Samsung AKG Earbuds Review: Top Full Guide 2023

Samsung AKG Earbuds Review Top Full Guide 2023
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The Samsung earbuds are high ear buds that will keep you entertained everywhere you go. The sound is clear and crisp, which means you’ll be able to hear your favorite songs in all their glory no matter what setting you’re in.

You can also use these headphones with any device with a headphone jack, so they’re perfect for listening to music on the go or at home.

This Samsung AKG earbuds review could tell about how much better the AKGs are than other ear buds companies because it would give specific examples like more precise sound or Bluetooth functionality. If you’re looking for a pair of ear headphones, check out this Hooke Audio blog post!

Who Are The Samsung AKG Earbuds For?

Who Are The Samsung AKG Earbuds For

Some people prefer to listen to music with over-ear headphones, while others want earbuds to be their companions for a workout. If you’re looking for a pair of ear headphones that will do both, then these earbuds might be just what you’re looking for.

The true wireless earbuds have a solid sound and a great Bluetooth range, so you can wear them around your neck for a long time and never lose signal.

And if you want to answer calls, flip the earbuds around and hook them into your phone’s audio jack.

How To Use Samsung Earbuds?

How To Use Samsung Earbuds

These earbuds are free with Samsung phones. However, AKG’s build quality is much better than you would expect. To prevent tangling, the lower half of the cable before the Y-splitter has been wrapped in cloth.

The dendritic cables which diverge from it have been coated with a rubberized material that includes a small but valuable management zip.

The AKG brand housings are more manageable than the included Pixel USB earbuds. They feature angled nozzles that prevent irritation and a more manageable shape.

The descent that descends from either headphone has been ergonomically placed to minimize friction at the ears to make them more comfortable.

The Three-button microphone and line remote module interrupt the suitable. It’s also the most expensive component of the headset, as it is unapologetically creaky once clicked.

Pros And Cons


  • Cable made of tangle-resistant cloth
  • Included with the Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Effective isolation
  • Outstanding frequency response consistency
  • Comfortable


  • The sound is not clear
  • Cable noise

Samsung AKG Earbuds Reviews

Samsung AKG Earbuds Reviews

Build Quality

If you’re looking for a quality, sturdy pair of earbuds, you should check out the Sams earbuds. The plastic is thick and durable, so even if you’re the most clumsy person in the world, these earbuds will survive.

These Samsung Galaxy earphones tuned by AKG are also sweat-proof, which means that it is more than likely that they will survive a little bit of sweat.

The chrome-plated gold-plated connectors are just as durable, and it is unlikely for them to break even if you use them.

The designers made a puzzling choice by having the top half of the cable made of rubber while the second half of braided fabric.

After the junction point, the cable is a nice durable-feeling braided tangle-free cloth material. We wanted the braided fabric on the entire to avoid microphonics.

However, if you are worried about it breaking on accident, these earbuds would be for you.

These decent earbuds are not the most ergonomic, but if you want comfort and durability, these earbuds are perfect for you.

Comfort And Fit

Samsung’s earbuds are notorious for their comfort and fit. Their design is comfortable to wear, with an in-ear design, which provides effective noise cancellation.

The three rubber ear tips of the earbuds come in different sizes to ensure a comfortable for your ear canal. They are also lightweight, so you can wear them all day without feeling tired.

The design of the earbuds is uniquely beautiful, with angular lines and premium finishes.

These Samsung earphones tuned by AKG have a black matte finish, which complements the silver color of the earbuds perfectly.

The Samsung galaxy headphone tuned by AKG has a flat cable design, but unlike the other cables on the market, it has a round wire that fits nicely in your ear canals.

The cable is braided, which reduces any chance of it breaking.

They also come with three sizes of silicone ear tips, which are soft and will ensure an excellent.

Noise Isolation

The Samsung earbuds do an excellent job of blocking out outside noise. The earbuds block out most noise, but there is a small amount of leakage.

These earbuds do a fine job at combating external noise and insulating the listener from the environment, assuming that properly fitted ear tips are used.

So long as you’re able to get good, you’ll hear the exaggerated low-end depicted by the frequency response chart.

It’s not so overwhelming as to shake your bones, but it does make it easier to identify the main beat on a noisy bus.

The two earbuds should also fit snugly in your ears, which prevents outside noise from making its way into the earbuds. Even though earbuds are meant to be worn in the ears, they must comfortably.

Noise Isolation

If they don’t fit snugly, you will experience pain. It is also possible that one of the earbuds may fall out of your ear while you’re wearing them.

Samsung earphones are perfect for running, but you should try to use earplugs if it is windy. They are not made for mountain biking or sports, but they are perfect for running.

When you’re not playing anything and just listening to the city’s sound, you can hear some background noise. It’s especially noticeable when you’re on a train or in an airport.

For that reason, we highly recommend buying a pair of earplugs and putting them in your ears when you’re in places where you don’t want to hear outside noise.

Earplugs are also great for flying since most planes have a ton of engine noise.


The sound quality on these earbuds is excellent. These don’t have a lot of basses, but they do sound great evident, and crisp.

Generally speaking, the AKG lack clarity. Frequency response separation is difficult for the dynamic drivers to parse out, but if you’re an indiscriminate listener who wants to hear the humdrum of anything, these are great.

Soundstage and imaging are solid and extremely impressive for headphones in this price range.

Because of the smaller diameter of the cable, there’s only so much space for the sound within.

It’s because of this that the soundstage tends to become harder to discern. It’s because of this that it can be hard to differentiate between instruments and vocals.

The AKG earphones place a severe emphasis on the low-end, which masks vocals and midrange frequencies, making things unclear.

The brighter that AKG sounds, the less flattering it is. The higher frequencies sound very nice on these earbuds. When you first turn on the earbuds, they might make you a little nervous if you’re a bass-head.

However, once you’re accustomed to the sound signature, they will be your new favorite headphones.

The bass response is recessed enough that it makes all the difference when a lot of treble is present.

With the earphones, the bass response is overpowering. But because there are not a lot of trebles, vocals are brutal to distinguish. The critical thing to remember here is that the best earbuds are not bass-heavy headphones.


Samsung headphones tuned by AKG connects with all devices and technologies. These mobile devices are true wireless and connect to all Bluetooth-enabled devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. It also can connect to any wired mobile device by connecting the included cable.

The decent earbuds are very small, similar to an earbud in size. They’re perfect for use in sports where you need them in place to listen to instructions.


They come with a small carrying case with a 3.5mm male-to-male plug, so it’s perfect for use in any situation where you need a small plug for something else, like a tape recorder.

Battery Life

Samsung are always ready for use, thanks to their battery life. These earphones offer 12 hours of playback on a single charge, which is excellent for those who want to use their earbuds for extended periods.

The Samsung headphones may take a long time to charge, but the battery life is excellent.

However, this Samsung galaxy will only charge when they are on.

To be specific, they will take two hours to charge from empty to full fully. During this charging, the headphones will stop playing audio.

If you want to use them, you’ll have to turn them off and then back on again.

Price And Value

The AKG sounds comes in a variety of colors. These colors include white, pink, brown, and purple. They have a sleek design with a built-in microphone. The price for these is around $99, which is a little higher than other brands.

They have a deep bass sound, which is perfect for those who love to listen to music. If you’re looking for a great pair of earbuds, these are a great choice.

AKG sounds is one of the most respected brands when it comes to voice equipment. AKG sounds is also a well-known audio manufacturer. They have produced excellent and durable headphones and speakers in the past.

Customer Feedbacks

Many customers have left reviews about the best Samsung earbuds, but one customer writes that they are terrible. The customer also comments that they are incredibly overpriced for what you get and that the bass is too soft.

Other reviews are primarily positive, with some people commenting that these earbuds are worth the money and are very comfortable.

For the most part, customers have very positive things to say about these earbuds.

On Amazon, these Samsung galaxy products have a 4.6-star rating. Still, there are a few negative reviews about the Samsung AKG.

The customer complains that the music cuts out after about 2 minutes. This may be an issue for users who are listening to the audio on low-quality MP3s and the sound lacks clarity.

The plastic on the left earpiece sometimes gently bumps into the back of the bowl ear, but not enough to cause pain.

Should You Buy Them?

You should buy the Samsung earbuds if you want headphones designed to be stylish and affordable. These AKG ones sell for a mere $39.99 on Amazon.

These particular earbuds were designed with a sleek, discreet design. That means they don’t have a lot of extras, like a microphone or a control pad. But, they do sound good and will stay put in your ears without hurting them.

Should You Buy Them

One thing to note about these earbuds is that they do not come with a charging case. This makes them more expensive than the average 23 pairs of headphones.

If you don’t mind this, then you will probably enjoy using them.


Is Samsung AKG worth the effort?

The Samsung galaxy Type-C has an excellent build. Best earbuds mainly made of silicone and plastic feel sturdy and long-lasting.

The braided feels solid as well. They don’t feel as premium as other headphones wired in-ears, such as the TIN Audio T3.

Are AKG headphones a good brand?

AKG Acoustics is an excellent brand for earphones. Acoustics headphones are an excellent choice for professionals.

AKG earbuds

They offer noise cancellation technology, durability, and 23 pair of headphones. AKG products are great for professionals, whether you’re in an office or a music studio.

Are my AKG ear buds equipped with a microphone?

Plug into any device with a 3.5mm input, such as your phone, gaming console, or musical instrument. Although the control module includes a microphone and playback controls, the controls will vary depending on which device you use.

These might be problems if you plan to make many calls.

Does best Samsung own AKG?

Samsung Galaxy, the South Korean electronics giant, has completed its largest-ever acquisition. In an all-cash deal, it bought Harman, a US-based audio and auto product manufacturer, for $8 billion.

Harman is the parent company to JBL, Lexicon, and AKG, Mark Levinson.

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How can you wear AKG safely?

How can you wear AKG safely

Attach the ear tips and wingtips before wearing the ear buds. Make sure to check the orientation of each earbud before you place them in your ears.


The best Samsung ear buds are pairs of ear buds with the perfect balance of sound and comfortability. These provide great sound to keep you company on your long journeys with solid noise cancellation and great bass.

The best feature these have is their in-ear, which provides a comfortable and secure feeling. If you’re looking for pair of earbuds, you should buy these.

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