaceWimbledon, London, United Kingdom
EducationBerklee College of Music (alumni)
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationN/A
ChildrenQuincy Renzo Delight Jones IV, Nea Jones
Net Worth$20 Million
Source of WealthMusic Production, Film Production, Authorship
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What is the Net Worth Of Quincy Jones III 2024?

What is Net Worth Of Quincy Jones III 2024

As of 2024, Quincy Jones III, known by various monikers like QDIII, QD3, and Snoopy, boasts a substantial net worth of $20 million. His wealth stems from a diverse range of ventures, including music production, film production, and authorship.

Despite not basking in the same limelight as some of his contemporaries, Quincy Jones III has carved out a successful niche in the entertainment industry, amassing a considerable fortune along the way.

Quincy Jones III Overview and Wiki.

Early Life and Diverse Heritage

Born on December 23, 1968, in Wimbledon, London, England, Quincy Jones III is the son of the legendary music producer Quincy Jones and Swedish model Ulla Andersson.

He’s a man of many talents, and this in-depth overview will delve into the different facets of his life, career, and influence

Quincy III’s roots are as diverse as his talents. He was raised in Sweden and can trace his ancestry to African-American, Swedish, Cameroonian, and Welsh descent.

Growing up in a household that was immersed in music and entertainment, it was perhaps inevitable that he would follow in his father’s footsteps.

Quincy III’s father, Quincy Jones, is an icon in the music industry, having worked with some of the greatest musicians of all time.

Education and Career Beginnings

After completing his education at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Quincy III embarked on his journey in the music industry.

In 1991, he released his album Soundlab, marking his entry into the world of music production. This was just the beginning of a career that would see him make significant contributions to both the music and film worlds.

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Awards and Recognition

Quincy Jones III Awards and Recognition

Quincy III’s talent has not gone unnoticed. He’s notched up several nominations and awards for his work. Notably, he received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music for his work on The PJs.

Additionally, he earned a News & Documentary Emmy Award nomination for Best Documentary for projects like Independent Lens and Made in America. His Grammy Award for rap music underscores his impact on the hip-hop genre.

Diversifying Into Film

Beyond music, Quincy III ventured into film production. One of his notable productions is the documentary The Carter, which offers an intimate look into the life of the iconic rapper Lil Wayne.

This documentary showcases Quincy III’s ability to tell compelling stories through the lens of film, a talent that further solidified his place in the entertainment industry.

WeMash and Authorship

In 2014, Quincy III founded WeMash, an innovative internet service that connects content owners with creative minds from various fields to reimagine and repurpose content.

This venture demonstrated his forward-thinking approach to the rapidly evolving media landscape.

Adding authorship to his repertoire, Quincy III penned Q, The Autobiography of Quincy Jones.

This book offers readers a unique glimpse into his life and experiences in the entertainment industry, providing valuable insights and stories that only he can share.

Personal Life and Legal Victory

While much of Quincy III’s personal life remains private, one notable public event in his life was his 2012 legal victory against rapper Lil Wayne.

This lawsuit revolved around the biopic The Carter and resulted in Quincy III being awarded $2.2 million.

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The victory not only highlighted his assertiveness in protecting his creative works but also showcased his dedication to his projects.

Family Ties and Cultural Impact

Quincy III’s familial connections extend beyond his father. His sisters, Kidada and Rashida Jones, are both well-known actresses. Growing up in a household filled with creativity and talent undoubtedly influenced his career path.

Continuing Legacy

Quincy Jones III’s cultural impact is evident through his involvement in documentaries that explore the lives of influential figures in the music industry, such as Tupac Shakur.

These documentaries not only entertain but also educate audiences about the complexities of the music world and the stories of those who shape it.

Social Media Accounts

FAQs about Quincy Jones III

FAQs about Quincy Jones III

What are some notable projects of him?

He founded QD3 Entertainment, responsible for the Beef documentary series about hip-hop culture. He also co-founded Feel Rich, Inc., a health and wellness company, and created the documentary Feel Rich: Health is the New Wealth.

Has Quincy Jones III produced any music albums?

Yes, he released an album called Soundlab in 1991.

What is Feel Rich, Inc.?

Feel Rich, Inc. is a health and wellness lifestyle company co-founded by Quincy Jones and Shawn Ullman in 2011, aimed at promoting health in urban communities.

What is the documentary Feel Rich: Health is the New Wealth about?

This documentary, produced by Quincy Jones, features celebrities and hip-hop icons discussing wellness in urban communities, promoting the concept of health as a new form of wealth.

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What other business ventures has he been involved in?

He founded WeMash, an Internet service that connects content owners with creators to reimagine content beyond its original context.

Has Quincy Jones III won any legal disputes?

Yes, he won a legal dispute against rapper Lil Wayne over the biopic The Carter in 2012.

What is his relationship with hip-hop culture?

He has been deeply involved in hip-hop culture, both as a producer and through his documentaries exploring the genre’s inner workings and culture.

Does he have any family ties in the entertainment industry?

Yes, he is the son of Quincy Jones Jr., a legendary music producer, and the half-brother of actresses Kidada and Rashida Jones, as well as fashion model Kenya Kinski-Jones.

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  • Kenya Kinski-Jones
  • Jolie Jones Levine
  • Martina Jones
  • Leslie Jordan
  • Ulla Jones


Quincy Jones III net worth in 2024 is a testament to his successful career in music and film production. As we’ve explored his achievements and contributions, it’s clear that he’s made a significant impact on the entertainment industry.

From his early days in music to his ventures in documentaries and entrepreneurship, he continues to be a respected figure with an impressive net worth. Stay tuned for more updates on his ever-evolving career and financial journey.

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