Rha Headphone Review 2021: Is It For You?

Rha Headphone Review 2021 Is It For You

Pairing to your Bluetooth device is a quick and painless process with the RHA TrueConnect earbuds. The volume buttons on the in-line remote allow you to control your audio easily, and we experienced no dropped connections in the two weeks we tested the earbuds.

RHA claims up to five hours of battery life, and we could get around three and a half hours out of the TrueConnects. We never felt like the earbuds needed a charge, even after extensive workouts and non-stop use in the gym. If you are searching for good Bluetooth earbuds, it is a good solution for you; keep reading the RHA headphone review; Hooke Audio will show you why it is designed for you?

RHA Headphone Review: RHA TrueConnect Earbuds

RHA TrueConnect Earbuds

  • Brand: RHA
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Model Name: TrueConnect
  • Form Factor: In Ear
  • Item Dimensions: 2.91 x 1.06 x 1.65 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.46 ounces

RHA true wireless earbuds Pros and Cons


  • IPX5
  • Effective isolation
  • Secure fit
  • Stable connectivity (Bluetooth 5)
  • Comprehensive onboard controls
  • Fast charge and USB-C
  • Price
  • Good call Quality


  • SBC only, no aptX or AAC
  • Very bass-heavy frequency response


The RHA TrueConnect features an understated design with its matte-black-everything approach. The case and earbuds are covered in soft-touch rubber, which makes them warm against the ears.

The TrueConnect feature stems extend from each bud’s bottom, much like the apple’s earbuds.

The single button on each earbud activates all of the headphone controls. Play/pause can be controlled from either side. However, the left earbud controls music playback and the proper controls volume.

Double-click the right earbud for volume increase. A triple-press lowers the volume. Although the control scheme may not be intuitive at first, we quickly got used to it.

TrueConnects’ case features a unique swivel design which reveals the earbuds when pulled back. Although it is annoying not to see which side the patient is tilted on, the creation of the TrueConnects is not symmetrical.

The aluminum case is very well constructed with a black PVD-coated aluminum cover. After a few months, the PVD coating started to wear off on the edges. The case body is also covered with the same matte black soft-touch rubber as the earbuds. This makes it easy for fingerprints to get in.

The case has a single USB-C charging port at the bottom. This allows the headphones to be topped off faster than those using the micro USB c port.

Comfort rha

RHA True Wireless Earphones Comfort

Apple AirPods inspired RHA’s TrueConnects. They have a soft-touch plastic stem that points down when they are in your ears. This is not only for weight balance but also features a tiny pinhole microphone system at the bottom that picks up your voice better. This allows for active noise cancellation when making calls.

The earpiece has one mic that focuses on ambient noise, and the stem microphone picks up your voice. You’ll have more or less your say on the line if you subtract one from the other.

TrueConnects are not like the AirPods. They’re a cash-in on an emerging tech subgenre. These TrueConnects are comfortable and offer excellent passive isolation, especially when combined with the Comply foam tips. There are several sets of standard silicone tips included.

Build Quality

The long battery life is at the top end of the true wireless spectrum. They can last for around five hours without needing to be charged, and they can be recharged up to four times by the battery.

Although the RHA TrueConnects true wireless earphones case design is simple, it can be a bit fiddly. The cover is made of aluminum and opens to reveal the buds’ bed. However, their stems stick to the case, making it feel like you are trying to get the last olive from a jar. We like the magnets that hold the earpieces in their place while charging. They won’t fall out if you flip the case upside-down.

Connectivity is the main problem with RHA TrueConnects, with some owners complaining about poor Bluetooth stability. They’re not bad but not significant enough for a pair that costs PS150.

It is usually fine for the connection between your phone’s primary earpiece and your phone to be made. The left earpiece tends to phase out for a fraction more than the right, especially when you move.

These blips were familiar with early wireless earphones. However, the big brands have managed to eliminate them all. These RHA wireless earphones are the first wireless, but this does not mean that they are without techy niggles.

This is made worse by the fact that every part of the hardware appears well-thought. It has a small, handy triple LED indicator that shows the battery level. The USB c charging case also fast charges the earphones. The earpieces are sweat proof and water-resistant to IPX5 certification for durable performance.

Both the controls on each earpiece’s back are easy to use and offer complete control. Each earpiece has a single button. Long-pressing one button will turn the pair on or off. A short press will play/pause.

Double and triple gestures can alter volume, change tracks, and connect to your smartphone’s google assistant. However, you might need to consult the manual to learn the correct moves.

Sound Quality

These RHA true wireless earphones sound fantastic for consumers. The frequency response is not neutral, but that’s okay. RHA True Connect buds can be fun to listen to.

It isn’t overwhelming or painful despite the apparent aggressive bass response, as shown in the chart. The RHA TrueConnect might not suit you if you prefer classical or vocal-centric music.

This is because the bass notes can easily mask the midrange and high treble notes. It can sound like your piece is missing something.

These earbuds are very quiet and passively isolate low-frequency sounds. The Comply memory foam ear tips will improve the isolation and bass response.

The Comply memory foam ear tips mold to the ear canal and provides a customized fit. You can take a moment to play with the provided ear tips. A proper fit is crucial for audio reproduction.

Lows, mids, highs

Contrary to TrueConnect’s mature, modest look, the bass response of TrueConnect is absurd. The bassline in Simon Jefferis’ song Foxtrot masks all other musical details.

Despite this, the bass bump makes the song more enjoyable to listen to. These are not recommended for audio mixing, but they will work well for the average consumer.

TrueConnect’s sound profile is also lacking in Treble reproduction. At 2:34, you can hear a part of a solo in Dave Matthews Band’s song Lie in Our Graves.

It’s almost as if someone is trying to get you to notice the cymbal details. The sound quality is still enjoyable, although songs that contain too many cymbal hits can be difficult to listen to.

Performance and Battery Life

After testing for a few months, we were highly impressed with the RHA TrueConnect’s wireless strength.

We never experienced any audio drops, as the headphones were always connected to our phones and each other when we removed them from their cases.

We didn’t have any lip-sync issues with true wireless headphones such as the Bose SoundSport Wireless.

Jabra Elite 65t headphones are reliable, but we had to reset them several times because they stopped pairing with each other.

They were reliable, and the RHA TrueConnect truly wireless earbuds were also very good in audio quality. They didn’t produce any hissing when music was not playing. This is a common issue with wireless headphones. Tonally, they were very balanced.

The bass is rich without being too loud, the mids have a pleasant texture, and the highs are interesting without sounding sibilant. TrueConnect’s overall tone is warm and friendly, making it easy to listen to for hours.

You’ll also be able to listen to RHA TrueConnect for hours. The RHA true wireless headphones can last for 5 hours, and the battery charging case has 20 hours. This gives strong battery life you a total playtime of 25 hours. Unfortunately, TrueConnect doesn’t support AAC, LDAC, or aptX, but SBC has markedly improved since its inception.

The Jabra Elite 65t’s battery life is easily matched, and the charging case has the highest capacity. With USB-C fast charging, you can rely on the RHA TrueConnect to be a pair of headphones you trust.

Customer Feedbacks rha

Customer Feedbacks

“Excellent headphones for working out or just listening to music, very good sounding and background noise is slightly attenuated, well made Bluetooth Headphones; I have used these in the gym for over six months now.

These are the only earbuds I have ever used that didn’t cause ear pain, even after hours of use. My regular Bluetooth headphones do that to me, which made them completely unusable.

There is a bit of wind noise when taking this outside but it’s by no means deafening. The earbuds maintain a stable fit and reliable connectivity, making them great for daily use. “

“I am a massive fan of RHA true wireless headphones, and these are very high quality and premium feel. While they feel sturdy, the noise cancellation is still not on par with Bose QC35, but I would recommend these. When I first got there, I thought they were an awkward look-a-like of Bose’s, but I am happy after using them for a few weeks now. I really like navy blue and carbon black colors “

“I’ve been a Bose fan for years and was willing to give these a shot. I’m pleasantly surprised by how good they sound! I listen to music almost constantly and have a very eclectic taste in music, from Classical to Jazz to Pop, Rock, and everything in between.

I was worried these wouldn’t sound good, but I’ve been quite surprised. I think the main thing is the intense bass I hear when I crank up my bass. In the jazz genre, I’m more impressed by how well they handle bass than for any other reason. There is more to them than just fancy noise cancellation and strong audio performance. Since the latter essentially mold to the canal, it creates a tailored fit and the dense material works to shoo external noise away.”



Who is RHA TrueConnect for and why?

People want to communicate with one another in an age when most devices have internet access. RHA TrueConnect connects voice calls from mobile phones to car speakers and hands-free systems.

The RHA TrueConnect is designed for those who want to talk with family and friends but don’t want to use the car’s speakers. It combines a hands-free system in a vehicle with a Bluetooth car smartphone.

Are the RHA TrueConnect connections maintained?

RHA’s TrueConnect wireless headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. The TrueConnect also comes with a wire to connect the left and right earphones. It can connect Bluetooth better than other true wireless earbuds.

RHA TrueConnect vs. RHA TrueConnect 2, what is the difference?

RHA TrueConnect, a wireless stereo headset with Bluetooth connectivity, delivers powerful and dynamic sound combined with convenience.

The battery lasts 12 hours. The features include a noise-canceling microphone and a play/pause button that allow for quick control while on the move.

RHA TrueConnect 2, a wireless stereo headset, delivers powerful and dynamic sound combined with Bluetooth.

The battery lasts 18 hours. The features include a noise-canceling microphone and play/pause buttons for quick control while on the move. To learn more about the differences and their reasons, visit our RHA TrueConnect review pages.


The sleek, Black design of the RHA TrueConnects makes them an aesthetically pleasing addition to your favorite pair of Bluetooth earphones.

The RHA TrueConnects were designed for those who want a wireless earphone that excels in both function and design. It gives you excellent sound quality and an incredible music experience. We hope that our RHA Trueconnect review is helpful for you.

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