Streambar Vs. Roku Streambar Pro: Which Is Better And Why?

Roku Streambar Pro Vs Streambar Which Is Better And Why
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Purchasing a Roku Streambar is an investment. There are several different models out there with additional features. The two most popular ones on the market are the Roku Streambar Pro vs Streambar.

Though both offer similar features, the Streambar Pro has a voice-control remote and powerful speaker built-in, which may have some appeal for those looking for a home theater setup.

On the other hand, those with a few dedicated TVs in their house may be interested in the Streambar. It’s not an inexpensive system. The more expensive the Streambar, the less functionality you’ll get in it.

So, which one will better fit your needs?

Wide Soundstage

Roku-Streambar, a compact soundbar measuring 14 inches in length with two front-firing and two side-firing drivers (four total), is designed to provide a more fabulous audio presence throughout your living space.

The Streambar offers better connectivity options for both your smartphone and router.


  • Optional Ethernet wired connection
  • Bluetooth 5.0 support
  • Lower price
  • Side-firing drivers
  • Alexa, Google Assistant support


  • Smaller speakers
  • Ethernet adaptors sold separately
  • Weaker sound than Streambar Pro

Larger speakers

With four more significant full-range drivers, the Roku Streambar Pro is worth its higher price tag. They produce richer audio than the smaller Roku Streambar.

It comes with a Roku Streaming Stick+ that supports 4K HDR, Dolby Audio, Alexa, and Google Assistant. It also has an upgraded voice remote.


  • Voice remote upgrade
  • More prominent speakers for more robust sound
  • Traditional soundbar sizes
  • Alexa, Google Assistant support


  • More expensive
  • There is no Ethernet option.

Roku now offers two soundbars that have 4K streaming built-in. We decided to compare the Roku-Streambar vs PRO.

The 2020 Roku Streambar provides the same audio quality and video formats as the 2022 Roku-Streambar Pro but uses smaller speakers to make it more compact and less expensive.

We don’t think either soundbar is better than the other, so we have an in-depth breakdown that will help you choose which one is best for your TV.

More Similar Than Different

Companies often release new versions of tech that you already own. This can cause FOMO, which makes it tempting to upgrade your device.

The Streambar Pro, which is essentially a rebranding of the soundbar, should not be a problem for Roku-Streambar or Smart Soundbar owners.

It ships with the same accessories as its predecessors and only has a few critical differences. After reading our specs breakdown, you’ll be able to see precisely what we mean.

Roku Streambar vs. Streambar Pro

In the next section, we’ll look at the differences in sound, but first, let’s see how closely the soundbars complement each other. Both soundbars support the same audio protocols and sound modes: Low or High Speech Clarity, Reduced bass, Bass Boost, and bass off.

Roku Streambar vs. Streambar Pro More Similar Than Different

Both soundbars are capable of streaming 4K HDR content and upscale 1080p content up to 4K. However, neither soundbar can stream DolbyVision content like the Roku Ultra.

Roku-Streambar costs less but offers all the same features as the Streambar Pro with no upgraded remote.

Both soundbars have the same ports and use identical wireless protocols to stream content. These soundbars only work when connected to a TV with an HDMI ARC port capable of supporting HDCP 2.2.

There are can respond to Alexa or Google Assistant commands using their voice remotes. These have TV controls for audio and power.

The Streambar Pro includes an upgraded version of Roku’s voice-controlled voice remote. This includes personal shortcuts and find-my remote features. You can connect to your local music files using either soundbar.

Each box contains the Voice remote, AAA batteries, HDMI cord, and optical cable. Roku did not clarify the purpose of the adaptor that came with the Streambar.

Although we know that the Streambar can convert the USB 2.0 port to an Ethernet connection using an adaptor for wired internet, Roku states that the Ethernet adaptor can be purchased separately.

There are have an optional wired Ethernet connection. This is the main difference. This allows you to stream HDR content at reliable speeds of up to Mbps. However, this is only applicable if your TV is close to your router.

The second difference is that the Streambar supports Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity while the Streambar Pro supports Bluetooth 4.2.

Our Bluetooth 5 guide explains that Bluetooth 5 can transmit data at up to 2 Mbps while Bluetooth 4.2 can only communicate at a distance of 4.2. This speed boost will make music streaming and private listening experience from your phone more smoothly and without audio hiccups.

Roku Streambar vs. Streambar Pro: How the sound performance matches up

The Roku Streambar Pro has twice the length of the Roku-Streambar. It also has more room for more prominent full-range speakers, which produces more powerful audio. The Streambar’s audio quality does not suffer because of this.

Neither soundbar is powerful, but the Streambar’s unique side-firing design sets it apart from other soundbars.

The Streambar Pro’s traditional layout features four 2.5-inch drivers facing forward. Only two of the Streambar’s four 1.9 inch drivers meet ahead. The other two drivers are angled diagonally to their sides.

Roku Streambar vs. Streambar Pro How the sound performance matches up

The Streambar Pro has a larger soundstage, which allows it to reverberate in a living space, while its side-firing speakers give it a richer, more direct sound.

The soundbars don’t come with either a subwoofer or discrete speakers. This means that bass will not be an issue regardless of which soundbar you choose.

Roku offers a Wireless Subwoofer and a pair of virtual surround sound speakers paired with the Roku Smart Soundbar or Streambar to create a complete 5.1 system.


Can I use Roku Streambar as a soundbar?

Roku’s Streambar is a compact yet powerful, a quad-driver stereo soundbar that supports Dolby audio decoding. It also includes its top-end streamer, the Roku Streaming stick+. The Streambar connects via HDMI or optical to your TV and handles all audio as any other soundbar.

Does Roku Streambar have an Ethernet port?

Although the Roku Streambar does not have an Ethernet port, you can purchase a separate USB adapter. The last and most expensive option is to buy a Roku TV.

Does Roku Streambar have Bluetooth?

Roku Streambar is the second new device. This 2-in-1 device combines premium audio and 4K HDR streaming into one product. It also supports Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, and Alexa, as well as a voice remote that controls TV, sound, and streaming.

How many watts is the Roku Streambar?

The Roku Streambar Pro Stereo Soundbar will enhance your TV’s sound quality and make Roku streaming compatible. The stereo design includes four 2.5-inch full-range drivers that can output up to 36 watts.

Which should you buy?

The Streambar Pro is $50 cheaper than the total price. The Streambar Pro offers wired internet, a faster Bluetooth connection and also supports audio and video formats.

The Streambar is an excellent soundbar for audio, and you can get the same streaming features as the Roku Streaming stick+ for $50.

The Roku Pro has a larger screen and better speakers. However, the Roku Streambar Pro is still superior to the Streambar in terms of the voice remote.

Roku Streambar vs. Streambar Pro Which should you buy

Although the Streambar Pro doesn’t have as much audio impact, the Streambar has side-firing drivers that create a pseudo-surround sound effect which many audiophiles will love.

No matter which model you choose, you will upgrade TV speakers but not as powerful bass as a soundbar with a subwoofer or built-in woofers. To improve audio performance, we recommend that you purchase the optional subwoofer. This may also be a reason to choose Roku Streambar vs Pro.

Hooke Audio believes that the Roku Streambar supplants Pro the Roku Streambar Pro to be the best Roku device available.

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