Samsung HW-M360 Soundbar Review 2022: Is It For You?

Samsung HW-M360 Soundbar Review 2022 Is It For You

HW-M360 soundbar is an affordable, dependable soundbar that will perfectly fill the sounds missing in your home theater experience. The HW-M360 is marketed as a 2.1 system, meaning two front speakers and one subwoofer. For Samsung fans that crave good audio, it will be worth its weight in gold.

Today, we bring Samsung HW-M360 Soundbar Review to help you decide if this is suitable for you.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Bass reflex design subwoofer
  • 200w peak power output
  • Wireless rear speakers are available
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Five sound modes are available
  • Dolby Digital


  • It is not authentic surround sound.

Samsung HW-M360: Overview

This Samsung wireless soundbar is a bargain at just $19.99. The wireless functionality is just one example. It works in two ways. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect the soundbar to compatible TVs, using a wire and lets you connect to smartphones, tablets, and computers to stream directly from your device. Neat.

It also comes with a speaker and subwoofer. The M360 can also be upgraded to surround with the addition of the SWA-8500S  rear speaker.

It’s a 2.1-channel system out of the box. The subwoofers are designed to enhance the sound. It claims to have a power output of 200W.

Samsung HW-M360 Overview

Control is easy with a Samsung TV. You should be able to control the soundbar using your existing remote. You can also use the provided remote controller to control the soundbar functions.

Additional features and specifications are not available due to the cost. There is no Dolby digital support, and DTS audio only supports two-channel audio. Five DSP modes are available to adjust the pseudo-surround effect.

There are analog and optical audio inputs but not HDMI. It can’t transmit 4K and HDR video. Therefore, you will need to connect directly from your Blu-ray player to the TV.

It measures approximately 91cm in length but is relatively compact in other dimensions. The sub measures 17.9×35.3x30cm.

It is one of the best soundbars on Amazon.

Features of Samsung HW-M360 Soundbar

Samsung HW-M360’s Design

The sleek black finish is used for both the sound bar and the subwoofer in the Samsung HW-360. It can be placed under your TV, and it will remain discreet and low-key.

It is compact with dimensions of 53.5 x 907.5x 70.5 mm. Although it isn’t the smallest soundbar, its height is not too low to block TVs.

You’ll find the source button, and up/down volume buttons on the right-side panel. You’ll find it easy to use these buttons, which are tactile and soft.

On the bottom panel, you will find the digital optical port and AUX ports, as well as the USB port and power supply.

The subwoofer’s bass-reflex design is what sets it apart from all other subs we have tested. This build allows for a hole to be made in the subwoofer’s cabinet, which improves the sound.

HW–M360 Specifications

The HW-M360 offers a wide range of specs that is unmatched by other products at this price. The sound bar is a 2-channel with a subwoofer. Both are compact, and the soundbar weighs in at 3.3 lbs. The sub weighs in at 10 lbs.

This product can handle 60 W continuous power, while the maximum power is 200 W. The audio frequency range of the soundbar is 43 to 20 kHz. This provides a balanced balance between highs and lows.

Features of Samsung's HW-M360 Soundbar

The HW-M360/ZA can stream audio via Bluetooth, just like many soundbars. You can also connect your wireless subwoofer.

The brand offers a 1-year warranty on this soundbar. Although it’s not as good as higher-end products on the market, we found that devices at this price range offer similar features.

2.1 channel soundbar system

Channel is an important aspect to consider when purchasing a soundbar. This spec can be confusing for new buyers. Let us explain.

The Samsung HW M360/ZA sound bar is a 2.1-audio. The channel number’s first number refers to the number of speakers or drivers in the soundbar. The second channel number indicates the number of subwoofers that were used.

The features both left and right speakers. This means that there are two channels. This is combined with a subwoofer to create a 2.1.


This model’s peak power handling is 200w, as mentioned in the specifications section. Although this is an impressive number, it can be misleading as it includes both the total peak source of the channels and the output from the subwoofer.

Our Samsung HW-M360 review shows that the continuous power is around 30%-40% of its peak. Even though the peak power output of the speakers is enormous, they can only produce a small percentage over the long term instead of short bursts.

Samsung Surround Sound

The Samsung 2.1-channel 200w soundbar provides a good surround. The subwoofer provides more bass and better sound quality. The sound quality isn’t close to the sound. However, it has DTS and Dolby Digital channels.

The subwoofer produces deep, punchy bass. Soundbars are not known for using low frequencies and great depth. To overcome this problem, it is best to use a sub.

This setup is far from immersive sounds [1] like Dolby Atmos and DTS TrueHD. This is ‘wireless surround capable,’ which is a good thing. You can connect it to build your home theater. It fills your space nicely and provides better audio quality than a TV speaker.

Samsung Surround Sound

You don’t have to buy the kit. There are still ways to enhance the audio experience. The HW-M360/ZA has five DSP sound modes: Standard, Music, and Clear Voice. Sports and Movies are also available.

These are still far from the real thing, but they are a significant improvement on your TV speakers’ output and help simulate surround depending on the content on your devices.

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth is a standard feature in many soundbars and TVs, making it challenging to find soundbars with no Bluetooth.

Bluetooth’s advantage is its ability to connect wirelessly. This means you don’t need to worry about wires connecting your speakers to your TV, smartphone, or tablet. You can live music and other audio content.

Bluetooth makes it easier to organize your space without having to run cables around. You’d also have better compatibility if you own a Samsung TV.

Bluetooth streaming

Apart from wireless connections, you can also use Bluetooth to stream or play music from your smartphone or another Bluetooth-enabled device.

You can stream content via your tablet or smartphone using the great soundbar. This will improve the quality of the audio through Bluetooth. This wireless connection is excellent for hosting a house party and playing wall-to-wall music.


The great soundbar comes with remote control. However, the Samsung Audio Remote App can be installed and connected to the device to change your settings.

This app would be handy if you lose your soundbar remote control. The app allows you to control essential functions of the soundbar, such as volume, power, and sound mode selection. However, you can’t directly play music.

Samsung Automatic Feed Link

The Auto Power Link is activated when it is turned on, and the TV. First, it would help to connect this soundbar with TVs equipped with a digital device.

Next, select the Source button on the soundbar—next, press D.IN to indicate digital input.

Long-press the left button on the remote control for five seconds. This will activate. You can disable this option by turning off the Auto Power function.

Other Connectivity Options

The Samsung HW 360 has both optical and analog audio inputs. These should work perfectly. One drawback is the lack of an HDMI connection, even though it’s a very affordable model.

HDMI was the easiest to set up in all of our soundbar tests. HDMI also supports many audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Plus, and Dolby Digital Plus. HDMI can also relay 4K and HDR video to provide the best possible movie experience.

If you set up an entire home audio, you can also use a digital input. This is best for larger speaker units and more runs in a room.


It is very easy to set up the Samsung HW M360/ZA. Here are some tips for troubleshooting soundbar problems.

  • When the button is pressed, a function won’t work.

You might detect static electricity in the atmosphere. You can disconnect the plug from the outlet and plug it back in.

  • There is no sound.

It might be off-mute. To cancel the soundbar, press the VOL button. You might also have your soundbar set at the lowest volume. Try turning it up.

If you want to know more, please check Why Is There No Sound Coming From My Soundbar?

  • The remote control does not work.

You can try changing the batteries or moving closer towards the soundbar.

  • The subwoofer’s red LED light is blinking, and it doesn’t make any sounds.

Connect the subwoofer to your central soundbar unit.

  • The subwoofer drones and vibrates clearly.

You can adjust the subwoofer’s vibration by moving the WOOFER button on your remote control up or downward.

Samsung HW-M360 Manual

The manual in the box can be used as a reference if you have any questions about setting up the soundbar.

The manual was easy to read for beginners and easy on the eyes. It is also available on the Samsung website as a PDF file in case you require it.

Samsung HW-M360ZA 2.1 Channel 200 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar Troubleshooting

Power Cord

We have some reminders for you about the cord to help ensure your safety while setting up.

When installing or moving the product, make sure this product is off and that the cord is unplugged. It is best to disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet by pulling the plug, not the cable.

It is essential to place the soundbar where there is no moisture or heat. It should be kept away from fireplaces and vases. The HW-M360/ZA soundbar should not be placed near any solid magnetic or electric fields equipment.

Rear Speakers

You can also add rear speakers to the wireless subwoofer. If you are looking to enhance the sound quality of your system, you can purchase the SWA 8500S wireless surround kit separately from Samsung.

It was more immersive, and the Dolby technology had a better sound quality when we tested them. Although it’s not necessary, it is a worthwhile addition.

HW-M360 Remote

You can control your soundbar using the remote control included. It is sleek and straightforward, with no bulk.

The remote control was easy to use for setting up the soundbar. There is not much to learn about the operation. It’s easy to use because the buttons are tactile.

Samsung TVs can be controlled with the Samsung HW M360/ZA remote.


Samsung HW-M360 Alternatives

The Samsung HW-M460, priced at PS159, is another option from Samsung. It increases the power to 320W per Channel but retains many of its features. The Samsung HW-MS650 is a smart wireless soundbar with nine speakers and 4K video passthrough support.

Over the past few years, we have tested three Samsung soundbars.

The Samsung HWN950 is more expensive than a soundbar and a sound system. The multi-box package includes 18 speakers. It consists of a soundbar with six drivers and three tweeters at the front, a side-firing speaker at each end, and two upfiring speakers. There is also a wireless subwoofer (20 cm bass unit) and two rear wireless modules, each with an upward-firing or front-facing speaker.

Dolby Atmos processing is a critical component of this sound system. It provides a rich, immersive surround sound experience. The N950 also has HDMI inputs and wireless streaming.

The Samsung HW–MS750 is the same price as the Samsung HW–M360, but it offers a slightly higher price. It doesn’t have a wireless subwoofer or Dolby Atmos support. The main upgrade to the HW-MS750 is HDMI connections. It has HDMI sockets and optical inputs and 3.5mm and 3.5mm inputs. 4K and HDR passthrough are also available.

The sound is large and spacious with superb dynamics. You can also add a subwoofer to the mix or rear speakers. This premium Samsung soundbar is an excellent choice if you don’t need a sub.


Overall, the Samsung HW-M360 is an excellent value for your money. It will perfectly fill the gaps that other soundbars leave in your room and will get the job done.

It is easy to use, and it will make your favorite movies sound great in your home theater system. The price for HW-M360 will be an attractive one for any buyer.

Thank you for reading this Samsung HW-M360 Review. Please check out Hooke Audio website for more articles about soundbars or other home theater products.

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