Who Is Richest Person in the World – Top Billionaires Ranked February 26th 2024

Who Is Richest Person in the World - Top Billionaires Ranked

Ever wondered who tops the list as the richest person in the world? It’s a title that captures imagination and curiosity alike.

In this revealing look, we’re not just talking about immense wealth but the journeys, strategies, and innovations that have catapulted these individuals to the pinnacle of financial success.

From tech innovators to retail giants, each story is a testament to ambition, intelligence, and sometimes, a dash of luck. So, buckle up as Hookeaudio embarks on a fascinating exploration of the world’s most affluent individuals.

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Who Are The Richest Person in the World ?

As of 26/02/2024, Bernard Arnault is the richest man on Earth.

RankNameAgeCountryNet Worth
1Bernard Arnault74France$231.0 B
2Elon Musk52United States$204.5 B
3Jeff Bezos60United States$196.0 B
4Larry Ellison79United States$136.1 B
5Mark Zuckerberg39United States$166.1 B
6Bill Gates68United States$123.8 B
7Warren Buffett93United States$133.9 B
8Larry Page50United States$118.3 B
9Steve Ballmer67United States$120.0 B
10Sergey Brin50United States$113.4 B
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Bernard Arnault – $231.0 Billion

Next up, we have Bernard Arnault, the king of luxury. Heading LVMH, he’s the mastermind behind those fancy brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior.

It’s not just about selling expensive bags; it’s about understanding the high-end consumer market. His wealth is as much about brand dominance as it is about luxury goods.

Elon Musk – $204.5 Billion

Elon Musk, oh boy, where do we start? This guy is literally shooting for the stars with SpaceX, electrifying the auto industry with Tesla, and digging deep with The Boring Company.

His net worth, just like his rockets, has seen some serious ups and downs. But it’s his innovative spirit in space exploration and electric vehicles that keeps him in the limelight.
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Jeff Bezos – $196.0 Billion

Jeff Bezos, ever heard of Amazon? Just kidding, of course, you have! Bezos transformed retail through his e-commerce and cloud computing venture, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

His fortune mirrors Amazon‘s market value, and let’s just say, this rich American businessman not doing too bad for himself.

Larry Ellison – $136.1 Billion

Larry Ellison, the brain behind Oracle Corporation, has his fortune tied to software innovation. But wait, there’s more!

His wealth isn’t just about tech; it’s diversified with real estate investments and other exciting ventures.

Mark Zuckerberg – $166.1 Billion

Talking of tech, Mark Zuckerberg, the face behind Facebook (now Meta Platforms), is shaping how we socialize.

Owning giants like Instagram and WhatsApp, this man from the wealthiest country is a big player in the social media and tech space, with his wealth closely following Meta’s stock performance.

Bill Gates – $123.8 Billion

Bill Gates, a name synonymous with Microsoft, shifted gears from corporate leadership to philanthropy.

Even though he’s not in the Microsoft driver’s seat anymore, his wealth still takes cues from the company’s performance and his diverse portfolio.

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Warren Buffett – $133.9 Billion

The value investing wizard, Warren Buffett, leads Berkshire Hathaway. It’s not just about picking stocks; it’s about understanding market value and investing in a range of businesses. His wealth ebbs and flows with his investment acumen.

Larry Page – $118.3 Billion

Larry Page, one of the masterminds behind Google, has wealth that’s as vast as the internet his company organizes. Though he’s stepped back from the CEO role, his stake in Alphabet Inc. keeps his bank balance pretty healthy.

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Steve Ballmer – $120.0 Billion

Steve Ballmer, the ex-CEO of Microsoft, has seen his wealth skyrocket with the company’s growth. Beyond Microsoft, his investments, including owning the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers, have kept his bank account buzzing.

Sergey Brin – $113.4 Billion

Next, Sergey Brin, the other half of the Google founding duo, has his fortune closely intertwined with Alphabet’s stock performance, among other investments.

Mukesh Ambani – $108.2 B

Starting with Mukesh Ambani, India’s and Asia’s richest person. Heading Reliance Industries, he’s a man of diverse interests – from petrochemicals to telecom.

Valued at a whopping $110 billion in revenue, his company stands as a testament to his stature as a global economic powerhouse. It’s not just about wealth; it’s about influence!

Carlos Slim Helu – $100.9 billion

Moving to Latin America, Carlos Slim Helu is a name that resonates across the business world. With $100.9 billion in his kitty, thanks largely to America Movil, he’s a telecom titan. But wait, there’s more!

His investments span across various sectors, making him and his family the richest in Mexico City. Talk about a diversified portfolio!

Amancio Ortega – $100.6 B

Fashion anyone? Amancio Ortega, the man behind the Zara fashion chain, is worth $100.6 billion.

Owning 60% of Inditex, he’s a true fashion mogul with a global footprint. His journey, starting from a humble bathrobe business, is nothing short of inspiring. From bathrobes to a fashion empire, that’s a style statement in itself!

Michael Bloomberg – $96.3 B

Michael Bloomberg, a name synonymous with financial information and media, co-founded Bloomberg L.P. and amassed $96.3 billion.

His Bloomberg Terminal is practically a Wall Street staple. And let’s not forget his stint as New York City’s mayor. From the most richest professions – finance to politics, he’s done it all.

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers – $97.5 B

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers isn’t just wealthy; she’s the wealthiest woman in the world with $97.5 billion.

Inheriting a fortune from L’Oréal’s founders, she now oversees the family’s investment in the cosmetics giant. It’s not just about inheriting wealth; it’s about nurturing and growing it.

Gautam Adani – $78.4 B

Back in India, Gautam Adani‘s diverse business ventures have earned him $78.4 billion.

From ports to power generation, real estate, and beyond, he’s a force to be reckoned with in the Indian industrial landscape. His journey is a classic tale of diversification and growth.

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Michael Dell – $72.6 B

Michael Dell, the man behind Dell Technologies, is worth $72.6 billion. His company, a leader in computer technology, reflects his knack for innovation and market understanding. It’s not just about selling computers; it’s about shaping the tech world.

Jim Walton – $68.0 B

Jim Walton, the youngest son of Sam Walton, has a net worth of a staggering $68.0 billion. Unlike the typical image of a retail magnate, Jim has largely focused on the banking aspect of the Walton empire.

As the chairman of Arvest Bank, he’s not just managing a local bank; this is a financial institution that operates across several states, underlining the Walton family’s influence beyond just retail.

Jim’s wealth, while significantly tied to his stake in Walmart, is not confined to it. He also oversees numerous other investments through Walton Enterprises, the family’s holding company.

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Rob Walton – $68.0 B

Rob Walton, with a net worth of $68.0 billion, is the eldest son and the one who took over the reins of Walmart as its Chairman following his father’s death.

His tenure from 1992 to 2015 marked a period of exponential growth and global expansion for Walmart. Rob’s leadership was instrumental in steering the company through numerous challenges and opportunities, solidifying its status as a retail juggernaut.

Like Jim, the bulk of Rob’s wealth comes from his ownership stake in Walmart. However, he too has diversified his investments through Walton Enterprises, ensuring a robust financial portfolio that complements his role in the family business.

Alice Walton – $63.8 B

Alice Walton, the only daughter of Sam Walton, boasts a net worth of $63.8 billion. Striking a different path from her brothers, Alice hasn’t been deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of Walmart. Instead, she’s made a name for herself in the art world.

Known for founding the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas, Alice has combined her passion for art with her business acumen, creating a cultural landmark that houses some of the most significant works in American art.

David Thomson – $62.7 B

Meet David Thomson, the 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet, sitting at a cool $62.7 billion. He’s not just any billionaire; he’s the steward of a media and publishing empire, with his family’s firm, Woodbridge, managing the wealth initiated by his grandfather.

Remember the Thomson Corporation’s big move in 2009, acquiring Reuters for $17 billion? That was David Thomson, expanding the empire and securing his spot as the 21st richest person globally and the wealthiest in Canada.

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Julia Koch – $59.4 B

Now, let’s talk about Julia Koch. She’s not just a socialite and philanthropist; she’s one of the richest women in the world, thanks to her late husband, David Koch, of Koch Industries.

With a net worth of $59.4 billion, Julia isn’t just resting on inherited wealth. She’s a force in her own right, with a financial portfolio that showcases her strategic investments and business prowess.

Zhong Shanshan – $60.4 B

Zhong Shanshan, known as China’s bottled water king, is a fascinating story. He’s the chairman of Nongfu Spring, the go-to bottled water company in China.

His $60.4 billion net worth isn’t just about quenching thirst; it’s about tapping into China’s massive demand for bottled water, despite ecological concerns. His journey from a school dropout to a billionaire is nothing short of remarkable.

Charles Koch – $54.1 B

Charles Koch, the long-standing chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, has been steering this behemoth since 1967.

Koch Industries isn’t just another company; it’s the second-largest private company in the U.S., with its hands in everything from chemicals to consumer products. Charles, with a personal net worth of $54.1 billion, is a central figure in this family’s $127.3 billion fortune.

Colin Huang

The brain behind Pinduoduo, stands tall with $45.9 billion.

Jensen Huang

CEO of Nvidia, isn’t just playing games; he’s amassed $55.4 billion.

Dieter Schwarz

Owner of the Schwarz Group (think Lidl and Kaufland), bags $47.5 billion.

Zhang Yiming

The founder of ByteDance, has danced his way to $43.4 billion.

Prajogo Pangestu, an Indonesian business tycoon, sits comfortably with $41.4 billion.

MacKenzie Scott

Philanthropist and Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife, commands a fortune of $41.5 billion.

Phil Knight & Family

Chatting about Phil Knight, you’d think Nike just sprang up overnight. But no, this empire started with a modest $500 investment. Phil, now worth $40.4 billion, wasn’t just selling shoes; he was building a lifestyle.

His retirement in 2016 marked the end of an era, but his legacy in sports apparel is like a marathon with no finish line. And hey, let’s not forget his generous heart, pledging over $500 million to education.

Mark Mateschitz

Moving on to Mark Mateschitz. Ever heard of Red Bull? Yeah, the energy drink that gives you wings. Mark inherited his wealth from his father, Dietrich, the co-founder of Red Bull.

With a net worth of $39.1 billion, thanks to a 49% stake in the company, he’s not just sitting back. Last year alone, he pocketed a cool €383 million. Talk about a high-energy fortune!

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Tadashi Yanai

Now, let’s jet off to Japan and meet Tadashi Yanai, the richest man in the Land of the Rising Sun. His $39.7 billion isn’t just from selling clothes; it’s about creating a global apparel empire with Uniqlo.

Starting with kitchenware and men’s clothing, he’s now the lord of a retail kingdom that spans from Theory to Helmut Lang.

Giovanni Ferrero

Sweet tooth, anyone? Giovanni Ferrero, the executive chairman of Ferrero SpA, has a delicious net worth of $39.6 billion.

The man behind Nutella, Kinder chocolates, and Tic Tac mints knows a thing or two about confections. His fortune stems from a family business that’s been satisfying sweet cravings since 1946.

John and Jacqueline Mars

Speaking of sweets, let’s not overlook John and Jacqueline Mars, each sitting on $38.4 billion. This brother-sister duo is part of the Mars candy legacy.

We’re talking Snickers, M&Ms, and more. Their wealth isn’t just sugary; it’s a testament to a family brand that’s been a household name for generations.

Ken Griffin

Next up, Ken Griffin. With $37.0 billion, he’s not just playing the stock market; he’s rewriting the rules. As the founder of Citadel, a global financial institution, Ken’s fortune speaks of hedge funds, high-frequency trading, and a knack for numbers.

Alain and Gerard Wertheimer

Fashion alert with the Wertheimer brothers, Alain and Gerard, each rocking a net worth of $36.0 billion. These guys aren’t just about high fashion; they’re the force behind Chanel. We’re talking luxury, elegance, and a brand that’s as iconic as it gets.

Stephen Schwarzman

Next, Stephen Schwarzman. With $36.5 billion, he’s the brain behind Blackstone, one of the world’s leading investment firms. Think private equity, real estate, and a whole lot of savvy financial moves.

Klaus-Michael Kuehne

Starting off with Klaus-Michael Kuehne, a titan in the logistics industry. With a net worth of $34.7 billion, he’s the man behind Kuehne + Nagel and Hapag-Lloyd. This isn’t just about moving goods; it’s about a visionary strategy in global freight services, and Kuehne has been steering this ship since 1963!

Shiv Nadar

Next up is Shiv Nadar, the Indian IT pioneer. This guy started HCL in a garage in 1976, and look at him now – worth $34.6 billion!

From teledigital calculators to one of India’s largest software services providers, Nadar’s journey is a classic tale of tech entrepreneurship.

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Li Ka-shing

Meet Li Ka-shing, fondly known as Superman in Asia. With $34.5 billion, he’s more than just a businessman; he’s an institution.

Founding CK Hutchison Holdings, Li has spread his wings across transportation, real estate, energy, and beyond. His investments stretch globally, showcasing a master class in economic influence.

Miriam Adelson

Miriam Adelso sitting on 32.4 billion USD, inherited this fortune from Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas Sands’ mastermind. Miriam’s not just holding the fort; she’s at the forefront of a casino empire spanning from Vegas to Macao.

Len Blavatnik

Enter Len Blavatnik, the British-American tycoon with a net worth of $31.8 billion. Founder of Access Industries, Blavatnik’s portfolio is a kaleidoscope of petrochemicals, media, telecommunications, and real estate.

He’s not just rich; he’s a diversified portfolio personified.

Rafaela Aponte-Diamant & Gianluigi Aponte

Rafaela Aponte-Diamant and Gianluigi Aponte, the power couple behind MSC, are each worth $30.7 billion. They’ve transformed a humble shipping venture into one of the world’s largest container shipping lines and making his name bigger in the top of rich businessman. Talk about setting sail to success!

Gina Rinehart

Gina Rinehart, Australia’s mining magnate, with a net worth of $30.7 billion, is no ordinary heiress.

Chairing Hancock Prospecting, she’s expanded the company’s horizons far beyond its origins. Her story is about digging deep and striking gold (or iron, in her case).

Jim Simons

Jim Simons, the man with the Midas touch in hedge funds, is worth $30.7 billion. Founder of Renaissance Technologies, he’s not just playing the market; he’s reinventing it with algorithms and quantitative models. From mathematics to millions, that’s Simons for you.

Ma Huateng

Last but not least, Ma Huateng, aka Pony Ma, with a net worth of $30.0 billion. As the brain behind Tencent, he’s more than just a tech mogul; he’s a visionary in social networks, web portals, e-commerce, and online gaming.

Ma’s empire is a testament to the power of the internet age.


So, there you have it – a glimpse into the extraordinary lives of the richest people on the planet. Their stories are more than just a tally of assets; they’re narratives of overcoming challenges, seizing opportunities, and reshaping industries.

As we’ve seen, wealth is not just about bank balances, but about the impact these individuals have on the world, their industries, and the economy. Their journeys remind us that while wealth is measurable, the true value often lies in the path taken to achieve it.

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