Samsung HW-T450 Review: Is It For You? 2022

Samsung HW-T450 Review 2022: Is It For You?
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If you’re looking for a new soundbar, and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then the Samsung HW-T450 soundbar has you covered. This Samsung HW-T450 review will tell you everything you need to know about this soundbar.

You will discover whether it is a worthwhile purchase or not, as well as details such as pros and cons.

An HW-T450 soundbar is a handy appliance that delivers rich, powerful, and room-filling sound from its small size.

Whether you’re looking for an accessory for your Samsung TV or want a standalone device to add more power to your home theater system, this sleek soundbar offers a perfect solution.

It is the best Samsung soundbar with a sleek design and easy setup.

Samsung HW-T450: Features

The Samsung HW-T450 Soundbar is the first feature. This 2.1 speaker system includes a wireless subwoofer and three speakers built into the bar. The system’s power is increased by 200 watts. The system also includes Dolby Digital and DTS.

Samsung uses its innovative sound technology to optimize the soundbar’s sound quality. Based on what sound is detected, it adjusts the EQ accordingly.

Samsung HW-T450 Features

You’ll enjoy fantastic sound no matter what music you listen to or watch. You also get the Samsung One Remote Control which allows you to control all aspects of the system from one remote.

Other sound functions, such as theater, game, and customization options, are also available. Bluetooth can be controlled with any device, including your smartphone.


The soundbar Samsung HW450 is not as similar to other models made by the same manufacturer. The front and upper sections are covered in a thin, shiny fabric. The body is made from soft black plastic. The panel is 86cm wide. It measures 7.4 cm in depth and 5.4 cm high.

These products are extensive. However, it can be placed between most 55-inch TVs’ legs. The screen’s bottom should not be covered. The only exceptions to this rule are TVs whose screen is nearly adjacent to the top edge of the cabinet. The plank’s back looks quite simple.

The source cable is located on the left, while the inputs are on the right. The universal holes on the underside of the soundbar can be used to mount it to the wall. The sub is mainly made of wood. The subwoofer’s front is covered in fabric. It feels thin and quickly gets dirty.

The sub-dimensions are 181.5 cm in width, 34.3 cm tall, and 27.2 cm in depth. These dimensions are comparable to a desktop computer. The sub can be placed anywhere there is an electrical outlet.

The subwoofer’s back is as straightforward as the panel. The port is located at the top of the sub, while the wireless pairing button and power cable entry are at the bottom. The build quality of the Samsung HW-T450 is acceptable. This is an improvement on the Samsung HW-N450.


The indications for the HW-T450 are simple. It can be found in the middle of the placket, behind the fabric cover. It can display only six characters at once. Scrolling the indicator will allow you to see the panel’s status. This can sometimes be annoying.

The screen will not display if you don’t adjust the settings. The Samsung HW-T450 panel has four buttons at its top. The panel can be turned on/off, adjusted volume, and switched inputs.


The package contains the soundbar and wireless subwoofer as well as an optical cable and two network cables. There is also an instruction manual, brackets, and screws for wall mounting.

Stereo mode – Quality

Stereo frequency response is good on the HW-T450 soundbar. Audio sounds brighter than the Samsung HW-N450, and the panel in question has a little more bass. It still has low frequencies. It is not suitable for content with a lot of basses.

Several presets for equalizers can be used to get the best sound for the content being played. Stereo soundstage is a good feature of the HW-T450 soundbar. It seems a bit wider than the actual length of the strip. The model is also more comprehensive than the HW-N450 in this respect.

Samsung hw-t450 2.1ch soundbar with dolby audio Stereo mode - Quality

The band doesn’t do any tricks to increase the soundstage. Focus is good with the T450 soundbar. The result is that objects appear to emit sound from specific locations rather than from a larger area.

Stereo speakers are available on the T450 soundbar. The soundbar can be loud enough to fill an ample space or in a noisy environment.

The sound can be a bit compressed if the volume is increased to its maximum. THD specs for the Samsung T450 soundbar are decent. The device produces a clear, sufficient-deep sound at average volume. THD increases significantly at maximum volume, particularly in the low-frequency range. This isn’t noticeable if you listen to regular content.

Central channel

The Samsung HW-T450 Sound Bar does not have a dedicated center speaker because it has 2.1 sound. Instead, the system uses both the left and right speakers. The result is that the soundbar with separate center channels sounds less distinct and more diffused than one using the left and right speakers.

This disadvantage should not significantly impact the device’s performance, considering that it has a very bass-heavy sound profile. The center channel has minimal bass, so voices sound clear and expressive.

Surround sound

The Samsung HW-T450 soundbar has only two channels and a sub. This allows it to mix surround content in stereo. To create a more immersive experience, the system uses both left and right speakers. It does not sound as precise. The surrounding objects are perceived from the front and not the sides or rear.

This soundbar doesn’t have height channels and does not support Atmos. You can control the high and low frequencies, subwoofer level control, and virtual surround sound.

Although the model does not have room correction and dialogue enhancement features, there are several presets for EQ: Surround, Game, and Smart.


Too few connectors are available for the panel. The panel only has a USB input to play sound files and a digital optical input TosLink through which Dolby Digital or DTS formats can be supported. The system does, however, mix this signal before configuration 2.1. Wireless playback is also limited.

Bluetooth cannot be used to stream wireless audio to the panel. Pass-through is not possible because the soundbar doesn’t have an HDMI input. The soundbar is connected wirelessly by the subwoofer. It only has a source cable as a wired connection.



What is the wattage of the Samsung T450?

The Samsung HW-T450 200W 2.0-Channel Soundbar System provides a richer surround sound experience. Wireless audio streaming is possible. The soundbar can deliver up to 200W power, and the wireless subwoofer is included.

How can I reset my Samsung Soundbar T450?

Turn on the soundbar by pressing and holding the button on the remote or the soundbar itself. Hold the power button down until the soundbar displays INIT OK. An old soundbar with no display will show a blinking red led that stops after the reset have been completed.

Full our article about the way to reset Samsung soundbar.

How can I reset my Samsung Soundbar T450

Why does my Samsung soundbar cut in/out?

If there is any interference between the subwoofer and soundbar, your wireless subwoofer may drop its sound. Resetting the subwoofer can help you check the firmware version.

Let’s find the reason the soundbar keeps cutting out.



The Samsung T450 soundbar is an excellent soundbar for a Samsung TV for this price range. Although it’s not the most powerful soundbar, it packs a lot of power into a sleek design.

With a wall-mountable design, these product scans are placed wherever you want in your home. It offers a flexible and neat solution that makes an attractive addition to your home theater.

So that concludes our Samsung T450 soundbar review. Hooke Audio hope you have found this helpful and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below!

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