What is RatedEpicz Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is RatedEpicz Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Hey there, folks! Curious to know how much the gaming sensation RatedEpicz is rolling in dough? Well, look no further! In this article, we’re diving headfirst into the thrilling world of internet fame and fortune to uncover RatedEpicz net worth.

Known for his epic gaming prowess and quirky online persona, this content creator has been taking the gaming community by storm. From jaw-dropping Fortnite victories to hilarious Among Us shenanigans, RatedEpicz has amassed an army of loyal fans.

But just how much moolah has all this fame and fun brought him? Stay tuned as we spill the tea on RatedEpicz’s staggering net worth!

Quick Facts

Full NameUnknown
Popular NameRatedEpicz
Birth DateOctober 7, 1997
Age24 (as of 2021)
Birth PlaceEngland
EducationCollege Graduate
Marital StatusUnmarried
Sexual OrientationUnknown
Net Worth$600,000 (estimated)
Source of WealthTwitch and Facebook streaming
Height6 feet
Weight82 kg

What is RatedEpicz’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is RatedEpicz's Net Worth and Salary in 2023

RatedEpicz has amassed an estimated net worth of $600,000 through his successful career as a Twitch and Facebook streamer. His primary sources of income include donations, stars, supporters, and sponsorships. As a full-time streamer, he utilizes all available features on the platforms to maximize his earnings.

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Additionally, he partners with prominent brands for sponsorships, further boosting his income. While his YouTube channel does not generate significant revenue, his Twitch and Facebook streams have propelled him to financial success.

Why is RatedEpicz Famous?

RatedEpicz rose to fame through his engaging live streams and entertaining content. He gained popularity for streaming a variety of video games, with a particular focus on Grand Theft Auto V and Outriders.

His charismatic personality and unique streaming style have attracted a dedicated fan base. With over 176k followers on Facebook and more than 108k followers on Twitch, RatedEpicz has established himself as a prominent figure in the streaming community.

RatedEpicz Biography

RatedEpicz Biography

Early Life

RatedEpicz was born on October 7, 1997, in England. Not much is known about his early life and upbringing, as he prefers to keep his personal details private. Growing up, he developed a passion for video games, particularly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO).


RatedEpicz completed his college education, although specific details about his educational background remain undisclosed. He balanced his studies with his burgeoning streaming career, showcasing his dedication and determination.

Career & Awards

RatedEpicz embarked on his streaming career in 2018 when he launched his Twitch channel. Initially, his streams struggled to attract viewers, but he persevered and continued streaming for over a year.

Eventually, his dedication paid off, and he gained traction, especially for his Grand Theft Auto V RP streams. In 2021, he made the transition from Twitch to Facebook Gaming, where he continues to entertain his audience with his engaging content.

While RatedEpicz has not received any notable awards, his growing popularity and loyal fan base serve as a testament to his success as a streamer.

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Personal Life

RatedEpicz keeps his personal life under wraps, and little is known about his relationships or dating history. Rumors have circulated that he may be dating bananabrea, another prominent Twitch streamer, but no official confirmation has been made.

Social Media Accounts

FAQs about RatedEpicz

FAQs about RatedEpicz

Does RatedEpicz have a face reveal?

RatedEpicz has not done a face reveal to date. He prefers to stream without showing his real face, and there is no specific reason given for this decision.

What games does RatedEpicz stream?

RatedEpicz streams a variety of video games, with a focus on Grand Theft Auto V and Outriders. He engages his audience with entertaining gameplay and commentary.

How many followers does RatedEpicz have on social media?

RatedEpicz has over 470,000 followers on Facebook, more than 485,000 followers on Twitch, and over 20,000 followers on Instagram.


RatedEpicz has carved a niche for himself in the streaming community with his engaging content and charismatic personality. Despite keeping his personal life private and maintaining a faceless persona, he has garnered a dedicated fan base and achieved financial success through his Twitch and Facebook streams. With his net worth estimated at $600,000, RatedEpicz continues to entertain and inspire aspiring streamers around the world.

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