Samsung HW-K550 Soundbar Review 2022: Is It For You?

Samsung HW-K550 Soundbar Review 2022: Is It For You?

Samsung offers soundbars designed for the home theater enthusiast and people who want to hear better music or TV with a little more oomph. The HW-K550 is a midrange soundbar that meets all of those goals while easy to set up and use.

The Samsung HW-K550 soundbar review today will provide a detailed summary of the HW-K550. This article will be a general overview with a focus on its performance and sound quality.

Then Samsung’s all-in-one surround sound solution will be presented, as well as some of its key features and shortcomings. We will then see what can be expected from it.

Pros &Cons


  • Surprisingly large soundstage
  • Clear dialogue
  • Good bass output
  • Unobtrusive design


  • More HDMI ports are possible.
  • Remote buttons work with remote controls.

What is the Samsung HW-K550?

The Samsung HW550 soundbar is mid-range priced at PS349 (May 2016). It also comes with a wireless speaker in the box. The HW-K551 is identical to it, but the HW-K550’s finish is black. It is also one of Samsung’s straight soundbars (i.e. Non-curved soundbars for 2016.

What is the Samsung HW-K550

You can choose a curved model that matches your TV to add another PS100 to your buy-in cost. The HW-K550 can also be used with Samsung’s multiroom audio system and has Bluetooth connectivity. Samsung soundbars have been around since the dawn of time. Let’s take a look at how they are developing in this area.

Design, Control, and Connections

It occupies very little space. It measures 101.5cm in width, 8.75cm in-depth, and is just 5.4cm high. This makes it extremely unlikely that it will get in the way of your TV’s screen or infrared receiver.

We have seen soundbars in which both of these undesirable situations have occurred. The HW-K550 has a black color scheme and a mesh metal finish. It also features a Vacuum Fluorescent display that provides information about sound modes, volume, and input selections.

The subwoofer measures 335x452x152mm in size (HxWxD). It has a shiny black plastic exterior on all sides, except the side panels cloth and matte.

The remote control comes in charcoal grey and has a mesh effect. The top portion of the remote is dominated by the volume, source, and transport control buttons in light grey. However, the Sound effects, Sound Control, and buttons are more minor and more traditional.

The HW-K550 has all the connections recessed at the bottom. They include a 3.5mm stereo Jack, Toslink digital audio input, and an HDMI output and input. The latter includes ARC. This means that you only need one cable to connect the Soundbar and TV and use the remote to adjust the volume.

Although the HW-K550 has multi-channel (Dolby 5.1) audio decoding, you should choose your most frequently used source with that output. For the HDMI input, Blu-ray player/games console/set-top-box.

It also has Bluetooth compatibility and is compatible with Samsung’s TV SoundConnect technology. This means that if you have a compatible Samsung TV 6 Series or higher, you don’t need to connect the soundbar to the TV.

Specs & Features

The HW-K550 has six-speaker drivers in its main bar, three mid-range, and three tweeters. It also features active crossovers. The active wireless subwoofer features a bass-reflex design and a 7-inch driver.

There’s also 340W digital amplification between woofers and speaker bars. If you need to add two rears to your 3.1 channel output, you can choose to upgrade the kit with a wireless surround speaker set (product code SWA-8000S).

Specs & Features

The HW-K550 supports Dolby digital 5.1, two-channel DTS, and AAC, MP3, OGG, WMA, and FLAC files. Hi-res audio support is available up to 92kHz/24-bit. Bluetooth connectivity is functional on Samsung. It can also be turned on and off via Bluetooth using a new app. This app is only available for Android and includes full remote functionality.

Audio Performance

The addition of the new center speaker driver has undoubtedly benefited the output of movies through the K550. Although the dialogue was not an issue with previous Samsung soundbars, it is now much more localized and distinct. This is especially true with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.

There are many benefits to having your movie source (e.g., The HDMI input of HW-K550 can be connected to a Blu-ray player or DVD Player. Most TVs, especially those at the lower end, won’t transmit a 5.1 signal over ARC.

This means that you have to rely on the HW-K550’s down-mixing capabilities to provide sound information to the soundbar. In the case of DD 5.1, you also lose four channels of audio before the start.

Although the default listening mode is Standard, it produces a clear and lively tone. However, you can change to music to increase the warmth.

You can also alter the characteristics of each to create a pseudo-surround sound using the Surround Sound control. However, this makes the sound almost echoed, although it works to an extent.

This best Samsung soundbar has a lot of verticalities, which is quite impressive considering the form factor. Additionally, the soundstage is a bit larger than you might think.

Other than the two we have already recommended, there are four sound modes. We never felt the need to use ‘Clear Voice’ as the dialogue was clear enough. ‘Sports’ is an exciting way to emphasize and widen the left and proper channels to provide separation, but again it is unnecessary.

The Movie option is too bass-heavy. Night Mode is an excellent alternative to the volume controls and subwoofer output adjustment. The sub is a 7-inch driver that’s agile and quick and has enough power to send ripples through the carpet.

However, the default setting of +3 may be too high for some rooms. It could also overpower mid-range drivers. So it’s worth trying different locations to find the right balance.

Although we have been somewhat critical of Samsung soundbars’ ability to play music in the past, the HW-K550 improves similar products from 2015. It produces a full, rounded sound when playing tunes via Bluetooth, USB, or connected players.

Although the sound quality of the media player was excellent, anyone who is serious about music should not settle for a soundbar to playback their music.

The K550 is more likely to appeal to streaming users. However, Samsung is an excellent option for this purpose. Perhaps one of the Sony soundbars would be a better choice given their ability to extract the best from compressed music.

Should I Buy One?

The Samsung HW550 soundbar and wireless subwoofer are sleek and elegant. It is available at a price of around PS350. The all-black (silver also available) mesh design is elegant and straightforward. It can be positioned below most TVs and should not cause viewing problems or interfere with remote control commands.

Samsung 3.1-Channel Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer Black HW-K550 reviews

There should be enough connections for most people, including Toslink digital and stereo inputs, as well as a pair of HDMI connections. One HDMI port is equipped with Audio Return Channel (ARC), which means that you can use one cable to playback any source connected to your TV.

Although the remote comes with a matching design, it is very stylish. However, pressing the buttons can be a bit tedious as they feel soft.

Even though the K550 can play ARC sound, it will likely play multi-channel audio via the HDMI input. This is despite Dolby Digital and DTS only being licensed for stereo. The HW-K550 has three sets of tweeter and mid-range drivers. A new center channel provides obvious dialogue.

Right and left channels provide excellent separation and an impressive soundstage. A 7-inch driver gives Samsung a great sense of verticality and convincing bass.

This package is designed to play movies and TVs but can also be used for music via Bluetooth streaming or direct playback. It even supports hi-res audio.

However, it cannot claim to be an audiophile solution. The Samsung HW-K550 deserves an AVForums Recommended award for its versatility, design, and affordable price.

Maybe you need can you use a soundbar as a center speaker


How can I pair my Samsung soundbar with my hwK550?

  • Connect the soundbar with a Bluetooth device
  • To change modes, press the Source button on either the soundbar over the remote.
  • Change the Soundbar to BT mode.
  • Choose [AV] Samsung K550 in the menu of the Bluetooth device that you wish to connect.

Why is my Samsung soundbar not connecting to my TV?

Turn off the soundbar and hold the Play/Pause key until the display says INIT OK. Turn on the soundbar and pair it with your TV.

Why is my Samsung soundbar not connecting to my TV

Is there an app that can control my Samsung Soundbar?

Download the Samsung Audio Remote App from Google Play Store to control your smartphone’s soundbar and the Samsung Audio Remote. This app allows you to select different input sources and songs and control certain functions.



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